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The Eclectic Pen - I Remember You (My Prologue and beginning of 1st Chapter)

By: Heather M. (heather73)   + 8 more  
Date Submitted: 2/9/2007
Last Updated: 2/9/2007
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense » Thrillers & Suspense
Words: 485

Christmas Eve. A night that 28 year old Maggie doesnt want to remember, but somehow every year, it creeps back into her mind. She was seven years old, and her little sister Amanda was only four..... “ Our father went out after dinner with his drinking buddies as usual. We helped mom clean up the kitchen and then we were off to bed. I woke up when I heard the front door slam around 1:30 a.m. I got up from my bed and crept over to my bedroom door to listen. Almost as soon as I put my ear to the door, I heard the shouting. It was mainly my father doing the shouting and swearing and my mother was doing the crying. Their was a quiet knock on my door from Amanda and I opened it slightly and told her to go back to bed that everything was going to be fine. A few minutes later I heard a loud crash, so I opened my door and tip-toed to the stairway to see if I could see what was going on. I could see my mother and father in the living room. The coffee table had been knocked over on its side and the lamp was laying on the floor. The Christmas tree lights were on and I could see the fear in my mothers eyes. She started yelling at him,. Telling him to leave and never come back. He punched her hard in the face and she flew back onto the couch. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. My father went into the kitchen and my mother was on the couch, crying and bleeding from her mouth. The next few moments went by in such a flash that it almost seemed like a dream. I watched as my father came back into the room. In one swift movement he pulled my mothers hair back and sliced the knife across her neck. He then moved towrds the stairway and with piercing dark eyes that looked like pure evil, he lifted the bloody knife and said, “Your next”. I ran as fast as I could back to my room and locked the door. For what seemed like hours, I sat hiding in my closet. Then, realizing that I hadnt heard any noise in awhile, I panicked; wondering if my sister was okay. I ran out of my room into the hallway; paralyzed with fear. My mother had been killed, my father was gone, and Amanda was no where to be found”......


It was Sunday, and for Maggie Morgan, that was a wonderful thing. She had been working so hard all week and was thankful for her one day off of rest and relaxation. She slept in, till about 10, then got up, took a shower, decided to go to the mall to do some shopping.

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Jim H. (Pecos45) - 2/9/2007 5:15 AM ET
Heather, it's a start...but a subject almost too ugly to read. I don't mind grisly mysteries but not sure I could handle this plot. Please don't let me discourage you. Write on if you know where you are going with this.
Claudia (BrokenWing) - 2/9/2007 9:13 AM ET
Chilling and emotional start to a story.
Cheryl P. (bookworm257) - 2/9/2007 6:20 PM ET
What a wonderful thriller this is starting out to be. Please don't keep me hanging for long. I do hope you plan to write more soon.
IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 2/9/2007 9:21 PM ET
I liked it.
Kim T. (kimt6) - - 3/1/2007 12:36 PM ET
Wow, you have me interested to read on!!!
Caroline T. (carcarbball) - 9/24/2009 12:36 PM ET
wow! amazing. i loveddd itt!!
Comments 1 to 6 of 6