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Shark Mutiny
Author: Patrick Robinson
ISBN-13: 9780613621588
ISBN-10: 0613621581
Publication Date: 7/2003

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Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush
Book Type: School Library Binding
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I have to admit, I had never heard of Patrick Robinson before. I am not typically a reader (or listener in this case) of fiction works, but the story line sounded promising

The book is supposed to be a great military suspense novel between the mighty powers of the United States and China. China mines the Straight of Hormuz, supposedly as an act to destabilize the economies of the oil consumers of the world and corner the oil markets. However, this whole military action performed by China is nothing but the first move in a great chess match. China strings the United States along, causing the US to commit their navel forces to various locations around the globe. Just when the US thinks they have China in the corner, BAMChina pulls a rope a dope and pursues its true intentions.

All throughout this conflict with China, there is a second conflict being played out in the book. The Captain of the submarine, the U.S.S. Shark, plays completely by the book. This narrow focus by the Captain causes members of a SEAL team to die due to inaction by the Captain. As a direct result of this and other disturbing factors, there is a mutiny on the submarine. The XO who takes over the boat is then court-martialed, despite the fact his actions saved the lives of numerous SEALs.

I am well aware that I was listening to an abridged audiobook and much is cut out to save time. However, I think this is one of the most humdrum book I have read. The whole story line is highly predictable and quite elementary. There were parts of the book that seemed to be nothing more than padding. I have never served in the military in my life, but even I knew there were glaring inaccuracies in this novel ranging from weapons to court martial procedure.

I found the reader of this audiobook quite annoying. The reader speaks with a heavy English accent and his American, Chinese, and other accents are not very believable. As the book centers on the American military, I think the audiobook performance would have been much better if an American were reading it.

The book is not a terrible one. I did find the book entertaining enough to listen to the whole thing. However, while it is not a bad book, it is not a book I would recommend to my friends and family. If you can pick this book up cheap or for free, it might be worth the time to read it. Personally, I would not recommend wasting the gas money to get it from the library.
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I thought this book was fantastic. It was very detailed and very thorough. I esp. like the fact that the author included a list of characters at the front for easy reference. My only criticism is that the title isn't quite right in my opinion, since the actual mutiny isn't the main focus of the plot. Bottom line, though, is that I still recommend this book to anyone who enjoys authors like Clancy, Brown and/or Coonts.
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Very well written. An action packed sea thriller. Nobody does it better than Patrick Robinson
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Secret Missions, Wacky Commander and Solid Heros. Classic Robinson Novel.
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Three oil tankers explode in the Persian Gulf. In a partnership with Iran,China has mined the Strait of Hormuz, intending to hold the world's oil supply hostage. Now 80 percent of America's sea power is being mobilized - including U.S.S. Shark, an aging nuclear sub on its final tour of duty.
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Another thrilling war story by Patrick Robinson. Not as much submarine warfare action as most of his other books, but a good read none the less. The story centers around a Chinese and Iranian plot to mine the Straight of Hormuz and cut off the worlds oil supply. Unknown even to the Iranians China has a far more diabolical plan aimed at suckering the US Navy far away from Taiwan.
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t is the year 2007, and the Chinese are poised to challenge America's superiority on the open sea and upset the delicate balance of oil power in the Middle East and the free passage of the world's giant tankers.

The Chinese Navy, in partnership with Iran, has laid a minefield clean across the Strait of Hormuz, holding the world's oil supply hostage. Mystified by China's motive, yet drawn to action, the United States moves to disarm the mines with a huge display of force. At the center of the mission is USS Shark, a 30-year-old nuclear boat on her final tour of duty. When confronted with the unexpected death of brave SEALS, the unimaginable happens: the first mutiny in the modern history of the United States Navy.

Meticulous in its authenticity, terrifying and thrilling, this is the most dramatic story of rebellion on the high seas since The Caine Mutiny was written 50 years ago.
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Events in the Middle East result in a conflict with China while the conflict extends to an unheard of mutiny on a Navy sub during a mission rescue of some Navy SEALs.