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The Eclectic Pen - My Mistake Parts 1+2

By: Katelin C. (miztheatre)   + 12 more  
Date Submitted: 3/8/2012
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 350

  PART 1

My mistake was telling you how i felt.
it was feeling that way at all.
it was letting myself feel that way
and letting that feeling get involved.

my mistake was to get to wrapped up
and not to think rationally.
i never should have told you
I never should have loved you.

If i had known what i know
i wouldnt have said a word
i would have kept my secret a secret
and loved you only inside

if i had known one unwanted kiss
would make it all 'weird'
i wouldnt have let myself get at all attached
i wouldnt have let myself fall

you said we could still be 'friends'
but that soon turned to 'acquaintances'
you only shake my hand, i cant get a hug
you say its to 'weird'

NO! My mistake wasnt loving you
my mistake was simply this
if i had known it would come to this
i would have stayed away

my mistake wasnt wanting you so bad
it was letting him think the kiss was ok.
if i had known it would have come to this
i simply would have pushed away.

Now that its all said and done
id do anything to get it back to where it was
before the kiss, the misunderstandings
before all the 'weirdness'

i realize now, as i fight back the tears
how attached i really did get, yet i dont regret
because its made me the happiest, and
i hope fighting for it back isnt my mistake


I thought my mistake was loving you
And I instantly knew I was wrong
But then I realized my mistake
Was simply leading him on

I wrote ‘my mistake’ earlier
In hopes to make you understand
I am sorry for what I did
And to tell you it wasn’t planned

I hoped fighting for you
Wasn’t my mistake
Im so happy it wasn’t
Cuz a new beginning is awake.

Now that we’ve started over
My loves began to grow
But now there is something
I really need you to know

I have never felt for another guy
The way I feel for you
you make me feel complete
A feeling I never knew

Its now 2:30,
when I should be in bed
I lay awake thinking
Of everything I said

My mistake wasnt loving you
My mistake was something I said
It was telling you I love you
And not showing you instead

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