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Topic: Paranormal newbie needing some help...

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Subject: Paranormal newbie needing some help...
Date Posted: 4/17/2009 10:20 PM ET
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OK, so the Twilight Saga has turned on my interest in vampire romance.  I've picked up the first House of Night novel, and I've reserved the first Vampire Acadamy from the library.  I tried to read Peeps, but it didn't grab me.  I am in the middle of The Ugly's which is pretty fun light reading.

I'm interested in learning about more vampire ROMANCE novels.  I've been looking at an author named Amanda Ashley, but she has so many books I can't figure out what series go together and in what order.

Can anyone help me with Amanda Ashley... and also suggest other authors I might like to try?





Date Posted: 4/17/2009 10:27 PM ET
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Try here Edie.

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 12:58 AM ET
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Her most recent series:

1. Night's Kiss

2. Night's Touch

3. Night's Master

4. Night's Pleasure

I believe you can get a complete list of her series order on her website.

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 1:45 AM ET
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Here is a link to the Love Vampires website.  They talk about both the horror, the romance, and the urban fantasy vamp books.  To give you some other authors.


Date Posted: 4/18/2009 2:36 AM ET
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A few series I love are:

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE)

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost


All amazing series.

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 6:09 AM ET
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After I read Twilight, I started picking up other YA novels to try to get more but they just aren't like Twilight.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward was the first thing I read since reading Twilight that I just absolutely loved in the same way. Read the series next, I doubt you will regret it. I am still finding it hard to find other series that I enjoy as much.

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 10:24 AM ET
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My vote is also for Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 11:56 AM ET
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You might also try Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series and Lynsay Sands Argeneau Vampire series.  They both have websites if you want to find reading order, etc.

Subject: Paranormal Newbie
Date Posted: 4/20/2009 6:28 PM ET
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I enjoyed Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, have read all of them.  Have also read a few by other authors, and did not care enough for them to read others by the same author.

My favorite is Christine Feehan's "Dark" series.  Have almost all of them, a few I had to find at the library as they remain in high demand.  I won't be trading those anytime soon. 

Most of the ones I have read have some of the same things in common:  (1) an explanation of where vampires came from and how new ones are "made" (Kenyon's are not really vampires, they hunt them; Feehan's are a separate race from humans, but sometimes intermarry); (2) how they interact with humans; (3) include characters of other paranormal species like werewolves and other shape-changers; (4) main characters are always extremely attractive and tormented or bitter, and end up "saved" by the love interest; (5) special powers like shape changing, mind-reading, mind-control, time travel, etc.; (6) constant graphically described sex, to the point where I sometimes skip over sections because they tend to use the same language book after book, and I want to see what happens next in the story.

I grew up on horror movies, and enjoy paranormal books very much, it's kind of like reliving good times of childhood, only with a sexy romantic twist.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Date Posted: 4/21/2009 2:40 AM ET
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I'm pretty new to the paranormal romance scene as well.  I've only been reading them for about a year now.  The first one that I tried was Jeaniene Frost's NIght Huntress Series.  I've read the first 3 and loved each one.  I can't wait for the 4th to come out.  I'm also reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, although they are more geared toward horror and apprarently get a little erotic later into the series but I haven't gotten that far yet.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are amazing as well, and I've been waiting for the 5th book for quite a long time now, everytime it pops up for me I don't have any credits so I have to cancel the order and rewishlist it again, lol.

I personally just started wishlisting the first book in a few series, and ordering some that weren't already wishlisted.  I've gotten into many series now, mostly paranormal (I can never read a series back to back, it drives me crazy so I read a billion at a time and rotate through them all, lol.).  That's how I've found a lot of the authors that I like so much.

I just finished the first book in the Twilight series this week, in a day, and thought it was amazing.  Luckily I have the rest of the series on my bookshelf, because I have a feeling I'll be reading them a little closer together than I normally would.

Date Posted: 5/2/2009 7:10 PM ET
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I love Lora Leigh's Breeds series but they are a bit more sexed up than others.

You can never go wrong with the Carpathians or the Dark Hunters in my opinion. Just those two series could keep you busy for a while if you're not a really fast reader.

PM me! I have a gift for you if you want it.

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Date Posted: 5/2/2009 10:35 PM ET
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I would recommend Jenna Black's "Guardians of Night" series. I also like Vicki Pettersson, Carrie Vaughn, Rachel Vincent. Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton.

Some authors on my back burner: Jocelynn Drake, Jeannine Frost (spelling?), and Rob Thurman.

I didn't see anyone mention these, but since you are more into the romance, you'd probably like Katie McAllister, MaryJanice Davidson, Lyndsay Sands, Marjorie Liu, and Lori Handeland. Out of this group of authors I have only read MaryJanice Davidson and Lori Handeland, and only one book by each of them.

I tend to go for the authors who write more plot driven stories, but have romantic entanglements that creep up on the characters, rather than just focusing on the romance, sex, and lust.

I hope this helps!

Date Posted: 5/2/2009 10:45 PM ET
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Jocelynn Drake tends to be really boring. I skimmed her first book because it was so boring.

Date Posted: 5/3/2009 4:49 AM ET
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Oh no! I hope I end up liking her when I get to her, because I had my husband buy me her second book brand-new.

Date Posted: 5/3/2009 5:58 AM ET
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i liked Jocelynn Drake's first book a lot, and am hoping to get the second one sometime soon.

Date Posted: 5/3/2009 6:00 AM ET
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Well, Ellen...it's totally yours if I end up not liking her!