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The Eclectic Pen - I Remember You- Chapter 7

By: Heather M. (heather73)   + 8 more  
Date Submitted: 4/8/2007
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Words: 991

  Chapter 7:

Even though it was late. Maggie had to find somewhere to get something to eat and some puppy chow for Keeper. She figured her best bet was to ask a neighbor. It was after ten o'clock, but she thought that was her only choice.
She stepped outside and saw that most of the people in the apartment building already had their lights out. She walked two doors down and saw a small hint of light coming through the kitchen window.
She hesitated for a few seconds and then knocked on the door. When no one answered, she turned to walk back to her apartment. Just as she was about to go inside, a male voice yelled out at her. “ Hey, did you need something?”
She turned around and started towards him. The first thing she noticed was how tall and broad shouldered he was. As she got closer, she saw that he had raven black hair, and the brightest blue eyes, that reminded her of sparkling blue topaz. Just looking at him made her feel flushed and her heart was beginning to race. He was leaning against the doorway to his apartment when she finally got to him, just a few footsteps away.
In a gravely voice, he said, “My name is Caleb. And you are?”
“Im Maggie. I just moved in and, I hate to bother you, but could you tell me where the closest grocery store is?”
He gave her a brilliant smile and said, “ I can do better than that. I'll take you. Theres a twenty four hour food mart right up the road.”
“Thanks, but you dont have to come with me.”
“Your welcome. And I know I dont have to, but I want to. Let me just grab a jacket.”
He came back a few seconds later and said, “We can take my car. Do you need to get your purse or something?”
“Uh, yes. I will be right back.” She walked back to her apartment and grabbed her purse. She took a quick look in the mirror and brushed her hair and threw on some lip gloss. She was feeling nervous, so she popped two tranquilizers. She had never felt this way before after meeting someone. She had only had one or two boyfriends back home, and now, all of a sudden, she felt mesmerized by Caleb, her new neighbor.
She stepped back outside and Caleb was waiting by her door. She felt unusually comfortable with him and they walked silently down to the parking lot. They stopped at a black pick up truck and he held the passenger door open for her. She climbed in and they started up the road.
He said to her, “So where are you from Maggie?” he kept his eyes on the road as he spoke to her.
“Im from a little town in Pennsylvania.”
“What brought you here? Family? Friends?”
“Neither. She gave a little nervous chuckle. My family is back home. I just felt it was time to be on my own.”
He gave her a sideways grin and said, “Thats cool. Sounds like an adventure.” She smiled.
They pulled up to a corner where the food mart was. She got out of the truck and stood for a moment looking around. She noticed that the streets and sidewalks were close to empty, save for a few cars and some teenagers hanging out on the sidewalks.
She started inside the store and Caleb said to her, “ If you dont mind, Im going to stand out here and smoke a cigarette.”
“Okay, just dont leave without me.”
“Never,” and he gave her a flirtatious wink.
She went in the store and grabbed a basket and started down the first isle. They didnt have a great selection, but it would have to do for now. She found some snacks, got the usual bread, milk and butter, eggs and juice. Then she found the pet isle and was lucky enough to find a collar and leash. She picked up some puppy chow, treats and a few toys and a matching bowl set for food and water.
She walked up to the counter to pay for her things and noticed that Caleb was still outside talking to a girl that looked to be around her age. She finished paying and walked outside to where the two were standing. Caleb looked at her and said, “ This is my friend Sammy. Why dont the two of you get to know each other, and I will put the groceries in the truck.”
All Maggie could do was nod her head and hand her bags over to Caleb. Her eyes were paralyzed as she was looking at the girl. “Hey, Im Sammy. Whats your name?”
Maggie could barely get her name out. Sammy looked away and lit a cigarette. Maggie was still staring at her and noticed she was trembling inside. Sammy said, “Are you okay?”
Maggie nodded that she was fine. She couldnt decipher between reality and fantasy. The girl. Sammy; had long, stunning blond hair, and radiant green eyes. And then, she saw something that made her mind go into a complete frenzy. On the left corner of Sammys mouth, was a mole.
Maggie felt dizzy. She looked down at the sidewalk and she felt like she was on a roller coaster. She walked backwards until she hit the corner wall of the store and leaned against it. She felt like her legs could give out at any minute. She closed her eyes and tried taking some deep breaths to calm herself down. Every few seconds, she would her a chinking sound. She opened her eyes and saw where the sound was coming from. It was coming from Sammy. Every time she raised her arm up to take a drag of her cigarette Maggie could hear the sound. It was deafening. She looked at the girls wrist; and on it, was the very same charm bracelet that her mother had been wearing in the photo that she had found.

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Holley H. (bkwrmtchr) - 4/9/2007 2:33 AM ET
I'm a newbie here...found your story tonight...keep it coming! :)
IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 4/9/2007 4:57 PM ET
Kim T. (kimt6) - - 4/11/2007 11:47 PM ET
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**more!! I really want to turn the page and start the next chapter.
Diane P. (bookluva) - 4/15/2007 5:38 PM ET
Diane P. (bookluva) - 4/15/2007 6:23 PM ET
Sheila J. (bigshirl55) - 4/23/2007 5:19 PM ET
You are doing a great job spinning this story. I check all the time for the next installment. Can't wait to see how your story continues. Congratulations! Sheila
Kim T. (kimt6) - - 5/3/2007 10:58 PM ET
When is the next chapter???
Comments 1 to 7 of 7