Book Reviews of Seduce Me At Sunrise (Hathaways, Bk 2)

Seduce Me At Sunrise (Hathaways, Bk 2)
Seduce Me At Sunrise - Hathaways, Bk 2
Author: Lisa Kleypas
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ISBN-13: 9780312949815
ISBN-10: 0312949812
Publication Date: 9/30/2008
Pages: 378
Edition: First Edition
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 583 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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((swoon)) You aren't getting this one away from me, ladies. Sorry!

I don't like sullen, brooding heroes. I don't care for mysterious gypsies. I deplore ill, fragile maidens. Well, color me red - looks like I've been lying to myself, because I fell hard for these two. Our massive, dark gypsy with the haunted past isn't cursed with cruelty (as is so often personified), and our fragile heroine has incredible strength of character without losing even a smidgen of her femininity. Who knew fire & water could mix so well???

The chemistry between Merripen and Win is intense and I found myself blushing in a few of these chapters. Believe me, it takes a LOT to make this gal call for the hartshorn & a glass of ice water. ;)

But, what really, really worked well was the continuous interaction of the principal characters with the rest of the family. The first in this series, "Mine Till Midnight," featured the eldest Hathaway sister, Amelia, and her ensuing romance with future husband, Cam Rohan. In most series, characters from previous stories do pop up ... but quite often to just sweep into the parlor to chat for a page or two, have the servants appear with their adorable children, then whisk out the door never to be heard from again until the wedding in the final chapter.

Not here.

Amelia and Cam not only appear throughout the book, they play integral roles. It's wonderful just how well this works to truly draw you into the tales! Although Merripen and Win's story certainly stands well alone, I've just re-ordered the first book and look forward to reading both of these again, straight through. I hope the author continues in the same method and eventually weaves the families' stories into a marvelously appealing tapestry. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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Book 2 in the Hathaway series, and actually quite good. The hero is almost a little too angsty, but very hunky & hot. Great secondary characters too. I especially loved the interplay between Leo and the governess, Miss Marks. Hysterical stuff there:P Great ending. Highly recommended.
Grade: A
Sensuality Rating: R
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Helpful Score: 6
5* 1-nighter! =)

The Hathaway family is right up there with Mary Balogh's Bedwyn family, Johanna Lindsey's Mallory series, and Julia Quinn's Bridgerton family!!

Cheers! =)
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Very good! After reading Mine Til Midnight I was anxious to read Win & Kev's story and I wasn't disappointed. I have to say, when Kev finally makes his move...its one of the most romantic scenes I've read in a while!
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Somehow along the way I discovered Lisa Kleypas (historical romance is not my typical read) and have enjoyed each and every one of her books. This book is disappointing to me, maybe because I have high expectations now. This story did not seem to have the usual Kleypas level of detail, character building or setting. I did not get drawn into the story or the people and didn't really care about them. Also one of the plot lines ends so abruptly I wonder if it will show up at a later date. It's not a bad story, just not her usual excellence. If you would like to read a fabulous, hot and sexy, emotional and totally satisfying historical romance, I would suggest you read Lisa Kleypas' "Suddenly You". Superb!
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This book was nice. I liked it much better than the next in the series. there was chemistry with the hero / heroine. It was a story of love that seemed quite intense compared to others in this series. I loved reading it and feeling how much the hero and heroine belonged together. This book tied up some loose ends, and brought light to some information from previous books, so I would read them in order.
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This is the next book after mine til midnight. Very good. I couldn't put it down. All of the wallflower books are good. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the other wallflower books.
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This book is hot. While Mine Til Midnight (the first book in this series) was a fantastic introduction to this series and the family, this book takes it to the next level. The backstory, the social and psychological impediments to their relationship, then finally Win and Merripen's union was engrossing. Such an emotional story about two people who were so intriguing in the first book, brought to life in Seduce Me at Sunrise. This book has the best "introduction to sex" scene(s) I've ever read. Lisa Kleypas always writes great love scenes, somehow these are just hotter than most.

On top of all the merits of the Win/Kev storyline, we also get a LOT of Cam and Amelia. It is an extension of their story as well, you feel like you get a novella delivered along with the other book.

A favorite Kleypas novel (or historical romance in general). I've read it over and over.
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This is the sequel to Mine Til Midnight about the Hathaway family. However, you don't have to read the first book to enjoy this one, but if you did, you'll like to see what's going on with the Hathaways. This is the story of how Win and Kev finally get together and it's another steamy, hot read that's hard to put down. Lisa Kleypas is the queen of the romances if you like them steamy. I really enjoyed reading this book.
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I was slightly disappointed in this book. I really adored Merripen in the other books but here he was such a brooding idiot that I had a hard time not skimming through his parts. I really think Win went too easy on him with his back and forth attitude. He was so emotionally weak it was very frustrating.

But 3/4 into the book it picks up. I could have done without Dr. Harrow's speech about why he was so much better than Merripan when they had the manyly man talk. You also finally get to know the paternal history of Cam and Merippan.

Surprisingly I thought there was too much sex in the book. I usually don't mind it but it was all lump together so you are reading two consecutive love scenes at a time and they weren't really that inspirationally written if you catch my meaning. They were okay but for some reason not particularly sexy or fun.

I loved the family interaction and the teaser for Leo's story with Marks (that is a fun book).

Easy, quick read. Good if you are into the series but don't start with this book.
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I'm giving this book four stars has a three star premise, but a five star execution that left me pleasently surprised. Like many modern women, I'm not a fan of sickly swooning heroines. Nor surly, brooding, brutish heroes. This book is about a sickly woman who overcomes her physical issues and returns home healthy and ready to throw her heart on the line for the guy she's been in love with her whole life. The man in question is indeed brutish and caustic most of the time, and pushes her away for her own good because he doesnt trust her new found good health. I only went ahead with this because I'm a Lisa Kleypas fan, and I loved Mine'Til Midnight.

My pre-judgement was wrong, for the most part. Win is not all that weak or wilting--in fact she displays a strength of character that seriously suprised me. Now Merripen is about as irritatingly brooding as the first book lead me to suspect, and yes that detracted from the romance a bit. But, again to my suprise, he also has a wealth of tenderness under the surface. Also, once his past is explained in more detail we understand why he is as he is. Overall, Kleypas did an excellent job of developing both characters. The effect is a fairly engaging romance. As a bonus, the other Hathaways are very much present in this book in a way thats essential to the plot. So if you're a fan of series continuity and recurring characters, that should be a big plus. Another big possitive was learning more little details of the gypsy culture--it's fascinating and well put together.

I think the complaints that I have which cost this book a star are pretty trivial, but they are there nonetheless. First, without spoiling too much, I'm disapointed that the author chose to introduce an outright villain into the plot where a conflict of emotions would have served just as well. I feel that villains only belong if they are well developed, their motivations explained, their personality given some depth. This one came close actually, but wasn't quite there. I also have to mention that Win's complete and miraculous recovery had me suspending so much belief I felt a bit pulled out of the story. I know it may sound cold, but people who are that bad off in a time when medicine is so limited do not end up it absolute perfect health with no limitations on their activity at all. I felt like the author chickened out in just making everything 100% OK. Just my impression.

Overall, I strongly recommend the Hathaway books and Lisa Kleypas' work in general. Romance fans won't be let down.
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I really enjoyed this series. This was excellent in history, family disfunctions and how they can be enjoyed and overcome. Strong women who are really fun to read about. Lots of good stories in a story and you will come to love this family and rooting for them. A must read series.
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The Hathaways are a very entertaining family, and each installment into their lives promises to be filled with humor and a small amount of intrigue. I enjoy watching Lisa Klepypas bring in charcters from past books and trying to guess which ones will be next.

This book involved Winn and my favorite Merripen. In the previous book she hinted at his mysterious past and in this one all of it is revealed. Including the connection to Cam who is another of my favorites. That is the main reason I read the book. However there are other reasons such as Betrix's animals or Winn and her love triangle between the good doctor and Merripen.
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I really enjoyed this book. Def keep me reading and was never dull.
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shes one of my newest favorites- i just cant get enough. her books are always passionate and they reel you in from the first page.
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Enjoyed this fast paced book.
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Though this book was fully enjoyable I felt it was slightly more predictable than I find most romance novels to be. I'm more one for the man going for the girl BUT good for Win for going after what she wanted. I was so worried at parts I had to turn the page and keep reading!
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I love this author and I love this series. Great book.
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Gypsy Kev Merripen has loved Winnifred Hathaway since her family rescued him from the streets when he was a boy. Sickness leaves Win in frail health, the family decides to send her to France to recuperate. When Win returns to England, she has decided that Kev does not love her since she has given him chance after chance to tell her his feelings. Kev believes he is not good enough for Win, but hates the thought of her in the arms of another man. When she decides to get on with her life, Kev knows he must make his move or risk losing her.

This is the second book in the Hathaway series. The chemistry between Kev and Win is substantial. Win may be in frail health, but she is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants. I wanted to shake Kev each time he would start with the "I'm not good enough..." rant.

I loved the secondary characters and was thrilled to see the author set up the next book for Leo and his sister's nanny/companion. Can't wait to read it. My rating: 4.5 Stars.
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Great story
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I loved the prequel to this book, so I ordered this one right away. I really like the Gypsy characters and storyline in this book, as well as the other characters. Win was a little wimpy for me, but shows her stronger side later on in the book. Also has a couple mystery-type elements as well.
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good book
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This is a really well written book. The story is wonderful and very fun. You get lost in the story and won't put it down until the end.
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I really enjoy this series!
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Fantastic book. I have been fascinated by Kev since I read Mine Till Midnight. His protectiveness toward the Hathaway family, his closeness to them, yet the distance he also exhibits was intriguing. It was also obvious at that point that he is very much in love with Win. This book opens with the story of how Kev came to live with the Hathaway family. I ached for him and what he had been through. I loved his introduction into the Hathaway family, his bewilderment at the kindness they showed him, and his immediate connection with Win.

Kev is a man tortured by the demons of his past. The things he did before living with the Hathaways have him convinced that he is no good for Win. However, that does not stop him from doing everything possible to keep her safe. The scene when she was sick with scarlet fever was intense and heartbreaking, as Kev was determined to save her or die himself. His protectiveness after her illness showed the depth of his feelings, and his loneliness after she left for France drove him further inside himself. The work that he buried himself in was all that kept him going.

Win is sweet and gentle, but she also has a spine of steel. She has been in love with Kev ever since he joined the family, but she can't get him to admit his feelings. Tired of being ill all the time, and knowing that, if she wants Kev she needs to be healthy, Win went to France to a special clinic. I loved her triumphant return and determination to live life to the fullest. Part of that is to finally get Kev to admit his feelings.

The development of the relationship between Kev and Win was intense and frequently frustrating. There was no doubt about the depth of their feelings. Win loved Kev and made no secret of that fact. I loved watching her try to push him into admitting his feelings for her. She tempted him beyond all reason, but every time he would seem to give in, he would then pull right back. I ached for Kev, who was terrified that in the intensity of his feelings for her, he would somehow cause her harm. I wanted to shake him after the scene at the ball, as he all but pushed her into Julian's arms. His misery was well-earned, and his way of dealing with it was highly unusual for him. I had to laugh at the irony of it being Leo who came to get him. My heart also broke for Leo as he shared the importance of accepting love when it's offered because you never know what will happen. I loved what Kev did with that information. His big moment was romantic, intense, tender, and so very hot. For Win, it was everything she could have hoped for. I loved how she got him to tell her all about his past, and the freeing effect it had on him. It's not all unicorns and roses though, as Julian doesn't fade quietly into the background. Besides attempting to drive a wedge between Kev and Win, his further actions against Kev go awry, and tragedy is only averted thanks to a ruthless Win.

Along with the romance of Kev and Win, there is plenty to see of the other Hathaways. Cam and Amelia are blissfully happy in their marriage. Amelia is still mother-henning the whole family, though with a slightly lighter touch. Poppy and Beatrix have accepted their need for help to navigate the Season, and the addition of Miss Marks to the household is just what they need. I liked the new and improved Leo, who after two years away from the vices of London, is fast becoming an admirable man, though there are times he seems to fight it just a little. His interactions with Miss Marks are hilarious.

I also loved learning more about the connection between Cam and Kev. From their first meeting in the previous book, there was first antagonism, then grudging respect. The discovery of their matching tattoos increases the mystery. Cam is determined to find out about his past, while Kev wants to put his behind him. I loved their interactions in this book, as Cam seems to take great satisfaction in tweaking Kev's temper. I was not entirely surprised by the information that Cam and Kev discovered at the gypsy camp. It was interesting to see the different reactions that Cam and Kev each had. Cam's renewed determination to find out the details bore fruit at the end of the book. The scene at the camp, as Kev struggled to save Cam's life, and then they listened to what the gypsy leader had to say, was so intense I was on the edge of my seat. Even more amazing was the visitor that Cam and Kev received a few days later. I had to laugh at Cam and Kev's reactions and that of their very obnoxious visitor. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of London sitting rooms when that news got out. The epilogue was terrific, especially Kev's reaction to Win's labor.
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From the back cover

Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins-and he fears that the darkness of his past could crush delicate, luminous Win. So Kev refuses to submit to temptationand before long Win is torn from him by a devastating twist of fate.

Then, Win returns to Englandonly to find that Kev has hardened into a man who will deny love at all costs. Meantime, an attractive, seductive suitor has set his sights on Win. Its now or never for Kev to make his move. But first, he must confront a dangerous secret about his destiny-or risk losing the only woman he has ever lived for
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Not as good as book 1. I really was not a fan of Merripen at all.
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i love this series!
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Loved the book. I never really was much for historical romances, but this author has changed my mind. I had read the first in the series and enjoyed it so I figured I'd order the rest of the series to have some fun reading material while I was recuperating for a few weeks from surgery. The series turned out to be great fun and I really loved the characters.
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This whole series was GREAT!
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Love the Hathaways...when my sister finishes the series I will repost them.
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I have always enjoyed reading Lisa Kleypas's books and this one was no exception. It held my attention throughout the book. I recommend reading the Hathaway series.