Book Reviews of Sacrament (Regency Vampire Novels)

Sacrament (Regency Vampire Novels)
Sacrament - Regency Vampire Novels
Author: Susan Squires
ISBN-13: 9780505524720
ISBN-10: 0505524724
Publication Date: 3/2002
Pages: 357
  • Currently 3.4/5 Stars.

3.4 stars, based on 70 ratings
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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A rare gem...fascinating and unique
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One of the most action packed romance novels I ever read Really good book
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Very dark book, but fast paced and action packed reading. One human female was scarier than th evampires!!!!
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Oh, Sacrament. Sacrament, Sacrament, Sacrament. I'd heard such good things about you before I finally read you, and I seriously feel let down, in more ways than just one.

This book had an identity crisis almost from page one. What kind of book is Sacrament? Who knows? Frankly, who cares? As a whole, this book had such potential, and all of it was squandered mercilessly.

The first part of the book introduces the motley crew of characters and sends Sarah Ashton, a supposedly independent and self-sufficient woman who in fact had all the appeal and personality of vegetable peelings, on a wild goose chase, trying to find some proof that she owns Clershing, her family home, and can thus successful defend her claim against that of her creepy neighbor, Julien Davinoff. We also meet Sarah's psychotic friend Corinna, who is completely unlikeable and plainly has Sarah wrapped around her little finger, a fact that is pretty much an instant turnoff for me in any book whatsoever.

So Sarah finds out what happened to the deed (sorry to ruin that for you) and through a series of banal but painfully detailed social functions, manages to not only repeatedly run into Davinoff but also to watch Evil Corinna become completely obsessed with him. Sarah wears a dress with a waist! Her boring pseudo-suitor George babbles about blood! Corinna finally goes off the deep end and kidnaps Davinoff and almost kills him! Then we find out that the alleged reason why Sarah puts up with Corinna's nonsense is because back in the day, Corinna convinced Sarah to lose her virginity to some strange underage boy while they were all under the influence of magic mushrooms. It was a creepy interlude that did nothing for the characters, ground the plot to a standstill, and left me feeling like I wanted to get my tongue scraped.

Once Sarah finally (of course) rescues Davinoff, she carts him off to yet another English countryside locale and helps him kick the drugs Corinna had him on. She finds out he's a vampire but doesn't seem to care. Immediately after that Davinoff tries to bail on her because converting people to vampires is wrong; never mind that he's done it twice already. Sarah traverses Europe to finally track him down and convince him of her true feelings; at this point I had covered so much of the book that, no matter how much I wanted to bury the book out in the yard, I made myself finish it.

Sacrament was easily the most disappointing book I've read in a long time. I kept reading, page after page, chapter after chapter, hoping the book would get better, but it never came close. The silver lining to all of this: it was a library book, so at least I didn't spend money on it!

Overall Grade: F
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great book. quick read.
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It began in Sienna, with an ilict kiss stolen under a hot Mediterranean sun. It made the blod sing in her veins, burn in her body in ways-in places-that she had never felt before. It was pulsing need to be someone else;to be something else...something she didn't yet understand.
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One of the Companion vampire series. Davinoff is feared by the ton and by Sarah...but when Sarah's old friend Corina kidnaps and tortures him, Sarah feels honor bound to rescue him. Sneaking him into a unoccupied property, she cares for his wounds and discovers the secret of what he is. It is an unsettling discovery. Squires does not cringe from describing the aberrant.
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I thought this was an interesting twist on both the vampire story and the regency story. The characters were likable and believable. Her writing is thorough but lengthy. I wouldn't say I was riveted but I did enjoy it. There were a few times I wanted to skip parts but overall I would recommend this book. I'll probably get a few of her other books.
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Really a different twist on a romance novel/ vampire book. It was good but not one I couldn't put down.
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Absolutely the best vampire novels I've read. She's also written The Companion, The Hunger, and several others. Her novels are indeed dark, more than a little depressing, but the richness of description, the emotions of the characters, it is amazing. The way she writes her novels seems makes it seem possible for someone to have stumbled across a vampire. Her characters are also loosely connected, but stand alone enough to enjoy all the Regency Vampire books equally. My favorite vamp author.