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The Eclectic Pen - The Old Dog

By: Anna H. (dancingqueen18) - ,  
Date Submitted: 1/4/2007
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 30

  A brave soul
Strong, fierce
Brave, bold
But he grew old
Now he sits
Guarding his castle
Through sleepy eyes
He gazed at his prize
A wooden house
Worn with age
A water bowl
A forgotten toy
A distant memory
Of a boy.

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Elizabeth B. (meowysmiles) - - 1/4/2007 7:43 PM ET
Nice write : )
Tracy C. (auntshamaine) - 1/4/2007 9:18 PM ET
I feel the yearning of the dog. It kind of makes me want to cry. I wonder if you were aiming for that or if I'm having a "leaky" day.
Jim H. (Pecos45) - 1/4/2007 10:00 PM ET
Good emotion
Erin B. (redwingslover) - 1/5/2007 3:43 PM ET
Great emotion. It kind of reminded me of the book "Sounder", a favorite of mine as a kid.
tani - 1/5/2007 8:53 PM ET
Oh, boy, this one makes me want to cry. I hate to think how many dogs are in this situation, too.
Chris B. - 1/6/2007 8:18 AM ET
Oh this reminds me of my dog Dudleys last days. I dont usually get poetry but I can always tell if I like it and I like this.
Anna H. (dancingqueen18) - , - 1/6/2007 1:16 PM ET
Thanks, guys. I wrote this in memory of my dog Goldie, who lived to be 17.
Maria P. (BklynMom) - , - 1/6/2007 5:01 PM ET
Sniff! Great!
Jennifer M. (lpeogirl) - , - 2/10/2007 6:26 PM ET
Very good!
Comments 1 to 9 of 9