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Topic: Series romances

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Subject: Series romances
Date Posted: 6/29/2007 6:44 PM ET
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OK, I used to read these a lot then got sorta burned out on them since some seemed to have the same plot, etc. Now that I'm reading 'bigger books' although not with as as much emotional depth as some I've seen discussed on here, I'm finding that these smaller silhouette and harlequin type books are a nice read (of course except for a few duds here and there and some with stupid stuff IMO!) but Nora Roberts wrote some really good books for IM and Merline Lovelace's code name:danger series and just got some of Mann's wingman warriors and the occasional 'oddball' where it's the only one by that author that I've liked and for different reasons. I've gotten several 'love and laughter' and 'flipside' and 'love inspired' and duets  and 'loveswept' off the book bazaar that I've really enjoyed and laughed throughout or  enjoyed because of the continuation into another book or just for the 'alpha male' or whatever.

I think it'd be fun to list some of our faves maybe or say the series like Brockman's seal stories for IM.

ok, here are some of mine and I'll add more later as I think of them!

Merline Lovelace : code name: danger for IM (lover undercover, perfect double, night of the jaguar,cowboy and the cossack -  at least 4 in the 'original' stories then at least 2-3 more were added a few years later.

Elizabeth Lowell  - warrior, outlaw (think there were 2 others with this series but these are my 2 faves and the 3rd book was never written per her website) Silhouette desire and republished also. these are Tennessee and Nevada's stories (Utah never got written bummer)

Victoria Leigh - 'night of the hawk' and 'blackthorne's woman' = loveswept related books though can be read independently no problem

kidnapped - kate carlton - liked this one think IM?

Private Lies - Wendy Etherington - harlequin temptation. neat story!

Judy Christenberry - in papa bear's bed - american romance- really liked this story but like most of her stories

Judy Christenberry - Randall brothers - there were 4 originally and those are my faves

Nora Roberts - MacKade brothers (republished), Stars of Minthra series(3 books), O'Hurleys (awesome stories! the last honest woman, dance to the piper, skin deep?, and without a trace (o hurley triplets plus the brother, trace))

Sherryl Woods - rose cottage sisters (SE) three down the aisle, what's cooking, the laws of attraction, for the love of pete-about 4 sisters.

Sarah's choice - karen young - silhouette - nice story but older book

The man at la valaise - Mary Wibberley older harlequin but liked the story a lot

Hostage to Dishonour - Jessica Steele - ok older harlequin and man very controlling but it was an early read for me and I still like it...

Mason's Ridge-can't think of author but an early harlequin for me and nice story

Cinderella and the Spy - Sally Tyler Hayes - IM - nice story. seems like should be part of series but if it is I don't know the others...

Too Many Brothers - Roz Denny  Fox(think American Romance) wish all the brothers had their own story! this is about the sister

The Bodyguard's Assignment- Amanda Stevens - intrigue - part of the Texas Confidential series

Suzanne Brockmann - seal series for IM -wish she'd reprint all of these and not leave out the last 3 or so because really hard to find

Linda Howard's Mackenzies- can't believe I forgot these but the first 2 I read were republished in a single large book so didn't associate it with the IMs - Mackenzie's Mountain, Mackenzie's Mission, Mackenzie's Pleasure, Mackenzie's Magic(in a Christmas anthology) and Game of Chance.

 Rhonda Nelson - Blaze - men out of uniform-the player, the specialist, the maverick . really liked 'the specialist' best but all tied together and were good reads and of course a bit spicier since they're in the Blaze line of books.

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Date Posted: 6/29/2007 8:46 PM ET
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I like Fiona Brand's books..not sure if it is considered a series but she wrote one book for each member of an SAS unit and the guys make appearances in each book (Cullen's Bride, Heart of Midnight, Blade's Lady, Marrying McCabe, Gabriel West : Still the One [my fave but all are good] and High Stakes Bride [my least fave].  Guys are intense but not obnoxious and there is humor as well as romance

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Date Posted: 6/29/2007 9:37 PM ET
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Thanks Carole! I'll check into those. I didn't make it clear in the original post but by 'series' I mean those harlequin/silhouette/loveswept type romances , not necessarily more than one book type series though some are, and I think these you mentiioned are IM. A lot of times they're really hard to move off the shelves and get sorta 'overlooked' as not being all that great but I've found some really good ones that I reach for quite a bit because they're easy to read and a good story. Perfect size for putting in the purse too! (and glove compartment...)

ETA: Caught in the Act - Janis Reams Hudson -loveswept- nice story I read a while backand recently ordered here

Captain Wonder - loveswept- the first loveswept I bought and read for myself! can't remember the author but liked the story

Zach's Law - Kay Hooper - loveswept -how could I forget one of my alltime faves?! there are others in this series but can be read separately.

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Date Posted: 6/29/2007 10:09 PM ET
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I haven't read many of the series books yet, so there have only been a few that I've really enjoyed.

Of course, I agree with the Elizabeth Lowell books, and I've only read the first in the Mackenzie series by LH, but it was terrific.  I know, I'm way behind on my reading.

An IM book that I was really surprised at how much I loved it was a book by Mary Buckham called "The Makeover Mission".  The name is enough to turn someone off, but it was a terrific book.  This author has only written 2 books so far, and I've recently gotten my hands on a copy of her other book and am looking forward to reading it, too.

I've been enjoying the Silhouette Desire books by Peggy Moreland.  I've only read three so far, "Tanner Ties", "A Willful Marriage" and "The Last Good Man in Texas", but I've got a whole stack of hers waiting for me.

I've also started on a series by Caroline Cross.  The first book was "Trust Me", and it was really good.

Also, "Seducing Mr. Right" by Cherry Adair was really good.  I've got her first book "The Mercenary" on my wish list, but will probably never get it.

It's really hard for me to decide which of these series books will be good and which are probably duds.  I've found many of them to be duds, so I'm glad that everyone is listing their favorites here.  Thanks.

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Date Posted: 6/29/2007 10:34 PM ET
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The series books are about all I read.  Love them!  Fiona Brand, Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell.

I didn't see Maggie Shayne mentioned.  Love her IM Brand series.  Gina Ferris Wilkins Family Found series in the SSE line is good too.  Anything Diana Palmer's written for SD.

The Elizabeth Lowell series mentioned above (Tennessee & Nevada's stories), there are a couple of others in it dealing with the guy that owns the ranch Ten works on and his sister.  They're set before the Ten and Nevada stories.

Cinderella and the Spy is part of a series, I'm pretty sure.

Linda Lael Miller's written quite a few books that I enjoy too.

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 12:45 AM ET
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What a fun thread, Susanna!  I think I've read about a third of the ones you listed, and will have to check out some others!

Sarah Mayberry has written some recently for Blaze that I've really enjoyed--funny and sweet and hot all at the same time :)

I've also enjoyed a bunch by Alison Kent (she had a whole bunch of them called the girl-gear series about a group of women who are in a business together

Also there are a cute bunch by Lori Foster that I think were originally Harlequin Tempations but have since been reprinted--the Buckhorn brothers, and the Sawyers siblings.  She also had a bunch that were not interconnected that were also Tempations.

Jennifer Crusie had a bunch that were originally Loveswepts and Harlequins, but have mostly since been reprinted (  Also very funny and great reads.

And Carly Phillips did a bunch of cute ones, too--the Simply trilogy, and a few others.

That series by Rhonda Nelson is on my TBR pile--glad they sound like good ones!

I'm sure there are tons more--I'll have to go check the stacks lying around the house and see which others stood out...

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 1:10 AM ET
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wow! I didn't realize Carly Phillips' simply trilogy was one of these! They're good though, at least the first one; haven't read the other 2 yet though they're on the shelf waiting!

I liked 'the specialist' by  nelson best of the 3 because the guy and a girl were on a hunt for General robert e lee's pocketwatch and their interaction with that hunt plus the s-e-x  was fun to read! In all 3 though they're dealing with guilt over a friend's death - a fellow Ranger who was killed in their last mission. they want out of the service but someone starts a fight with them which could cause them ot have to stay in the rangers but a colonel or some highranking offical in the army pulls strings and in turn they owe him one favor - personal or army related to fulfill their deal with him of getting out of the Rangers. soeach book deals with their favor and their dealing with their friend's death and of course their 'girl'!

I'm gonna check out some of these mentioned here too!

I'm also enjoying this 'wolfe' series by Joan Holh though not much depth to them they're still nice 'cop' reads!

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 2:40 AM ET
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I thought of some other ones I still remember:

I also liked Nora Roberts' Stanislaskis, and the MacGregors, and the Calhouns.  (Yes, I'm a sucker for those big families... ;))

And Debbie Macomber had Midnight Sons, about several brothers who run a small flight service in Alaska.  I also liked her Promise, Texas stories.  A few of her Angel stories were Harlequins, too, I think. (

I also read several by Marilyn Pappano that I really liked--she's written a bunch (mostly Silhouette Intimate Moments), but I especially liked her Heartbreak Canyon ones.  (I also really really like her Bethlehem series, but those aren't the "series" romances we're talking about here...)

Another couple Blazes I enjoyed recently were Julie Miller's Basic Training and If You Could Read My Mind, by Jeanie London.

Oh, and I also really liked several of Kimberly Raye's books--mostly Temptation Blazes (Breathless, Shameless) or Blazes (Fantasy Factor, Sex Solution).  She's written a bunch since (I think a Nascar-related series and some vampire ones) that aren't the Harlequin/Silhouette-type series.

Cathy Gillen Thacker has written a bunch (mostly Harlequin American Romances) that are charming--I liked the ones I've read so far from her McCabes and Brides of Holly Springs serieses (

I also enjoyed Judy Christenberry's Tots for Texans (don't think I've read all of them yet, but the ones I did read were cute).

I guess I seem to either go with the cute family-type stories or the hot Blaze type ones ;)

Oh, I did also really like Dianne Castell's Forty and Fabulous trilogy (Harlequin American Romance)--A Fabulous Wife, A Fabulous Husband, A Fabulous Wedding.  Very nicely written, and I loved that her heroines were not just "sweet young things"--guess I'm getting older ;)

Inglath Cooper has written a handful of Harlequin Super Romances--I especially liked John Riley's Girl and Lost Daughter of Pigeon Hollow.  I have a couple of her other titles on my TBR pile but haven't gotten to them yet.

And a few of the Harlequin Next titles I've read have been really good too--Payback Club (Rexanne Becnel), The English Wife (Doreen Roberts).

Hmm... that's it for now.  I'm sure I have more I've forgotten... 

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 4:29 AM ET
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boy done some shopping LOL! I ordered makeover mission and a couple others I found while searching for that one! :-)

I'd forgotten about macomber's alaska dudes..I liked most of those though one of those brothers got on my nerves! and the Calhouns by Nora Robers were good books..they're in several reprints now along with the 5th book that was related - megan's mate(think this is the same series!)

I have 3 of kimberly raye's books - 2 are nascar and the 2nd one is the other sister adn they're good and about superromance size but still not that 'type'. also have Basic Training but in my TBR pile. 'If you could read my mind' was the first Blaze title I remember reading-that' sthe one I saw someone posted about it having 'sex toys' in it so I hopped in the car and made a midngiht run to wallyworld aka walmart! :-) 'blush'!

ETA: onto a totally different genre of series romances..! In the Love Inspired romances I've enjoyed Inn at Shadow Lake by Janet Edgar and would like stories about the other characters but read in the back of the book that she'd passed away..sigh...this was their intrigue-type line of Christian romance. sigh no s-e-x but still a nice story. I also liked Margaret Daley's 'when dreams come true' though it's part of a series of 5 books I think that ihaven't read yet. another Christian based romance but still a nice story.

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 3:50 PM ET
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I have to admit I'm a sucker for interconnected books dealing with large families.  Probably because I have a very small family and I'm fascinated by large family dynamics.  I love Dallas Schulze's Family Circle series in SIM, Nora Roberts' Calhouns and MacGregors and MacKades, Gina Ferris Wilkins' Family Found.

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 6:30 PM ET
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Hmmm.... my list could be a mile long, lol! These are just off the top of my head...

Mackenzie Series by L. Howard

MacGregor Series by N. Roberts

Cardina's royal family by N. Roberts

The Mighty Quinn's series by Kate Hoffmann

Simply Series by C. Phillips

Any Merline Lovelace...

Promise, Texas series by D. Macomber

Navy series by D. Macomber

NASCAR series, by different writers (I haven't read them all yet)

Lonestar Country Club series, by different writers

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 6:39 PM ET
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Amy J. Fetzer has some great stories.


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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 7:05 PM ET
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Oh I could also go on and on, but here are my favorites:

Navy Series~Debbie Macomber

Jo Leigh~ Blaze~In Too Deep ~ Relentless was my favorite!!

Rhonda Nelson ~ Blaze - men out of uniform

Kate Hoffman ~ Blaze~The mighty Quinns

Carly Phillips~ Simply Series

There are so many, someone should build a website with all the series and names etc!

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Date Posted: 6/30/2007 11:20 PM ET
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The more people that post to this thread, the more wonderful series I remember!

Diana Palmer's Long, Tall Texans is great.  She writes a new one every now and again and some of her longer novels are now interconnected to that series.

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Date Posted: 7/1/2007 4:44 AM ET
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ooh, I 've got 2 books with long tall texans stories in them! I'll have to move them up the TBR pile(I think I have one on my bookshelf here 'cause I got carried away and ordered it twice or got it in a book deal twice! btw, if anyone's interested in anything on my shelf pm me and we can make a deal. I usually empty my shelf every month or two and take to used book store or do a deal or something but I"m happiest helping out my fellow love and romance addicts! :-)

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Date Posted: 7/1/2007 7:04 AM ET
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I also used to read a lot of series romances because these were all that were avaliable at my library.  Then I visited a bigger library and they had a whole section of large non-series romances and I was hooked! 

Now I only read Blaze series romances, once in a while. 

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Date Posted: 7/1/2007 1:42 PM ET
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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 5:30 PM ET
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What a wonderful thread. I really enjoy series romances when I am in between books. For awhile, they were all I read.

Some of my favorites are

The Macgreogor's by Nora Roberts.

I loved the Lonestar Country Club too. ( I think they were mentioned earlier)

I really enjoyed the Fortunes' Series too. They also have different authors.

I've just started reading The Bravo series by Christine Rimmer. I also really liked her Viking Bride Series.

Oh the Maitland Maternity was another one of my favorites.

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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 10:01 PM ET
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I just got a bunch of Fortune books from someone in the book bazaar but there are SO many! I need to look them up and see which ones I"m missing plus they started with fortune children and I think another series in a series...

I have a couple Lone Star Country Club but haven't read them yet.

I also collected a bunch of rebecca york's 43 light street(?) but I think some are reprinted 'cause I have the older intrigue titles then I see them in purple that look newer but same title. Again I have duplicates that I need to pull out and post like I did with some dupes I had in the 'code of the west' series by macalister. I 'think' I have all of those now but not 100% sure. I want to get the series before I start reading them (though some I read a while back).

I have several in my totebag to read when I tire of the cozies I'm into now. I just finished the Wolfe series by Hohl (except for Wolfe in Winter). I liked them but the 3rd one was  bit too much...she kept going over their groceries and what they were eating..geez! They were a nice break though and I like the characters,except for the woman in the 3rd book! I also read Maddie Lawrence's big adventure or something like that and it was a cute read.

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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 10:40 PM ET
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I loved  a series that was written by all different authors back in the early to mid 1990's, each book title was also a song title. It was the Chrystal Creek series, all about a small town in Texas and all the interesting characters in it. There were quite a few books in the series.

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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 11:26 PM ET
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Getting in a shameless plug:  I have a TON of the Fortunes series on my bookshelf.  The original Fortune's Children and the Fortunes of Texas and the Fortunes of Texas Reunion, I think all but about 10 books in the entire series of 60+.  I would be SO happy to work out a deal for the whole lot of them.  Here's the whole series list:

<b>The original Fortune's Children series (published 1996-97):</b><p>

Hired Husband by Rebecca Brandewyne<br>
The Millionaire and the Cowgirl by Lisa Jackson<br>
Beauty and the Bodyguard by Merline Lovelace<br>
Stand-In Bride by Barbara Boswell<br>
The Wolf and the Dove by Linda Turner<br>
Single with Children by Arlene James<br>
A Husband in Time by Maggie Shayne<br>
Wife Wanted by Christine Rimmer<br>
Mystery Heiress by Suzanne Carey<br>
The Wrangler's Bride by Justine Davis<br>
Forgotten Honeymoon by Marie Ferrarella<br>
The Baby Chase by Jennifer Green<p>

A Fortune's Children Christmas (3 novels in one book) (published 1998)<br>
Angel Baby by Lisa Jackson<br>
A Home for Christmas by Barbara Boswell<br>
The Christmas Child by Linda Turner<p>

<b>Fortune's Children: The Brides (published 1999)</b><p>

Silhouette Desire #1190 The Honor Bound Groom by Jennifer Greene<br>
Silhouette Desire #1196 Society Bride by Elizabeth Bevarly<br>
A Fortune's Children Wedding: The Hoodwinked Bride by Barbara Boswell<br>
Silhouette Desire #1208 The Secretary and the Millionaire by Leanne
Silhouette Desire #1214 The Groom's Revenge by Susan Crosby<br>
Silhouette Desire #1220 Undercover Groom by Merline Lovelace<p>

<b>The Fortunes of Texas (published 1999-2000)</b><p>

Million Dollare Marriage by Maggie Shayne<br>
The Baby Pursuit by Laurie Paige<br>
Expecting...In Texas by Marie Ferrarella<br>
A Willing Wife by Jackie Merritt<br>
Corporate Daddy by Arlene James<br>
Snowbound Cinderella by Ruth Langan<br>
The Sheikh's Secret Son by Kasey Michaels<br>
The Heiress and the Sheriff by Stella Bagwell<br>
Lone Star Wedding by Sandra Steffan<br>
In The Arms of a Hero by Beverly Barton<br>
Wedlocked?! by Pamela Toth<br>
Hired Bride by Jacie Merritt<br>
Marry in Haste... by Karen Rose Smith<br>
The Expectant Secretary by Leanna Wilson<br>
Shotgun Vows by Teresa Southwick<br>
To Love and Protect Her by Margaret Watson<p>

<b>Fortune's Children: The Grooms (published 2000)</b><p>

Silhouette Desire #1311 Bride of Fortune by Leanne Banks<br>
Silhouette Desire #1318 Mail-Order Cinderella by Kathryn Jensen<br>
Silhouette Desire #1324 Fortune's Secret Child by Shawna Delacorte<br>
Silhouette Desire #1330 Husband--or Enemy? by Caroline Cross<br>
Silhouette Desire #1336 Groom of Fortune by Peggy Moreland<p>

<b>The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Heirs (published 2001)</b><p>

Silhouette Desire #1371 A Most Desirable M.D. by Anne Marie Winston<br>
Silhouette Desire #1378 The Pregnant Heiress by Eileen Wilks<br>
Silhouette Desire #1384 Baby of Fortune by Shirely Rogers<br>
Silhouette Desire #1390 Fortune's Secret Daughter by Barbara McCauley<br>
Silhouette Desire #1396 Her Boss's Baby by Cathleen Galitz<br>
Silhouette Desire #1408 Did You Say Twins?! by Maureen Child<p>

Gifts of Fortune (3 novels in 1 book) (published 2001)<br>
A Holiday Heir by Barbara Boswell<br>
The Christmas House by Jennifer Greene<br>
Maggie's Miracle by Jackie Merritt<p>

<b>The Fortunes of Texas: Reunion (published 2005-2006)</b><p>

Silhouette Special Edition #1665 Her Good Fortune by Marie Ferrarella<br>
Silhouette Special Edition #1670 A Tycoon in Texas by Crystal Green<br>
Silhouette Special Edition #1677 In A Texas Minute by Stella Bagwell<br>
Cowboy at Midnight by Ann Major<br>
A Baby Changes Everything by Marie Ferrarella<br>
In The Arms of the Law by Peggy Moreland<br>
Lone Star Rancher by Laurie Paige<br>
The Good Doctor by Karen Rose Smith<br>
The Debutante by Elizabeth Bevarly<br>
Keeping Her Safe by Myrna Mackenzie<br>
The Law of Attraction by Kristi Gold<br>
Once A Rebel by Sheri Whitefeather<br>
Military Man by Marie Ferrarella<br>
Fortune's Legacy by Maureen Child<br>
The Reckoning by Christine Ridgway<p>

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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 11:28 PM ET
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that sounds like a good series Tanya! Do you remember which line of books it was?

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I'm sorry, I don't know why that last post was such a mess and my copy/paste didn't stay in a nice, neat list.  I can't even seem to edit it and get it to be okay.

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I give, even a new post won't do it right.  This board must not like copy/pasted HTML.

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Date Posted: 7/5/2007 11:42 PM ET
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wow Sarah! I need to go through and see which ones i have but I know I don't have 60+! guess I'm missing 'a few' LOL! that's a lot of typing! thanks! I don't know why it's so hard to make a list here either; I've had the same problem...

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