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The Eclectic Pen - Musings on a Thursday Night

By: Silvercat -   + 23 more  
Date Submitted: 8/26/2022
Genre: Reference » Writing
Words: 154

  I sit here, somewhat dissatisfied after my attempt to try a new TV dinner.
Deciding that eating nothing would have been a better choice,
I become philosophical.
Inside I shrug and think 'Oh well'.

As I type these words
Arranged in a way that only I can arrange them,
It strikes me how you, a random reader,
Found your path flowing into mine.

I think of all the variables
That have brought you here
To 'listen' to me
On this warm Arizona night.

Perhaps you were reading a magazine
And then went to this book site
where you were intrigued by the title:
'The Eclectic Pen'. You had to investigate!

Too, you might have decided to look over these words,
Set down by me, and others,
As you consumed a ham and cheese,
Followed by an ice cold beer.

And just maybe
The rest of those in your house
Are just too noisy
And you are searching for a quiet place.

Whatever brought you here
It's appreciated.
Pull up a chair
And would you mind sharing that beer?

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