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The Eclectic Pen - The Package

By: Talia A. (coolcat)  
Date Submitted: 11/27/2011
Genre: Children's Books
Words: 1,446

  Ok.... This is going to be an evolutionary novel. It will be seen all across the country.
It will be so awesome no one will be able to deny it. This novel might even turn into a FACT.
So get ready for the first 11 year old written story about a MYSTERIOUS child’s life that is not only mysterious, but has adventure, action, and friendship.
The story begins.... NOW

Chapter 1

“ RING!” “RING” went Kaylen’s phone as she finished her last problem for her homework assignment. “ I absolutely HATE math class”!
“ Hello” ? She said as she pressed the little green answer button on her new TXL Sprint touchscreen phone. “ Hey K, did you finish your homework from math class?” Said her best friend Haiyley.
“ Just finishing Hales. Why’d you ask?”
“ Well there is this new store called Fashion City in the shopping mall and it’s totally awesome. I saw the cutest boots on sale and you know I can’t shop without company!!!”
“ Lol. Haiyley is such a shopping freak.”
“ Sure I am on way. I’ll be there by 4:00.”
“ See ya there!!!!” CLICK!
Kaylen finished her last problem and told her grandparents she was going to the mall. They gave her their consent. Then she got on her biking gear.
She fitted her purple bicycle helmet on her jet black straight hair and got on her new mountain climber bike with 2 mph bike speed. She got it from her grandma the summer she turned 15. When her parents went missing.
As she pedaled to the mall , she thought about Sebastian and the football team. His team , the Hillsdale Hawks, were competing against the Eastside Eagles. The Eagles were a tough team and the Hawks were preparing big time. He almost never had a chance to hang out any more. “ Come on K! The shoes might be gone by the time you park your bike!” Yelled Haiyley as Kaylen skidded to a stop in front of her friend.
“ Easy for you to say! You got dropped here in a super cool limo!” Haiyley is also super rich. But not a snob.
“ Well it’s not my fault I was born into a rich family!!!”
“ This is true. Well, let’s go!!” And they ran into the mall.

Ꮿ 1 Ꮿ

Chapter 2

As Kaylen and Haiyley walked to Fashion City, they saw a familiar face.
“ Hey K! Hey Hales! Whats up?”
“ Hey Sebastian!” The girls said in unison
“ We were just going to Fashion City for new shoes. What are you doing here?”
“ I just came to hang out and stuff. I need a break from practice.”
“ I feel ya!” Said Kaylen. “ I’ve been doing homework for the past week. Must be really stressful with practice AND homework. But I think you got the homework part down good though.”
“ How bout we all go and grab a smoothie from Mangas?” suggested Haiyley. “ It’s on me.”
As Kaylen and her friends were sitting and sipping on their smoothies, Kaylen started to feel like someone was watching them. She turned around and saw the most horrible sight. Sabrina Matthews and her group of snobs.
“ Hey Sebastian hey Haiyley!” She said as she twirled her long manicured fingers through her dirty-blonde hair. Completely ignoring Kaylen. “ Hi” Sebastian said in a not impressed tone. “ Hey” Haiyley said as she tried not to roll her eyes.
“ Why are you hanging with this dork over here?”
Kaylen said cooly, “ The dork has a name you know”
Haiyley said, “ She is not a dork and she is our friend. I think it would be good for you to acknowledge her as such or I will drop your popularity down so fast you won’t know what hit you.”
Sebastian then said, “OUCH”
Sabrina through her hair back and said’ “ Whatever and walked away.
“ Thanks a bunch Hales.” Kaylen said
“ No prob.” Haiyley replied. “ Now let’s hurry and finish our drinks and head over to Fashion City!!!”
“ WAIT” Kaylen whispered to her friends. “ I think someone is watching us.”
Sebastian then whispered, “ Why would someone be watching US?”
“ I don’t know. Let me turn around and make sure.”
So then she slowly turned around and then................

Chapter 3

“BOOO!!!” Kaylen’s grandmother said as she smiled and gave Kaylen a big hug.
“ You sure do have good senses. How did you know someone was behind you?”
“ I don’t know. I just had a feeling and I guess my feeling was right.” Kaylen replied.
“ That just might come in handy one day” Her grandmother said.
“And how are you little munchkins doing today?”
“Fine how are you Mrs. Bradson?” Haiyley and Sebaastian said together.
“ I am feeling good.” Kaylen’s grandmother said.
“ Why did you come here grandma?” Kaylen asked
“ Oh I just came in to check on you. I know you’re big now but I just wanted to be sure.”
“ Well thanks for coming grandma.” Kaylen said
“You’re welcome. Now you youngsters enjoy yourself!!”
“We will!!! Bye!!” They all said together.
As Kaylens grandma out the door, Kaylen thought to herself, “ Why did she come up to check on me? And why did she say “ That might just come in handy someday”? I’ll have to ask her when I get back home.”
“Well come on guys, let’s head on over to Fashion City before it closes!!!” Haiyley exclaimed. She had just finished putting her bright red hair into a ponytail.
“ While you guys are shoe shopping, I’ll be at the sports store getting me the new football jersey I ordered a week a go. We can meet back up at Pizza Palace at 6:00 ok?” Sebastian said as he ran a hand through his light-brown hair.
“OK” The girls said in unison.
As the girls turned and walked in the other direction, Kaylen said, “ I have that feeling again and I am pretty sure it’s not my grandma”
“ Ok then, just stay calm. It could be a false alarm. I’ll turn around and see.”
“ I think I should because if it’s something or someone important, I will be sure to remember.” Kaylen has photographic memory that she inherited from her great - great - grandfather, William Bradson.
“ Good thinking K” And then Kaylen slowly turned around and saw a guy sticking his head out of an alley that lead to a service room.He was wearing a trench coat and looked like he came from a foreign country. “Maybe Russia?” Kaylen thought. Kaylen learned all about Russia in Foreign Countries class. “ definetly Russian” She thought. Kaylen caught eye contact and the guy went back into the alley.
“ That was so weird” Kaylen said out loud.
“ What was weird?’’ Haiyley said enquiringly.
“ Well the guy who was watcching us was Russian and I couldn’t get a good look at his face because he was wearing sunglasses. Who wear sunglasses INSIDE?” Kaylen said.
“ Maybe we should report him” Haiyley said encouaragingly.
“ He didn’t do anything and we can’t have him arrested for wearing sunglasses inside!” Kaylen said.
“Well, maybe we can.” Said Haiyley.
“Whaaaa????” Said Kaylen
And then Haiyley picked up her phone and started talking to somebody. She put on the pathetic voice that she uses when she wants something. 99% of the time it works.
Kaylen wondered why she was using it now.
PM me for more!!!!!
Talia A.

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