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By: Mark P. (mobilemark) -  
Date Submitted: 1/25/2010
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Travelers & Explorers
Words: 732


Mark had some wonderful friends who used to live in Los Angeles, but they moved to
Charlotte, North Carolina one of his friends was Phyllis, her brother Mike (Bowling) and her family
This included her dog Georgie, daughter Vicki and her two daughters, Melike, Reya,
And her son Osmont (who was nicknamed OC)

Last time Mark was in Charlotte, Mark asked Osmont if he could be his adopted
Uncle, Osmont said that would be cool

Now it was getting close to Osmonts 13th birthday,
So Mark, along with Phyllis and Osmont, and OC’s Mom, Vicki

Had come up with a big surprise for Osmont

That for Mark to treat Osmont t to take a charter jet from Charlotte to Louisville
To visit his Uncle Mike (and marks friend)
It was very hard to keep this surprise from Osmont

Since of course he knew something was up

So a week before the big day, Mark flew back to Charlotte (on the pretense of just visiting for a week

Mark and OC had a Great time they went bowling which was one of their favorite
Things to do, as was swimming, OC love to splash mark in their pool

Mark told OC that he had some business to take care of the next day and wouldn’t have time to see him the next day, OC face fell with disappointment

The next day, Vicki and OC and his sister see this big Limousine pull to their house

The driver gets out rings their door bell
I’m here to pick up a Master Osmont Diremouz at this address

“That’s me yelled,” OC

Oh Kay I’m told have to blind folds you for the Ride sir

OC said okay wondering why...
The driver guided OC into his Limo
OC, could hear his sisters and Vicki giggling cause they knew what was up

“Where are we going Inquired OC?

I cant tell you sir I was ordered not to tell you

They drove around Charlotte (so OC wouldn’t figure out the true destination

For a while...

But Eventually the Limo headed for the airport

I hear airplanes said OC

The driver pulled up to the executive terminal

Mark was waiting inside the terminal along

With Phyllis. Vick and OC sisters, (who of course had gotten there ahead of him)
OC you are going on a private jet to see Uncle Mike
With Mark

WOW! Shouted OC

Just then the Pilot arrived and said I’m Captain Jack

I believe you are my passengers?

That’s right Mark answered, it’s just myself and my friend Osmont

Okay got any bags sir? Captain jack asked

OC looked at his Mom (she told them the co-pilot already put them aboard
(Remember they had gotten there ahead of OC)
Then the trio (Mark, OC and Captain Jack headed for their airplane

It was a Gulf Stream excretive jet which could hold up to 10 people
OC said Mark I’m glad you are coming with me I get scared some times
Mark said I know that’s why I arrange this trip for us
I sort get scared myself sometimes but I look as it an adventure

So soon Mark and OC were soon on board the plane

Soon the pilot got clearance to take off

Roger Charlotte; Jet stream 10 rolling said the pilot talking to the controllers
In the tower

So they took off into the wild blue yonder

This plane also had one flight steward who asked OC and Mark if they wanted anything
Yes diet coke for both us

OC was very happy

Before long the Pilot called them up to the cockpit and
Told them they are approach Louisville and would OC like talk to the tower on the radio
OC said sure
OC got on the radio ‘what do I say
“Jet stream request landing instructions said the co-pilot griming seeing

OC got on the mike and stutter just a little bit –Jetsteeam 10 –request landing instructions please
“Roger Jetstreem you are cleared to land
After landing contact ground control
“Roger said OC

“Good Job OC! Said the captain you can have my job
No said I rather not replied OC I’m afraid I would say the wrong thing

So they landed and taxi to the terminal
Where Mike was waiting

Thanks for flying with us! Said the co-pilot

Mike meets them at the gate
Mike said Teddy is waiting in the car for us
‘(Teddy being OC other uncle (and Vicks brother)

Thanks Mark I had great time thanks for planning this trip for me

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