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The Eclectic Pen - A Note of Serenity

By: Rose W. (Doveappeal)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 1/10/2007
Genre: Romance » Romantic Suspense
Words: 1,696

  It's as if someone is watching as if someone knows when she looks out her window. His thoughts flow through her, letting hr know he intends to do her harm. Sometimes the images of how he would like to touch her, makes her squeamish and frighttened. No man has ever touched her in that way, ever so throughly.
Slowly, bringing herself back to the present, Peggy begins to paint and this time she thinks of Matthew. Purposely, without any visions. He should be here soon as the colors begin to blend ever so perfectly over the canvas. Oh what a good friend he is to me. She had known him since he was ten and he has always been there for her in every situation. If she ever needs a shoulder to cry on, she runs to Matthew. His broad shoulders and Southern accent bring her a deep satisfaction somewhere in the depth of her soul.
Hearing a knock, she leaves her paint brush at the bottom of the easel, wipes her hands, and opens the door. Matthew stands there looking stunning as usual and carrying flowers. Grabbing the flowers, placing them gently in a vase, they begin their daily ritual of painting.
"What you working on today Peggy?" Matthew says looking out of the corner of his eye while continuing to work.
"Well I thought, that I perhaps," but before she could finish, a clanging sound caused her to look out the window at the bakery across the street.
This particular bakery across the street is lined with stores of all kinds. People hustle and bustle down it all the time. This morning though something is different. A well dressed young man in a suit and carrying boxes of jelly doughnuts dropped them all over the sidewalk, As they tumbled out of their container and rolled down the street, he began to bark like a dog.
Matthew finding him, funny roars with laughter, as Peggy notices a man standing at the corner dressed in black. He looks familiar like the man in her visions. He's just standing there glaring, mocking with an almost evil glee at what he is watching. Then he disappears but not before he looks directly at Peggy and gives her a wink. Startled by that, her body trembles. She knows something is wrong she can feel it.
"You ok, Peggy?" Matthew says, looking concerned and raising an eyebrow.
"Yea, thanks Matthew for the consoling. Realizing she can't shake this feeling. You're a great friend."
"Anytime sweet thing," secretly wishing Peggy would see him as more.
"I think I'll go get our coffee, if your ready for one she says."
"Sure go ahead, pats her on the back, and says don't forget the sugar."
Walking out the door, the morning couldn't be better now that everything has settled down.
The rain drizzling perfectly down on her shoulders reminding her of younger days. She's always loved cool rainy days. It brings alive the green in the trees making everything seem almost magical.
Cling, cling, the bakery door sounds letting everyone know a customer has arrived. One of the cashiers notices its Peggy and prepares her order before she asks for it.
"Thanks, Beth, your always a blessing and smiles warmly."
As she turns around the man from the corner and her visions stands directly in front of her. Not more than two inches away from her face. Keeping control of her emotions, she waits for just a moment before speaking.
"Who might you be?" she says finally stiffly and formally. Placing a hand on her shoulder he says, "My name is Clyde, and I'm here to invite you to dinner. How about six pm. tonight at the restraunt down the street?" Sounding as if he owned her.
"Well, I don't usually go out with strangers," glancing over every inch of Clyde's dark leathered and sexy build. In fact, I have to get this coffee to a friend of mine before it gets cold."
"Then I won't take no for an answer, he repeats. See you at six pm," leaves without her answer assuming she will be there.
What a strange person, she muses, and hurries to give Matthew his coffee. Drinking their coffee, laughing and painting away most of their day, she give Matthew a peck on the cheek as he goes home to get ready for his nightly milking of the cows. Looking at the clock, she notices its five pm. Begins to shower and dress for dinner at six pm. Walking down the steet she can't believe she is doing this, but there's almost a secret excitement building inside of her about a forbidden interlude. It is only dinner and the place if full of people on Friday nights, she thinks to herself while walking into the restraunt.
Standing there in a modest green emerald dress and matching shoes. Half the men there notice her entrance. Clyde though, get up from the corner table, all lit up with candles and stides over to her letting everyone know she is his girl.
"You look gorgeous," he says softly while guiding her to his table. Peggy couldn't help notice how beautifully set everything was as Clyde slides in her chair.
"What can I get for you two tonight." The cheeful waitress asks.
Clyde without asking, orders two steaks for them both. Peggy doesn't mind as her eyes notice a long box next to Clyde's dinner plate all rimmed with gold color. He sees her notice and grins realizing his plan is working out well. Reaching over he takes the box, opens it enjoying Peggy's gasp as the most beautiful diamond necklace sparkles all around from the candlelight in front of her.
"Go ahead, he says, you can touch it."
Her fingers linger lovingly over the necklace. Taking it from the box he leaves it dangling in front of her as he recites a short poem.
"Today you will love me and I will love you for just one night until were through. I'll own your heart, body, and soul. Just for a moment I'll be in control." Bends over and clasps it around her neck, sending shivers down her body as he touches her. For a moment she notices she feels different somehow, almost as if the poem changed her. Not mentioning it though, they continue their meal. Clyde knows what has happened. It's been he plan all along. He's hypnotized her and tonight he plans to destroy an angel.
Sending for her cloak and wrapping it around her, they walk under the stars to her apartment, just around the corner from the bakery. When inside she cant help notice how vibrant all the colors are, red standing out the most, accented by black. As he places her cloak on the couch she can see his bedroom and on the bed a trail of Rose petals, all around. Pulling her close to him and leaning her against the wall, he kisses her deeply. The hunger he creates inside of her, starts to rage out of control. She kisses him back, her body begging him for more. Clyde eases her gently among the Rose petals on the bed.
Out of the corner of her eye she sees the five pointed star on his nightstand. Not alarmed, they continue making love removing everything on them that stands in their way. Peggy almost as if under a spell, doensn't seem to notice anything amiss. The only thing on her mind is the moment, Clyde's talented caresses and the feel of him inside her. Lingering on his shoulder afterwards, she falls asleep waking up to the covers all around her and the smell of bacon. Stretching out and feeling better than she has in a long time, she realizes where she is.
The spell over she looks frantically around the room. Oh my God, what have I done as she quickly dresses and runs out the door to her apartment leaving Clyde stunned and with too much food to eat. Inside of her apartment, she leans back on the closed door. Oh God, Oh God, I had sex with that man. Remembering how she felt. Half pleased and half guilty. She runs into her bathroom looking into her mirror.
Nothing is different, but everything is different, tears pour down her face as she picks up her cell phone and calls Matthew. Matthew half asleep and half awake answers the phone.
"Hello," the tiredness in his voice could be heard. Peggy's crying the only sound he could hear.
"Is that you Peg?", he says rolling to one side. She continues to cry. Not knowing how to get her to talk he tells her he will be there just as fast as he can.
Dressing and walking furiously he arrives. Not knocking, he enters her place. Peggy stands there convulsing with tears. He reaches around her hoping to hear what's wrong. Slowly she tells him of how she made love to Clyde. Not knowing weather to be angry or not he remembers they are just friends. Felling settled, he asks her how it happened.
"I don't know she begins, its as if I was under a spell and couldn't stop myself. Oh Matthew, I'm so sorry."
"Sorry for what he says?"
"I meant to save the first time for you. I love you."
"You what he says looking surprised."
"I love you she says."
"How long have you know this?" He wants to know.
"About three months now, I just didn't know how to tell you. I'm so sorry."
Looking at her he says, "that's ok. There are no perfect people on this earth. Why don't we begin our love today and forget our yesterday." Glad to hear that she agrees as they kiss each other warmly.

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Claudia (BrokenWing) - 2/2/2007 3:11 PM ET
very creative story. Liked the characterization of the mysterious stranger. Could be improved by fixing a few typos and some minor inconsistencies.
Rose W. (Doveappeal) - 3/6/2007 4:54 PM ET
Thank You so much for all your comments!!! Its the very reason I put my stories on this site. Positive and negative, they are all welcome. The writer
Emma W. (EmmyLou) - 6/16/2008 7:48 PM ET
Holy Moly that was good! -just a few tupo but other then that I loved it!
Comments 1 to 3 of 3