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The Eclectic Pen - The pain tears me up

By: Miriam G. (SoccerMomMimi)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 2/12/2008
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 150

  The pain tears me up
Like when Allah cast an angle to the mortal undeserving
Loneliness as bright as a midsummerís day in Jun,
Blinding my very soul
The tears come freely and unceasingly down my cheeks
With the remembrance that you are more then a blink away
Wondering of when we will meet up again and touch
Bounces around in my brain consciously throughout the day
The wishes comes bounding out of my mouth as if a genies who has granted me a million wishes stands before my face
Prayers are said every minute of the day toward heaven
To maybe get his attention to send the pain away
Disbelief rages inside my body with questions asking why tagging along besides
All these emotion
All these feelings are driving me crazy
To the point of becoming insane
I donít want to go thru all these up and downs
All these tears
But to make them disappear
You will have to come home to me

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