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The Eclectic Pen - Shay

By: Pamela H. (parkashard)  
Date Submitted: 10/24/2007
Last Updated: 10/29/2008
Genre: Children's Books » Animals
Words: 373

  i volunteer at the animal shelter. there is this dog named Shay up there. she is a boxer mix. there is a poem i wrote bout her:

i see you in that cage,
i see that loving boxer face,
i wanna take you home,
i wish i could,
your my baby,
i love you,
i feel so bad when i see that sad look on your face,
i walk in your cage,
i sit with you,
i pet you,
i kiss you,
i hug you,
i can see that you love me,
i love you too,
i wanna take you home,
but mom wont let me take youm
all i hope is that you get a good home,
and that you dont get put down,
if somithing happens to you,
im gonna cry,
cause shay,
i love you babe,
you have been in the shelter 2 times before,
i see that sad look on your face,
it makes me cry,
i love you shay,
i wish you were mine,
i love you honey,
you are as sweet as sugar,
bright as the sun,
when im sad,
i sit with you,
and you make me smile,
i love you more than i love myself,
you honestly dont know how much i love you,
my love for you is so very true,
i know your just a dog,
but inside that dog body is a little person,
i can talk to you better,
better than a person,
even if you dont understand,
you can tell by the tone of my voice,
if im happy,
if im sad,
or if im mad,
i can tell you understand,
i wanna bring you home so bad,
i hope you know i love you,
i know you love me,
together we'd be happy,
oh shay,
i just wanna say,
i love you.

about 2 weeks later her mom caved and let her bring the dog home she still owns the dog and if it's possible loves her more and the dog is much happier and some people will think i'm crazy but the dog knows she can chew up whatever she wants and she knows she will never go back to the shelter and knows she is forever safe

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