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The Eclectic Pen - Do You Remember?

By: Don C. (churchboy)  
Date Submitted: 10/5/2009
Last Updated: 10/5/2009
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Family & Childhood
Words: 412

  Twenty five years ago we thought our lives were just beginning. We were Young. We were not worried about the future. Life was great. Do you remember?

But that was not really the beginning. The beginning was many years prior to that for you. Your family was torn apart by divorce. You were raised by grandparents who filled in for mother and father at times. Do you remember?

Have you ever wondered at the sequence of events? You went to high school like everyone else and had the same chance to make the same decisions as every one else. You could have married someone from your town. Why do you suppose that you didn't? Do you remember?

Why did you decide to go far away? Were you driven by some inner feeling that there was something out there you were reaching for? You could have gone into the army, or gone to college. Do you think there was someone who knew the road ahead and which paths to guide you down? Do you remember?

My beginning was in a completely different place. Somewhere that was little known. I had seen a little more of life than you had when you were born. Perhaps there was a guiding hand that knew what was best for both of us. The day that I left home was a summer day in 1960. You would have been probably enjoying the lake or maybe even fishing with your dad. On that day did you suddenly look around and feel a presence? Our lives were starting the journey that we are presently continuing on. Do you remember?

The past of course is history. What we are now to each other is not history. I still love you very much. In the times to come we will have many moments to remember. I will want you to remember that I love you.

The explanation for all this is simple. You know the answer and so do I. He has been with us all these years, helped us and guided us. He has given us beautiful friends. He has given us beautiful children. In wonderful moments such as this day, I am sure that He is watching and saying to you and I, "Do you remember"?

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 10/7/2009 4:15 AM ET
That seemed heartfelt to me. Thank you Don for sharing it with us.-Jesse
Tiffany H. - 10/7/2009 8:02 AM ET
I love it...keep them coming!
Comments 1 to 2 of 2