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The Eclectic Pen - Path way to Heaven

By: Harold Wayne H. (HaroldWayneHamlin)   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 1/6/2009
Genre: Parenting & Relationships » Family Relationships
Words: 3,318

  Harold Wayne Hamlin

The Path Way to Heaven by Wayne Hamlin Feb. 25, 1992, June 11, 2000

The Hundred and thirty-first day of school --
It was a hot day. The air conditioner was humming and all was quiet. Darron sat in class, trying not to stare, but in reality, he was staring at her, the blonde goddess who had recently moved in from Washington. Every guy in the school had asked her out, except of course, Darron. She always turned them away with a "I'm sorry, but I'm busy," or a "My boyfriend and I just broke up, and I'm not ready" or the ever famous, "Right! with YOU!! HAHAHA!". Darron really felt he loved her, although he didn't even know her name. She had smiled at him a few times in the hall, but she did that to all the guys.
"Oh well," sighed Darron. "She wouldn't even think twice before saying -- No -- to me!
Lisa sat at her desk. Everyone thought she was concentrating on her work but in reality she was looking at Darron. He sat across the room, and had the most beautiful smile. And smart too. Yes, he was smart, but he kept it as a private thing. You would not know it unless you were looking for his smartness.
She remembered, yes she did remember, someone had mentioned that his name was Darron. She thought it was a unique name, but intriguing at the same time. "If only," she thought, "I had the courage to ask him out, then I wouldn't have to wait."
Sure, Darron was a little plain looking but she had a feeling that he was a very interesting person. She wanted very much to get to know him, but she didn't think she could ever ask him out.
Darron sat there, looking across the room. God, She's beautiful he thought. He had a strange feeling and it took him a while to realize his eyes had locked with hers.
Suddenly she stood up. Darron watched as she drew closer, sure that she was coming over to talk to the teacher, Mrs. Blaine.
"I don't believe I'm doing this, thought Lisa as she walked towards Darron. When he realized she was approaching him, his face turned into this silly little goofy face, and she had to dig her fingernails into her palm to keep from laughing. Then she was standing next to him.
"Hi!" she said. "My name is Lisa. You're Darron, right?"
"Yes. I am," he said with a start. He could still not believe that she had walked up to him let alone speak to him.
He had not expected this and was completely taken aback. God, his dream girl had walked all the way across the room just to talk to him, he thought. Sitting there, looking up into her face, he felt faintly uncomfortable.
He heard her say, "Darron, did you finish your homework?"
"Uh, umm, uh... Yeah, sure I did." he said. "Why? Did you need help?"
"No." she replied. "I was just curious, thought you had finished also."
He could tell she was having a hard time talking to him and he desperately want to make it easy for her, he just did not know how. He was wondering why she had come over, and then in a fleeting moment of hope thought; "She likes me!" But it was only a brief moment of warmth, which he would not let himself hang onto.
"Well, uh, then why did you come over?" he asked
"Uh, well... Darron, I like you!" she said. "There, I said it. You're probably don't like me, but I thought you should know!"
Suddenly, he was aware that the entire class was staring at them, including Mrs. Blaine.
"Well," he said blushing, "As a matter of fact, I think you're the most beautiful girl in the school."
She smiled. God, he didn't think that he had ever seen a prettier smile.
"Hey, man," a guy two rows over said, "Ask her out, dude!"
"Well, uh, ummm... Wha... what are..." he mumbled.
She smiled. "How does tomorrow sound, since we're out of school?"
"Sh... Sh... Sure!" he said, tongue-tied, his mind stunned and void of any thoughts.

The next afternoon at 6:00 PM --
Lisa sat on her bed surrounded by little stuffed animals. The radio was playing so softly; she had to strain to hear it. She just sat there, looking disturbed. In front of her, she had laid out almost her entire wardrobe. What to wear, she thought.
The front doorbell rang.
"Honey," her mother's voice called to her through her bedroom door. "There's a young man waiting down stairs for you!"
"He's EARLY!!!!!", she screamed to herself.
She quickly struggled to pull on her pants. As she got them to her waist, she realized that they were a little too tight.
"O!" she said softly, "and I don't have time to change." She quickly reached over and grabbed her best blouse.
She was in the process of looking for the right blouse, when a quite, gentle knock was made at her bedroom door.
"Just a minutes Mother!" she yelled as she adjusted her belt in her too tight pants. "I'll be right down". She started buttoning her light peach blouse, as she walked to the bedroom door. Upon opening the door, she saw Darron standing there, dressed in jeans and a pale Gap T-shirt. He was nervously shifting from one foot to the other.
"Oh.." she said as she stepped back startled. "I thought you were my mother!"
"Well, um. She uh. She told me where your room was and that I should come up and get you." He said blushing and looking at the floor. "Well. We..ll, I just have to fix my hair and I'll be ready to go, I guess." she replied. She hurried down the hall to the bathroom, turning on the light with one hand as she grabbed her hairbrush with the other. Without looking in the mirror, she ran the brush through her thick, golden-blond, crown of hair. Finished brushing, she reached over and grabbed her hair spray and closing her eyes, she sprayed generously to insure her hair would stay in place. She opened her eyes and looked scrupulously in the mirror, as a thick cloud of aerosol spray filled the room. Unexpectedly, she saw in the mirror, that he had followed her to the bathroom door.
"Sorry!" she told him as she turned out the lights, "that stuff is strong isn't it. "I would have been ready, but I couldn't decide what to wear."
As she walked toward him, she looked at his face closely. He was about her height, brownish-blonde hair, sweet brown eyes in which she thought she saw his soul. His small, straight nose and full mouth gave him an honest, sweet, normal look that she so liked in him. Catching herself staring, she forced her attention away from his face and noticed that he had on a pair of Nike's. Seeing him standing there with such a sweet innocent smile, she thought she would die. For in that one moment, she saw what he would look like a few years from now.
"Well," he smiled broadly, "I think you look great!
With a smile on their faces, they headed down the hall and out the door to Darron's car. In the fading light, she saw a little Cavalier parked by the curb in front of her walkway.
"What a simple little car" she thought. "Nothing big or flashy, just simple, practical, and we---ll; Solid, yes and dependable like he must be.
Once they were in the car and moving, she looked over at him, imagining what it would be like dating him when he would be older. Little did she know that by the time she was 23, they would be married.

Three years later --
Darron stood at the altar. His nice, fresh, white tuxedo appeared almost to glow. He looked down at Johnny, Lisa's little brother, the ring bearer.
Then, with the music playing and Lisa's and Darron's mothers, crying, Lisa, with her eyes fixed on Darron, began the long, slow walk down the aisle which was lined with flowers and ribbons.
They stood together, side by side looking at each other; their nervousness now lost in the joy and happiness of the moment.
"Dearly beloved," the minister started the ceremony, "we are gathered here." but it is bearly heard by Lisa and Darron as their love for each other swirls around them and engulfs them intirely.
When the time comes to recite their vows however, their rehearsals of the wedding are rewarding for flawlessly, almost automatically they recited their vows.
The Minister pronounces them Man and Wife. Darron carefully, lovingly, lifts Lisa's veil and kisses her, a kiss that binds them together as one and the same forever.
Later that night they sat alone in their motel room, finally alone. Lisa sat there and watched him. Slowly he stood up, walked into the bathroom and the sudden sound of running water startled her. She stood and cautiously walked over to the door and looked in. The stall door was closed, and she saw his familiar silhouette outlined on the frosted glass door.
"It's now or never," she thought as she reaches back feeling for the zipper to her dress. After a moment of fumbling, she grabs it and slowly unzips her wedding gown. Shrugging out of the gown, she tenderly hangs it on the cloths rack. Visions of her telling her kids and, yes her grand kids about this joyous day are in her thoughts.
Opening the shower door she looked up at Darron's sweet face. "So full of love and tenderness," she thought. "If she lived to be a thousand years old, she knew that she would never experience such a joy filled moment as this again." She also knew that all the waiting for the right man, and yes, even making that right man wait for this moment had been worth it.

Two years and five months later --
Darron woke up early, even though it was a Saturday morning, and looked over at Lisa, his precious Lisa, lying on his arm.
"God! I love her!" he thought. "I just wish I could express myself better."
He just lay there, looking at her. Her soft, blonde hair splayed out on the pillow, her soft, blue eyes were closed, and the long lashes showed up well against her soft, light skin. Her delicate nose and full mouth added to her attraction. He loved the looks of envy he got from the men he passed in the streets with her on his arm.
He started to doze, smiling to himself as he thought of their life before marriage.
When she was in her teens, she was the type of girl that caused both men and boys, both older and younger than her, to take a second look. Her wonderful figure, soft and shapely, was something she had been un-aware of. She had admitted to him after they had been dating for a few months that she thought of herself as fat and ugly.
This had thrown him for a loop! To say the least, She had to be the most beautiful girl he'd ever met, and she loved him. His love for her had not faded as time went on. In fact, it grew as he got to know her.
He thought of their first date, the date that she had to ask for, and their first kiss. She had been the one who had made the first move; She had kissed him. From that kiss, they had slowly progressed, with him becoming more bolder and confident, as they became more familiar with one another. As time passed, she had been forced from time to time, to move his hands away from this or away from that, but even after the shyness disappeared, he was still a gentleman. She had told him that she was glad he had said yes when she had ask for the date in class and because he was extremely shy. She had to work to pull him out of his shell.

Once he could express himself freely, he started advancing on her, but she had stopped him when it came to making love. That single act earned his respect, because his advances were a test. He had decided that if she wasn't 'easy' he would propose -- which he did eighteen months after they met.
Darron was just about asleep when the baby's cry brought him fully awake. He eased out of bed so as not to wake Lisa and quietly he crossed the room to little Julie's crib. She was one week old today, his first child. Julie gave another soft cry and Darron bent over and gathered the small soft bundle of love in his arms. Straightening up, he placed the child's small head on his shoulder and begin to walk the floor and spoke to his little girl in a low sing song voice. "Go to sleep little darling, go to sleep. Daddy is here watching, putting the cover over your feet. Mommie's sleeping a much-needed sleep, last week she bore you and now she must sleep. Go to sleep little darling, the sun comes up in the east. I will make sure ........"
Lisa awoke to the soft singing of her Husband and as her eyes focused she looked at Darron, "So full of love and tenderness," she thought. If she lived to be a thousand years old, she knew that she would never experience such a joy filled moment as this again.

Twenty one years later --
Lisa sits crying, She had been crying all morning. No matter what she did, she could just not stop crying. Darron had tried every thing to get her to stop, but nothing worked. He wanted to help her but not knowing how, he finally excepted the fact that some women just cried at these things and there was nothing anyone could do.
He turned to face the Minister as the music started, not trusting himself to look up the aisle as Julie started down, afraid that he would himself start to cry.
The music changed tempo, and Darron turned, as he had done in rehearsal, and gave Julie his arm. She took it delicately and together they slowly walked the remaining distance down the aisle.
Lisa watched Darron as he gave Julie, who wore the wedding gown that Lisa had worn so many years before, to Richard, Julie's husband to be. "So full of love and tenderness," Lisa thought. If she lived to be a thousand years old, she knew that she would never experience such a joy filled moment as this again.

Two years later --
Lisa was excited. She had been scrubbed, sprayed, and masked by the young nurse of the nursery who now approached pushing a baby crib. As the nurse neared, Lisa could see the top of Little Darron's head that was sparsely covered with fine blond hair. His skin was still wrinkled and red from his birth, less than one hour ago.
Lisa bent and picked up her grandson and held him just as Darron had held Julie on that first morning so many years ago. And as she held him, she softly sang as Darron had sung to all five of their children "Go to sleep little darling, go to sleep. Grandma is here watching, putting the cover over your feet. Mommie's sleeping a much-needed sleep, last hour she bore you and now she must sleep. Go to sleep little darling, the sun comes up in the east. I will make sure ........"
As she sang and walked the floor, Little Darron yawned and placed his small arm along her cheek. And Lisa, Well Lisa she thought of Darron who was dead these long, long eleven months. She thought of Darron. "So full of love and tenderness," Lisa thought. If she lived to be a thousand years old, she knew that she would never experience such a joy filled moment as this again.

Twelve years later --
Lisa looked down, trying to understand what she saw. She viewed herself lying on a hospital bed, her hands crossed on her chest. Around herself, were her five children and numerous grandchildren. The scene below her begins to become smaller and smaller as the distance between her point of vision and herself lying on the bed increased.
Little Darron leaned over her body that was lying on the hospital bed, and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. Placing his small hand on her now cold one, he said with tears running down his cheek "Good bye Grandma. I love you."
The scene of the hospital room gave way to a view of the hospital building itself. As she watched the building grew smaller and smaller as the distance increased. In the wink of an eye, she was on a plain of white mist that swirled around her feet.
In the distance, she saw a figure approaching her, and without knowing how, she knew. With tears running down her face, she ran toward Darron.
As Darron approached Lisa, she was not surprised to see him, as he was when he was 25 years of age, in his prime of youth. Darron looked into the youthful face of Lisa -- love flooding his heart to overflowing.

"Come Lisa," he said taking her hands in his, "HE has prepared a place for us."

As they walked toward the bright light, their thoughts merged and become as one thought.

"So full of love and tenderness. We will live forever, and we know we will experience many, many such joy filled moments as this."

HAND IN HAND, as one, they stepped into HEAVEN

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