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The Eclectic Pen - The Night Before Easter

By: Hannah S. (han)  
Date Submitted: 2/26/2010
Genre: Nonfiction » Holidays
Words: 156

  Twas the night before Easter when all through the house
not a rabbit was stirring not even the mouse.
The mouse was asleep and started to lean
when all of a sudden he smelled kerosene!
He ran through the house- from front end to back
and almost had a heart attack!
Laying there upon the ground
was Santa Claus big and round.
He ran through the night and met an Israelite
Oh dear, he was white! oh what a sight was that white Israelite.
He gave the mouse oh such a fright-
surprised so he asked for a simple light
how to get saved that I might!
he asked and was answered believe tonight.
Rabbits are rare and mice even more
especially ones that loudly snore.
When he arrived, the house was in flames
this time no one was playing games.
The bunnies were dead oh yes dead in their bed
they died in their glory, oh what a story.

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