Book Reviews of Ruthless Game (Ghostwalker, Bk 9)

Ruthless Game (Ghostwalker, Bk 9)
Ruthless Game - Ghostwalker, Bk 9
Author: Christine Feehan
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780515149210
ISBN-10: 0515149217
Publication Date: 12/28/2010
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 210 ratings
Publisher: Jove Books
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I have been a bit fan of Christine Feehan for years, but for me something has been changing with her books for the past few that I have read. Beyond having to wait forever for the next book in a specific series to come out, I have found that the stories seem to have become stretched almost in order for there to be another one written. That and the main guy always almost instantly turns into a marshmallow once love enters the picture.
Ruthless Game felt like it was a "filler" type book for me. I am interested in seeing if the next book is Javier's story as she hinted there is something there between him and Rhee, but I don't know if I will continue this series if there isn't more "meat" next time. :0(
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Another great entry in Feehan's action paranormal series about the Ghostwalkers. This one centers on Kane, a member of Ghostwalker Team 3 [urban combat specialists based in San Francisco] whose story started in the last book, Street Game.

I really like the concept behind Team 3 - they are a self-made family who found each other as kids on the streets who had some psychic powers. Whitney [the brilliant but evil mastermind behind the GhostWalkers] enhanced them even further but they are still family.

Rose has never known a family. She was bought from an orphanage by Whitney, enhanced, raised as a soldier at the same time he was destroying her self esteem, and thrown into a 'breeding program' against her will - which is where she met Kane, the soldier selected to 'breed' her. [This occurs in book 5, Deadly Game.] Kane 'outs' the breeding program and helps her [and others] escape.

Switch to book 9, eight months later. Team 3 has been sent in to perform a hostage rescue based on information provided by an unknown informant. Kane is ordered to check out the informant - who turns out to be Rose. He has been desperately seeking Rose since they parted, sure she was pregnant with his baby. He wants the baby and even more, he wants her. He wants the chance to court her, to have her CHOOSE him, for them to be together, for them to be part of his family...

There's a lot of sizzle in the book but not much sex - Rose is either VERY pregnant, delivering, or recovering from the birth of the baby [followed by him recovering from very serious wounds] through much of the book. But they spend a lot of time thinking and talking about it...

There's a lot of action. First in the hostage rescue where they are cut off and have to escape on their own, and then as the two of them are escaping two sets of bad guys [Whitney's troops and drug cartel members] - new born baby in tow. Plus an attempted snatch and an attempted hit in San Francisco which help Rose understand what it means to be part of a team, even more, what it means to be part of a family...

It has a great 'happily ever after' and some great 'tease' information for future books: Hot chemistry between Javier and Rhiannon, super babies...

Could it be read as a stand-alone? Yes. Do I recommend it? No, you'll miss a lot of the 'family' nuances and characters. The books directly involved in this storyline are 5, 8 and 9... But I recommend reading them all in order. Yes, really.

1. Shadow Game
2. Mind Game
3. Night Game
4. Conspiracy Game
5. Deadly Game
6. Predatory Game
7. Murder Game
8. Street Game
9. Ruthless Game
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"Ruthless Game" is the 9th book in Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker series. This story features Kane, a member of the 3rd Ghostwalker unit the San Francisco-based unit. Ruthless Game has strong character development with a group of strong secondary characters some who were lead characters in previous books.

While the first part of the books focus on Rose and Kane, the latter section incorporates the other members of Team three, showcasing how they operate not only as an elite tactical team with unique psychic abilities but as a family unit. I loved the way she incorporated the baby in the story. Seeing all the infants and learning their names were a wonderful glimpse of the future of super soldiers. Of special interest was learning how all the teams are banding together in various locales to network with each other and create a safe community for themselves and their growing families.

I agree with Sandy H. when she said "for me something has been changing with her books for the past few that I have read." I keep reading them hoping to get the spark back in the books. Maybe they are just rehashing the same old same old.
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I enjoyed this book in the series immensely. The emotions seemed more real-life and believable. The action explosive. I just reread the whole series before reading this one and even after being immersed in this line of stories, I enjoyed this one more than some of the others that just seemed same old same old. Was nice to read how they depended on each other as a family and team and how that team worked towards a goal.
Sorry I can't explain it better :)
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Yet another excellent storyline by Christine Feehan. Each Ghostwalker has had their own story and this one is all about Kane and Rose. Very well written and keeps you on edge wondering what will happen next. An excellent read.
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was a great book
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I really enjoyed this book, it was one of the best ones to come out in this series lately. The Hero Kane, wasn't a ham-fisted do-it-my-way or else guy. The story moved at a good pace and I couldn't wait to see how it ended. I am looking forward to the next book.
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I always enjoy the ghostwalker books and cannot wait to get the next one coming out!
Big Christine Feehan FAN
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I have waited a long time for Kane and Rose's story. I like their interaction and playfulness. The story was interesting. Kane is a total sweet-heart and very understanding. From Mac and Jaime's story, I thought Kane would actually be darker but he was pretty much heart and sunshine in this book. I think in that sense I was slightly disappointed. I would have liked there to be a little more conflict between Rose and Kane.

I liked all the ways they have to defeat the multiple factions looking for Rose and the baby. Although it doesn't move the main plot along.

I do wonder how this series will play out because she has introduced a team four plus the group of sons from the other teams. It makes me wonder if Whitney will continue to be the baddie or will Feehan introduce other ones as the series progresses.
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After waiting for what seemed like forever Christine Feehan finally told Rose and Kane's story and it was everything I could hope for in romance novel. Kane was alpha to his core and Rose was strong but sweet. The perfect combination of can save herself but won't turn down a little help from the super sexy man in her life.

I did feel like the actual conflict left a little to be desired. This book didn't moved the series along any but I am happy to know that Rose and Kane finally got their happily ever after.
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I have enjoyed all of her books. The first book of hers that I read was the first in the Ghostwalker series.
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Great story. Worth the read
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Totally awesome! Lots of action and some new characters introduced w/their psychic talents. Can't wait for the next in series! IMHO this is her best series!!!!
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Same old, same old. Ghostwalker finds his mate and then it's sex sex sex--even with the new baby. The story line needs filling out, more interplay with the other members of the team, without just a "jealous rage" taking over the husband. More story about Whitney and how close or far they are to finding him. He's sort fallen into the back ground and nothing is really done each book to find his organization or bases. Sure they kill each of the rejects Whitney sends to them. If he has "built" the good ones, wouldn't they be more? Find another group of "good enhanced soldiers" who is just realizing what is going on and expand the group or a splinter cell? Could be more contact among the women and children among the group. Not just with the men acting as the "men of the jungle" routine. I love Christine Feehan and look for her books all the time, but it's a very quick read and like to end feeling as the story is expanding better.
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loved it, read it in one night