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The Eclectic Pen - The Mighty Oak

By: Tam C. (newamethyst)   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 4/15/2010
Genre: LGBTQ+ Books » Literature & Fiction
Words: 327

  Standing as tall and proud as can be,
This is the tale of The Mighty Oak Tree.
Adrift in a dream, alone in the trees,
Awash with the scent of midnight’s breeze,
Fragile and delicate, yet oh so strong;
She softly murmurs a sweet love song.
Dreaming a dream of passion unbound,
She hides from the world, and stands her ground.

Ever so quietly comes a beautiful tune
Bound to the beams from the light of the moon.
Moving about with grace and ease,
A mythical creature flits through the trees.
It’s a fly-away-spirit with eyes of green -
A more wondrous sight the Oak’s never seen.
Seductive and sexy, slowly advancing,
Is a mystical Fairy, carefree and dancing.

Fluttering closer to take her chances
And stop for a rest on the Mighty Oak's branches.
Resisting the touch of the Fairy so soft,
The Oak stands firm with her limbs aloft.
Drawn to the Imp like a moth to the light
She feigns Control to hide her plight.
Sensing the turmoil deep in her soul,
The Fairy pulls back and tries a new role.

Shyly she offers the hand of a friend,
To share in the beat of the song within.
Gently she strokes the tough outer shell
And cautiously weaves a friendly love spell.
Trembling and shaking, The Oak can’t resist
The offer that’s seeping out of the mist.
Ever so slowly, she lowers her guard
And discovers a cleft in her armor so hard.

Her passion is fueled with each tender stroke,
As a flicker of pleasure spreads through the Oak.
Slowly but surely - her secret disposed -
She throws off her cloak and stands there exposed.
Unsure of herself, but glad to be free,
A beautiful Womyn steps forth from the tree.
Away from the Oak she’ll gladly depart,
As defenseless and naked, she offers her heart.

The Imp gives way to the heat of the night
And accepts the gift with enchanted delight
Merging as One, their spirits embrace -
Dancing a dance with elegant grace.
Afraid of tomorrow, fatigued by the past,
The newfound Nymph finds peace at last.
Their future’s now bound with strings of pure bliss,
And sealed with the dew of Morning’s first kiss.


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