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The Eclectic Pen - My mother the Queen

By: Beatrice L. (honeybea)   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 5/20/2008
Genre: Children's Books » Religions
Words: 355

  I have been a maiden for almost all of my life. From the time I grew into myself until almost ten years later, I was a wanton, free-spirited, wonderously appointed maiden. I had no cares in the world, no one to depend on me, and I liked it that way. No responsibilities except for myself and my own life kept my outlook on that very same life fresh and unadorned. I didn't need any adornment, for I was a maiden, free and willfull, able to go where I pleased and do as I chose, with nothing to hold me back from my self-appointed destiny.
Then I had my daughter. I found out what pregnancy felt like, and labor, and became a Mother. Everything changed then. No longer was I free to go where I pleased or do as I chose. Everything done, bought and achieved was done for my child. I put myself on the back-burner, and she came first. I found out what sacrifice was, and no longer did things for myself.
Though I am still a Mother, I am nearing thirty, and wish to be a Queen. Though not connected with the three-fold goddess, the maiden mother and crone, the queen stands by herself and is no less for being on her own. She is the monarch, the soveriegn, the queen of the cosmos. More then anything in this world, I wish to be her. Not for the power, but for the inner power she exudes.
Queen has it all figured out. She is my mother, knowing what you are going to say before you say it, having all the answers before you even ask the questions.
Though I wish to be like my mother the Queen right now, I will wait, wait with baited breath for the day when I can say "I am Queen and you will obey me!"
Then I will give over graciously to my daughter as soon as she has it all figured out.

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