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Topic: Question for Steve Please-MY PO Insists on 13oz or more rule even with PBS

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Subject: Question for Steve Please-MY PO Insists on 13oz or more rule even with PBS
Date Posted: 9/27/2007 11:15 PM ET
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The post office my hubby goes to pick up our business mail told him he MUST take ANYTHING over 13oz to the clerk.I started giving him my books to mail since  I just started using PBS Postage, and understood the pkg can be dropped in a box or slot because it has pre-printed postage.  The clerk insisted on my hubby show him something that states that.  I couldn't find it on the USPS website.

This po even refused to scan the DC when the book was handed to him WITHOUT postage. He didn't understand 18 cents for DC either?  I stopped going there with my books and went to a larger po, where I had no problem with them scanning. 

Can you please tell me what form I can download to reference to bring to this "Mickey Mouse" post office?  I tried to find something online, but couldn't.  I would appreciate it very much.  Many thanks.

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Date Posted: 9/28/2007 6:41 AM ET
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I'm not Steve, June, but here's a link to the news release about the new ruling. I know there's a letter issued by the Postal Inspection Service floating around, too, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroom/2007/pr07_058.htm

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Date Posted: 9/28/2007 7:48 PM ET
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Hi June,

Connie gave you the best advise.  Print it out and take it in to them.  The electronic DC is another matter.  Tell him if he looks at a rate chart he'll see the rates for electronic DC.  Then ask him to scan it and see what happens.

If this doesn't work then tell him you want the phone number for his District Customer Service Representative or POOM.  The CSR should be able to help and will probably be more helpful then the POOM.  The POOM (kind of like a district supervisor in some companies) is his boss and may or may not know anything at all about retail but may at least refer it to the CSR or tell him to try it.

Sorry for these problems, it still amazes me the attitude in some of the small POs.

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Date Posted: 9/29/2007 1:28 AM ET
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I just went through this earlier this week myself. We have two women that work at my post office. One is there pretty much on a daily basis and she gets it. I've been using paypal postage and throwing things in the blue box in front of the post office with no problems. Well I went in the other day and the part time woman was in and she handed me a book that I had mailed the night before and "reminded" me about the 13oz rule. She told me nothing over 13oz could be put in a blue box period. I pointed out to her that even the sticker on the box says...nothing over 13oz that has STAMPS..didn't matter she wouldn't listen. I'm going to print that link out in case I run into her again. I really do NOT want to have to start driving 20 miles just to go to a different post office.


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Date Posted: 10/1/2007 5:52 PM ET
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I have the same problem. I printed out that letter and my PO told me that it had changed since then.  It's a small town and I'm not going to argue with them.  I'll just go back to standing in line with my 2 year old in tow.

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Date Posted: 10/3/2007 6:56 PM ET
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I had a similar problem - the PO returned books that were dropped in a blue box with APC postage.  No way would the PO believe me, even when I read the news release to them.  I had to go to the larger PO to get it resolved and to get a credit for the cancelled postage.  When I got home I called Yvonne Yoerger, who issued the release and asked her about it.  She told me that she will send a clarification to my local PO.  When I asked for the specific reg dealing with what can be dropped in a box, she said "it's complicated."  Apparently, it is not a regulation, but the matter was discussed in Postal Bulletin #22211 of 7/19/2007, pages 63-64.

So from now on, I'm going to tape a copy of the new release to my books, with the relevant passages highlighted, and refer them to Postal Bulletin #22211 if they are still confused.  And I'll be calling Yvonne again if I have any more problems.

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Date Posted: 10/15/2007 7:07 PM ET
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I go to a very small PO in a town between my house and work. I go there because there is never a line(maybe 1 person) and I like the ladies behind the counter. They don't know anything about the PBS DC. So that would be something that I'd have to try to work out with them.  Last weekend I mailed a book, from the PO. I don't know why but instead of using the metered label she put stamps on it. When it got to the central PO they sent it back to me with the label that says "all mail over 13 oz needed to be handled by a PO clerk" So I took it back to the PO and the other girl was working. She put the metered sticker on it, stamped it with Media Mail again, and cancelled it like 3 times. LOL

So today I went in and the lady that was behind the counter was the 1st lady in my story. She apologized for me getting the book back! It was a PITA at the time, and probably not her fault but some unknown person at the central PO but it was nice that they even remembered it.

That's why I like my little PO.

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Date Posted: 10/17/2007 10:25 AM ET
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My PO doesn't seem to know what to do w/the PBS DC either.  The last time I went in w/the labels printed w/DC but w/o postage it was a nightmare. It took forever and she put too much postage on each package.  I had a lot of books to mail and I prob spent $10 more in postage than I needed.  I use the preprinted postage from now on unless I have a larger audiobook that won't fit in the blue box slot.

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