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List created by Gregory D. (georgiaterrapin) on Sep 9, 2019
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Gregory D. (georgiaterrapin)
Let's go sailing by Peter Isler
Let's Go Sailing is not just another how-to-sail book. This text was written especially for the person who wants to begin sailing in a small boat, learning each step the right way, and in the process build the skills and confidence that will serve as the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment....  more

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Gregory D. (georgiaterrapin)
The Handbook of Sailing by Bob Bond
Newly updated and now in paperback, this backlist classic contains 2,000 diagrams and photos enabling you to visualize every sailing procedure and maneuver; reflects the latest word on procedures, techniques, and equipment. 48 pages of full-color photos.

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Gregory D. (georgiaterrapin)
Essential Sailing: A Beginner's Guide by Roger Marshall
In this essential introductory guide, noted sailing designer and author Roger Marshall acquaints the beginner with all of the basics-the language of sailing, the equipment choices involved, the safety precautions-needed to get out on the water. He also provides further instruction on "the rules...  more

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