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The Eclectic Pen - Mornings

By: Tally R.   + 15 more  
Date Submitted: 11/27/2009
Genre: Romance
Words: 751

  Christina looked up, her dark shady room allowing her to relax comfortably in her warm bed. She noticed clouds gathering around the winter morning sun, and knew she had to get up. Jared was probably already downstairs helping the kids get ready for the day. She silently thanked him for not waking her up, him knowing she had been up with the baby almost all the night. She stood, walking to the mirror and combing her long, golden curls. The curls that looked like they could have come out of a fairy tale. Her big blue eyes gleamed back at her. She smiled and quickly dressed then slipped down stairs, almost excited as a little boy in the candy shop.
As she predicted, Jared was making a mess of the kitchen with Micah. Jared stood over the stove, making perfect circle pancakes, while Micah, standing next to him tiptoe on a stool, was pouring marshmallows, jellybeans, and chocolate chips into his splattered pancake batter.
Jared looked over, "I have no idea where Micah gets his mess from!" he said, his eyes wide and his lips curled in a smile. Christina smiled as Jared pulled a pancake on a plate for her.
Jordan came ramping out, "I found it!" he yelled, nearly smashing one of his collected toys on the table. Christina was amazed every day at how Jordan and Micah looked so much like Jared. Jared shushed Jordan reminding him about the new member of the family who was taking a very unusual morning nap.
"Where is Cassie?" asked Christina eyeing Jared.
"I just moved the crib to the guest room so I could hear her," he answered as Micah poured his pancake creation into the pan.
"Smart," Christina smiled again, "And your oldest son?"
Jared shrugged, "It's Saturday," he said slyly, "That boy could be half way to China..." his voice trailed off as he focused on his most challenging pancake- the one oozing rainbow chocolate flavored marshmallows.
By instinct, Christina found herself walking over to the back window. Looking out over the enormous backyard, she spotted Ethan hurtling himself off the diving bored into the pool.
"Your oldest son is swimming in the middle of December!" cried Christina, lightly making her way back to the kitchen.
"My son!" she heard Jared say as she detoured herself to the guest room to check on Cassie, "And I suppose if he was in here cleaning the house he would be your son." Christina could here the bubbly smile in his voice. She opened the door, the dreepy room warming her. She looked over at Cassie, who was awake, and flinging her arms silently.
"My little girl," said Christina, picking her baby daughter up, relaxing her head on her shoulder. She looked into Cassie's beautiful hazel, oaky eyes. Feeling no regret, she only had a small wishing that maybe her only daughter could look a little more like her mom. But, she was still thankful, and as happy as ever. Gleaming, she came back out to the kitchen holding Cassie. She sat down in her chair and Jordan rumped over.
"Hello wee being," said Jordan to Cassie's face. Cassie winced in Christina's arms, as if to say, Ew, a boy.
Christina laughed, and Micah came to the table proudly carrying his pancake masterpiece.
"Mom, where do babies come from?" asked Micah.
Jordan giggled hastaricly as Christina said, "Ask your father." Micah bounced back up and repeated the question to Jared.
"Outer space." said Jared, as if it was a 'No duh' question. He set his plate of pancakes next to Micah's.
"Wow! Really?" Micah looked in awe at Cassie, smiling broadly.
"You can look it up in the bible," said Christina, "All people come from God. It was the last thing he made in his perfect garden,"
"Was the garden in space?" Micah said, a very serious look on his face.
"We'll talk later," reponded Jared quickly, who was still smiling, but looking down at is food. Micah shrugged, "Do we have any whip-cream?" he asked. "I think you have enough," Christina said in a sing-song tone, and with a fork, she poked Micah's pancake, which popped with overflowing chocolatly white goo.
Suddeny the back door slammed open, "Hi!" yelled Ethan stepping in. She heard his lanky foot steps bound up past the hall and up the stairs, then to his room with a grand, happy slam of his door.
"Your son!" said Jared quickly. Christina smiled as Jared kissed her forehead, then he took up Cassie in his arms, as Christina thanked God again for her family.

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Tally R. - 11/27/2009 1:10 AM ET
I'm sorry for any mis-spelled words. You could say I am not so bright with that, and sometimes my key-pad won't log a letter, and it will just skip over it.
Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 11/27/2009 1:47 AM ET
I see an improvement from your last story, which I liked also. This was a very sweet domestic story. Nice job.
Michal W. (Princess101) - 3/11/2010 11:07 PM ET
Very good job! I love how you oncluded God in the story. God bless you for your ways of making him in the story.
Comments 1 to 3 of 3