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The Eclectic Pen - Pieces

By: Mindy W. (wittywords)  
Date Submitted: 6/3/2009
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Words: 219

  We are each made up of tiny pieces and for each they arenít the same.
Those pieces come together to create our basic frame.

Throughout our life those pieces fall into their perfect place.
It is all based on Godís timing and His amazing grace.

Some pieces have sharp, rugged edges that may hurt and cause us pain.
While others bring us exuberance and joy we canít contain.

Each person we cross paths with or bump into day by day,
Has a purpose or a reasonÖbe it order or disarray.

What we do not realize is our basic core has always been the same
From the beginning of our lives, God has engraved our hearts with special names.

In each of our hearts, God wrote the names of those we would love,
He also wrote the names of those that we would be a part of.

Your child wasnít a mere piece of lifeís fragile frame.
He was already in the core of your heart before he ever had a name.

Although he is gone, he will remain forever engraved in each heart and each soul,
Please remember that, rest assured and allow it to console.

His memory and his purpose will live on in your heart and your core
He will forever be an angel looking over you through Heavenís door.

*Written for a friend who recently lost her 6 month old son*

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