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The Eclectic Pen - Poems by Crystal Deckard

By: Crystal D. (crystal1983art)  
Date Submitted: 8/7/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 387

  The Storm
By Crystal Deckard

I stand
On the steps
Of an old building
Thing of nothing.

The sky turns
Dark as a crow’s eye.
I hear thunder
Fill the air.

Rain tickles my nose
As I grab my umbrella,
Holding it
Above my head.

I hear the rain
Hitting my umbrella,
Like wild horses
Galloping across the prairie.

I see my mother
Gestering me
To come in,
But something catches my eye.

Lightning zips across the sky
Like a rocket,
And hits a lightning pod
Across the street.

I run to my house
Fearing the storm,
For I had never come that close
To lightning before.

The Impassable
By Crystal Deckard

Plunged into the hazy mist
Bleak static floods the kingdom
Unaware of timeless bliss

Harvest withers the freedom
That cries in pain for one last
Chance to gain timeless wisdom

Timeless bliss without a past
Looks to be only impasse

Lethal Dare
By Crystal Deckard

Please beware,
For there are dares
That can end life
In a flash
And a crash.
And like a knife,
It can tear
And dash
The state
Of fate
And end ones fun,
Until there is none.

Nature’s Chaos
By Crystal Deckard

Because of Mankind’s arrogance,
You must fight to remain pure.
While Mankind covers up your beauty and grace,
Others fight for the cure.

Ode to a Tanka
By Crystal Deckard

You are a unique
Form of poetry. You are
Of five parts. Much like
A haiku but with extra
Time to grow and entertain.

You are a simple
But a complex unit of
Poetry. Special,
You are to the world of
Creation and true life.

Japanese is your
Origin of creation,
But Greek is the poem.
A beautiful form you are,
The Tanka of Poetry.

September 11th
By Crystal Deckard

A tremendous sorrow
Rushes over me
As I think of that day.
A day that is burned
Into my soul.

September 11th
Brought chaos,
Tears of sadness,
Heartache and pain

Families were
Ripped apart on this day.
Ones that had just begun
And others nearing completion.
Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Mothers
Sons and Daughters
Gone in a blink of the eye

Imagining the unborn children
That will never be held by there fathers,
Never knowing his smile, smell, or his loving embraces
Rippes away at my heart
And makes me yearn for children of my own.

Rising from the ashes of sorrow,
Came unity and patriotism.
Where families were broken, repairs began to appear.
September 11th
A time of sorrow and new beginnings.

By Crystal Deckard

In the beginning
Names were given but
In a hurry we
Tore them apart leaving only pieces
In its wake
A time came in
Life where Initials, such as mine, is like
Sharing songs of life on your favorite C.D.

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 8/7/2009 8:52 AM ET
I loved "The Storm". Very well done.
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