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The Eclectic Pen - I Remember You- Chapter 6

By: Heather M. (heather73)   + 8 more  
Date Submitted: 3/30/2007
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Words: 807

  Chapter 6:

Maggie followed Daniel in her car a few blocks up the road and they parked in front of an older looking two story brick apartment building. It had been kept up and was in rather good condition. There were dozens of trees in various places of the front yard, and bushes lined the walkway.
The first floor apartments all had screened in porches and the second floor all had wooden balconies. Maggie noticed on the side of the building was a park and what looked like a bike or walking trail that led into a blizzard of trees and shrubs.
They got out of their cars, Maggie holding Keeper, and started down the walkway. Daniel said, “You’re lucky. This apartment allows tenants to have pets. Your apartment is on the second floor, I really think you will like it.”
Maggie hoped so. She was exhausted. They started up the stairway. Their were eight apartments in all. The one Maggie was going to look at was the last one on the second floor.
They walked to the end of the hallway to apartment number eight.
Daniel opened the door and they entered the kitchen area. It was kind of small, but cozy. The floors were made of smooth, glistening white tile. Maggie noticed that there were plenty of white washed wood cabinets. There were two long countertops swirling with black and white marble and a shiny stainless steel sink. A simple chandelier hung from the ceiling in a little nook in the kitchen where a kitchen table would be set.
Next, they entered a spacious living room, with clear, sliding glass doors that led out to a balcony. The area was open and airy and it had plush beige carpeting. There was one small hallway that held a double door closet with a washer and dryer, a bathroom and a bedroom. They looked at the bathroom first. It had a wall to wall beveled mirror and a separate medicine chest. The floors were white with splashes of peach and there was a stand up shower with a frosted glass door.
They walked across the hall to the bedroom. It was roomy with a spacious walk-in closet. There were two side by side windows that gave a view of the park in the back.
Maggie thought it was perfect and was already throwing ideas back and forth in her head of how she would decorate. They walked back into the kitchen and Daniel leaned against the counter and said, “So, what do you think?” Maggie set Keeper down on the floor so that he could run around and stretch a little. “I love it, I really do. How much would the rent be?”
“The rent is eight hundred a month and you would have to give a two hundred dollar security deposit. Sound like a deal? It really is a bargain, especially in this neighborhood.”
Maggie thought to herself for a moment. That would leave her around two thousand dollars to furnish the apartment and to live on until she found a job. She thought she could make it work and would just have to hustle to find a good paying job.
“It’s a deal”.
“Great. Lets just do the paperwork real quick and you have yourself a great place to live.”
Maggie left Keeper in the apartment and followed Daniel back down to his car. She filled out the necessary paperwork, gave him a thousand dollars cash, and he gave her the keys and wished her good luck.
Wow, that was easy Maggie thought. She checked her watch. It was already close to 6 p.m. and the sun was starting to go down. She was too tired to start unpacking, but she needed a shower, some food, and had to get some things for Keeper. She dug through her boxes and found some clothes, and the things she needed for a shower. She also found a bowl that she could put some water in for Keeper.
She took everything she thought she would need and headed upstairs. She set all of her things down on the kitchen floor and filled the bowl with cold water. Keeper ran over to it and lapped it up and then went into the living room and curled up in a corner. Maggie felt so tired. She lay down on the soft living room carpet and stretched out. She felt like she could fall asleep in a matter of seconds. Keeper popped his head up and ran over to her and curled up next to her side. She closed her eyes.
If she could just rest for a moment, she thought. No bad dreams, no dreadful images. Just sleep.
And she did. She slept peacefully. And when she woke up, she felt relaxed and calm. She sat up and looked at her watch. It was ten o’clock p.m.

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Jan C. (jcro) - 3/31/2007 1:39 PM ET
Description of the building, neighborhood, kitchen, and apartment rooms is well written but you begin to loose my interest when you leave the kitchen because it is too long. Maybe you could work the rest in latter. Jan C.
IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 3/31/2007 5:14 PM ET
Kim T. (kimt6) - - 4/3/2007 12:29 AM ET
In each chapter not much happens.. I LOVE this story so far and can't wait to read more!! I keep waiting for something to happen..KEEP GOING
Comments 1 to 3 of 3