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The Eclectic Pen - I miss my family

By: Debbi L. (debster911) - ,   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 9/28/2014
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Family & Childhood
Words: 349

  Losing my entire family in a matter of two years, was the most traumatic thing to happen to me EVER! We were'nt the Brady Bunch nor Bundy's more as an in between.
The whole family was heavily involved with the local fire dept. and V.F.W., so we were kept busy all the time.
I Became a volunteer firefighter(one of the first female in area)in 1997, went through ranks Lol even got my CDL to drive a fire truck, mom was proud Dad, was still up in the air about it.
Late 1997 my mom got very sick to the point she was bed ridden, eventually was admitted into the hospital, tests were done noone could figure out what was going on, until last test came back, she was diagnosed with h
Hep. C, believe it or not, she contracted it from the medication she was taking. Well she got better, although she was never able to eat shell fish again.
A year later another bump in road happened...
Mom was dianosed with Ovarian Cancer, went through surgery and chemo, my mom was strong and fighter, we did cancer walks etc. Got me through my bought with nightmares that followed me when I got home from Manhattan after 9/11/01. 2004 she lost her battle at the young age of 68. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MOM!!!!!!!
My sister and I took over the duties of mom, took care of dad (he had Parkinson's disease, and had had 2 heart attacks), was'nt an easy chore due to the fact we both worked, but we made it.
Then the second bump in the road hit....
February 12th 2006, my sister Rose age 45, went to sleep and never woke up. This death angered me, because we were so close, I was lost and at times still am. Every time something new happens in my life, I want to pick up the phone and call her. My new life in a different state she would've loved.
Last final bump came 6 months later, when dad died of pancreatic cancer. I miss him because he taught me to love firefighting!

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Lorraine J. K. (swindy48) - 5/13/2016 7:10 PM ET
Debbie, I just read your story tonite and I am so sorry that all this has happened to you. No one can ever get away with saying that life is fair. I'm older 67 and lost my mom 13 years ago and I still find myself going for the phone to call her with good news, juicy gossip, bad news, or just to talk. I find that this especially hits me when I'm not feeling well. I so understand what you mean. There is just no way to make any sense out of your sister's death. I think that these are some of the things we'll find out when we're finally out of here. A few years ago I lost every friend I ever had. I became very ill and they all just ran away. Did they think I was going to ask them for something? And always in all those friendships I was always the first to jump for anyone who needed help with anything. I'd never again put such importance on friends. If you ever find yourself wanting to talk to someone day or nite, just write me and I'll answer and who knows maybe we'll settle some problems of the world. Never know. Lorraine
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