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The Eclectic Pen - Music

By: Joanne S. (Jorusha)   + 12 more  
Date Submitted: 3/31/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 53

Music is the heartís pajamas
Music is a way to scream
Music keeps the feet a-danciní
Like a ballet in a dream

Music was the first romancer
Music plays a larger part
Music calls and humans answer
Breathless close or worlds apart

Musicís warm as hot molasses
Musicís cold as icy springs
Musicís heart is tears and laughter
Letís sing what the music brings!

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Kimberly Z. (chiKaD27) - , - 4/1/2009 10:09 PM ET
You really captured what music is all about. Write more, please!
Mary Elizabeth W. (beth84) - , - 4/3/2009 1:58 AM ET
beautiful prose. :)
Kami (Kidsey) - 4/7/2009 9:59 PM ET
This is SUPER cool! Ive never heard anything like this! Great job!! KEP GOING!!
Kami (Kidsey) - 4/7/2009 10:00 PM ET
Comments 1 to 4 of 4