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The Eclectic Pen - Paeon

By: Jennifer S.  
Date Submitted: 11/21/2020
Last Updated: 11/22/2020
Words: 117


I sing a song of sorrows
and thanksgiving,
Two strains entwined,
like lovers bound...
Balance, and counter-balance,
enriched harmonies which,
Are somehow made poorer
when they are alone…

So, I sing a song of great joy
but so too of sadness,
Lifting my Paeon into the
arms of infinity.
Thus, this time, though it passes,
shall be made endless, and unforgotten…
Stamped upon the iron presses
of life eternal,

Standing proof of the strengths of love,
and the depths of endurance,
A time when staunch warriors,
Though weaponless,
Strode boldly forth against
faceless adversity…
Of this… I sing.
Jennifer Steier 11/21/2020

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