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The Eclectic Pen - Miracle In the Making

By: Milinda Y. (MindyY)  
Date Submitted: 12/19/2008
Genre: Children's Books » Literature & Fiction
Words: 1,082

  Melody had no friends, no home, and certainly no family. She was unwanted, uncared for, and unloved. Her father worked as a businessman for a jewelry company, dragging the family along when ever they moved. Melody had lived in Paris, Beijing, London, Mexico City, New York, and even Spain. Every one she met thought it would be so interesting to live in all those places, but they didn’t understand how often she had moved, and how it made her feel. They didn’t know her. Melody hated every where she went, she hated the Eiffel Tower, she hated seeing the Great Wall of China, she was sick of not understanding people cause they spoke different languages, and most of all, she hated the Statue of Liberty because that’s where she made her first friend. A real friend, someone who understood her. But as always, her parents told her to pack her few items, because they were moving. Melody had lived in 17 different countries. She didn’t remember most of them; a lot were from when she was little. She had no time for school because she never stayed in one place long enough to learn anything. Her mother taught her some of the basics when she was little, but her mother hardly spoke to her these days. As a matter a fact, right now Melody was sitting in her cramped apartment room crying over everything other children got, that she didn’t.

“Why do others get these things and I don’t?” she screamed to the wall, “Why, oh why? They have friends and toys and fun, and they have pretty rooms with butterflies painted on the walls, and I get what? This!” She was sobbing now as she looked around the tiny room that was more like a walk in closet.

She looked out the window, and decided she needed some air. She grabbed her coat, slipped on her boots, and ran out the door. She was living at the foot of a mountain in Colorado at the time. It was late spring, but a shrill ran down her back every time the wind blew. She started walking, and then jogging, and then she started to sprint. She wanted to get up, as high as she could. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to get away from there.

She checked her watch, she had been running and climbing for about two hours now. There was a pain in her chest from running in the cold, and her legs were throbbing, but part of her felt good and free. Her so called “parents” weren’t there to tell her to leave or make her pack her bags and say good bye. She was on her own. She usually was, but this was a different kind of feeling.

Finally Melody stopped to take a breath, she didn’t realize how tired she was. She was dizzy too, running usually did that too her. She was about to sit down when all of a sudden she lost her balance and fell.

“Ow! Help! Please somebody, anybody!” she screamed as she started rolling down. She kept trying to get a grip on to rocks or trees, but her fingers kept slipping. She had rolled about twenty feet now, and figured she would die. Her wrist was aching, and so was her head and left ankle. “Please!” she took one last breath of fresh air before she hit a rock.
She screamed in pain and terror, and then passed out.

Later that night a hiker found the child. She laid there stiffly, and had no signs of life except a slow heartbeat that gave him hope. He picked her up and started running down the mountain. Her jacket was torn in many places, and he saw many cuts and bruises.

Finally he arrived at his car, he put the girl in his back seat, and drove towards the emergency room. He rushed her in, and the doctors took her in immediately.

During the whole time her parents had been searching for her, scared to death. When they heard she was in the emergency room, they rushed there relieved they knew were she was, buy terrified as too what might have happened to get her there.

They prayed together that she would be ok. Oh yes they prayed, asking God for a miracle, that their baby who they paid little attention to, would be ok. They wanted to be good parents, but never knew how. They had raised her the best they knew, which was how their parents raised them.

Melody woke up wondering where she was and looked around. She then felt a pain surge through her body that made her want to scream. She then noticed her mother sitting by her bed, sobbing as a matter a fact! She had never seen this woman who was her mother cry, especially over her!

“Mom?” Melody tried to say the best she could, even though her jaw ached when she said it.

Her mother looked up. Her eyes lit up like fire, and her straight, white teeth formed the largest smile Melody thought possible! “Harold! Come in here!” her mother called to her dad.

Melody’s father rushed in, and started sobbing and screaming “It’s a miracle!” over and over. Doctors rushed in and gave high fives and patting each other on the back in excitement.

Her mother leaned close to Melody’s face and explained how she had broken her wrist, fractured her ankle, cracked open her skull, broke two ribs, and had many major cuts and bruises. They thought she would die when John brought her in, and she had been asleep for three days.

“Who’s John?” Melody asked anxiously.

“He’s the man who found you on the mountain and brought you here, he’s a real hero you know! You can meet him when you get better,” her mother said as she stoked Melody’s hair tenderly.

Melody on the other hand was confused to everything that was going on. All she could manage to say was ”Wow.” Her parents really did love her, miracles really did happen, and Melody was happy for once, even though the pain still hurt her body, it couldn’t affect her heart.

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Milinda Y. (MindyY) - 12/19/2008 10:49 PM ET
I wrote this for a school project contes, and thought it was cheesy, but it got submitted to state, so I want to see what other people think. I hope you like it. I will let you know if I place when I find out in 2009. :)
Veronica S. (snowkitty) - , - 12/20/2008 11:12 AM ET
I like it. Tells a good story and teaches a few lessons to boot. Good luck with the contest.
Milinda Y. (MindyY) - 12/20/2008 9:15 PM ET
Joyce M. (j3m) - 12/20/2008 11:22 PM ET
I like it; it is a good illustration that sometimes bad things happen to achieve a much greater good.
Milinda Y. (MindyY) - 12/26/2008 12:13 AM ET
Thank u!
Comments 1 to 5 of 5