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The Eclectic Pen - I Remember You- Chapter 3

By: Heather M. (heather73)   + 8 more  
Date Submitted: 3/1/2007
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Words: 950


Maggie spent the rest of Thursday sitting quietly in her room, thinking about everything that was going on and trying to understand it all. She really wanted to ask her aunt about the photos and the little girl named Amanda. She also wanted to find out why it was that she couldn't remember anything about her childhood. But she was afraid that if she brought it up, her aunt would become suspicious and possibly realize that her wooden box was missing. She was torn. She didn't know what to do. She was thinking maybe it would be best if she left Friday instead of Saturday before her aunt and uncle did, that way she could avoid any questions about the box.
She got into bed and lay awake for hours. When she finally drifted off to sleep, disturbing images flashed through her mind. An image of a little girl standing in a dark hallway. She was just a shadow, but she was there. In her dream, Maggie tried to reach out for her and the little girl faded away into the darkness. Then, another image; of lighted Christmas trees, tons of them, with their lights so bright they were almost blinding. Then another. A woman and a man fighting, screaming, pushing, hitting and kicking ,and in the background the sound of a little girl sobbing. Another image; a large shiny, sharp object coming towards her. With that , she woke up abruptly. She felt like she couldn't breath and there were beads of sweat across her forehead. It took her a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream and she was safe. She got a drink of water and got back into bed. She felt almost too afraid to go back to sleep. After another hour or two of lying awake, she settled into a distressing slumber, and did not wake until the next morning.
Maggie woke up bright and early on Friday and decided it was time for her to go. She felt no reason to stay one more day and was anxious to get on with her life. Her head felt cloudy and she felt nervous and uneasy. All of the events that had transpired in the past week had drained her emotionally. Her mind was spinning like a ferris wheel at an amusement park and she couldn't shake it off. She decided that once she she was settled in her new place, she would look for a therapist to try to sort all of these things out. In the mean time, she needed something to calm her mind or she feared that she would not make the six hour drive to New York. She had heard her aunt mention in the past that she had a prescription for tranquilizers to calm her nerves. Maggie had never been into drugs or alcohol, but she really felt she needed something for the drive.
She took a quick shower and dressed in a pair of cozy sweats and a t shirt. The highs were only in the lower 60's, but this is how she felt most comfortable. She made a final inspection of her room and then quietly opened her door. Her aunt and uncle were still asleep and she didn't want to wake them. She scribbled a note saying goodbye and that she would call once she arrived. She grabbed a few bottles of water and was ready to leave when she noticed her aunts purse hanging on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. She made a fast dash to the purse and found what she was looking for; the bottle of tranquilizers.
She swallowed two of the pills then shoved the bottle into her own purse and went out the door. With one last look at her childhood home, she drove away.
She drove for about two hours before she decided to stop and take a break and stretch. The pills had made her feel so relaxed that two hours of driving had flown by like a flash.
She pulled into a gas station that also had a little cafe inside and thought maybe she should get something to eat. She stepped out of the car and her legs felt like jello and she had to steady herself for a few minutes before she took a step. She figured that the strange sensations that she was feeling were due to the pills. Once her legs came back to life, she went into the cafe and sat down at a booth by the window. She ordered a soda and a turkey club.
As she sat looking out the window, the name “Amanda” kept playing over and over again in her mind. She didn't know if she was doing this consciously or unconsciously, but it was there. Why couldn't she remember who this little girl was? She had been standing right next to her in the photo that she had found. She closed her eyes, and she could clearly see what Amanda looked like. She had long, stringy, dirty blonde hair and big, innocent green eyes. She had some sort of mole or maybe it was a birthmark by the outer corner of her left eye and she was wearing a light pink summer dress. Maggie also remembered that the girl was holding a battered looking blanket in one hand in the other; in the other hand was Maggie's hand. All of a sudden she remembered that her and Amanda were holding hands in the picture! Her heart raced a bit when she realized this and she was determined to find out how her and Amanda were linked.

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Kim T. (kimt6) - - 3/1/2007 12:50 PM ET
I NEED MORE....Hurry
IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 3/1/2007 4:45 PM ET
I want to read more too.
Kim T. (kimt6) - - 3/1/2007 11:11 PM ET
checking back to see if by some miracle you have more...I would totally buy this book!! Get it published!
Sheila J. (bigshirl55) - 3/7/2007 11:49 AM ET
I just found your story, read all of the 4 installments and cannot wait for the next! Sheila
Caroline T. (carcarbball) - 9/24/2009 12:57 PM ET
u should publish this!!
Comments 1 to 5 of 5