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The Eclectic Pen - Rainchill

By: Tina L. (fyrefairy54) -   + 4 more  
Date Submitted: 2/22/2013
Last Updated: 2/22/2013
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 119

  Walking in the day, drizzle down the neck,
rainchill drops fall tiny on my face.
Almost misty at times, making the day vague and cloudy,
a maze of promises in a dark cloud.
Checking the mail becomes an adventure
when the cool damp hits the face,
and the wind burbles around you;
you return dotted with drops,
each a story about where it's been:
was it a part of some great sea?
Did it cool the face of a shepherd
in a former drop-life?
Did it moisten a drought-ridden soil,
coaxing growth and fertility
for a desperate farmer?
Did it bring laughter to children
who try to catch it on their tongues?
Rain is such a simple thing, but really--
where has it been before?
I wonder as I walk in the rainchill drops
as rain falls some more...

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Tina L. (fyrefairy54) - - 2/22/2013 3:07 PM ET
Today--February 22, 2013--is a rainy day. I thought about rain as I started to write this...and this is what came out. Enjoy it, fellow bookaholics! Peace!
Silvercat - - 6/16/2013 7:58 AM ET
NICE piece, Tina. Puts the reader 'in the moment' immediately! :)
Comments 1 to 2 of 2