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The Eclectic Pen - Serenity

By: Cordy B. (Equus)  
Date Submitted: 2/7/2007
Genre: Romance » General
Words: 529

  The world spins, the sun moves in its orbit across the sky, the clouds, white and fluffy float through the sky like lazy birds. Somewhere in a building nestled in the heart of Missouri, I sit waiting. Yet in this quite place my emotions are ripping me this way and that. I canít tell top from bottom. The world flips upside down as my heart does cartwheels. My emotions are so hard to describe, yet I know every person has felt the same way before. I can feel the hair stand up on my entire body; my skin becomes so sensitive to the air movements around it. My body has becomes alert to the movement in the outside world. I feel as if my heart will explode. I take a small shuttering breath and then I close my eyes and relax.
Everything is serene. The world is at peace. I am in the middle of the woods on a sunny, warm summer day. All the plants are green, the flowers are in bloom, the world is full of color and beauty. The light, cool breeze dances on my skin and makes the grass and leaves sway with a gentle swishing sound. The sun is peaking through the trees in patches, leaving dappled spots on the ground. The sun warms and flirts with my skin ever so slightly. The grass tickles my legs and the damp ground is soft, cool and welcoming beneath my bare feet.
The birds are chirping, the world is full of movement and life. Everything is in motion, little squirrels bounding about through the trees merrily, and grass swaying in the field beyond the wood, the occasional deer meanders across the path. I can smell the sweet and tangy aroma of flowers. The damp smell of earth is strong, potent and almost harsh, yet it adds a nice balance to the flowers as the smells mingle and linger in the warm dry air. There is a pine tree near by, adding a fresh clean scent, completing the relaxing smell of the woods.
The sound of running water completes the beat, the calm and soothing speech of the woods. It complements the birdís song, and adds tempo to the movements of the animals and plants. I never want to leave this place; I wish I could visit here more often. The trips are short and sweet leaving me longing for more. There is always a different feeling to the trip before I get here, yet if I am lucky, this scenery never changes.
I begin to come back to earth. When I come back into my body, my mind is clearer and my heart beat is gradually slowing down to its normal pace. My skin has become a slightly less sensitive and my muscles have completely relaxed. As I silently whisper a mental good bye to this beautiful place, I am aware that I will return. I open my eyes, take a slow breath, then begin to take in the world around me, even with all its imperfections and uncertainties I smile to myself as I realize, he is an amazingly good kisser.

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