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The Eclectic Pen - The relationship between my feeling of aloneness and a marble

By: Karin H. (hector3918)  
Date Submitted: 1/7/2013
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Mental Health
Words: 162

  If I had to describe my aloneness I would say it is smooth and round = kinda like a marble. It is cold to the touch. It is something you rub back and forth in your hand in an attempt to make it warm. It has the ability to wind its way all over with not intended direction in mind. Nothing can destroy it. It can be covered but it never goes completely away. It is dull not bright. When hit with sunlight is creates a rainbow of colors that radiate off it. It needs that sun to show its true colors. It repels and runs through water too. It can collect mud but easily wipes off. In the end the marble retains its shape and size but has learned to mask itself really well. Bottom line - its gotta have the sun to shine.

Karin HH


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