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The Eclectic Pen - Silvia

By: Sky S. (Misa-Misa)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 8/23/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction » General
Words: 8,333

  It's fairly...I don't even know. I'm sure it's crap. But whatever.. I just want feedback, it's from awhile ago so..

Eleven was young to be having a child, but she bore it headstrong and happily. Though the child was not born of a love match, she knew that it would be special, and so she held her head high and proud. Having her brother's child was the utmost worst thing that could happen to her, but she didn't care renouncing the father and letting the child be hers alone. She knew though that she was going to have to pretend to be her aunt the girls life, because it would be shameful to let anyone outside of the family know that she was a mother.
Cecily felt the first pangs shoot through her stomach and winced. Carefully walking into the living room she called her sister-in law to her side.
“She's coming Rachel. She wants to be born so badly.. I can feel her kicking at my lungs as she propels herself out.”
She grimaced as the next, harsher pangs came. The woman who was helping her gripped her hand and told her to relax and lay down. What happened next, Cecily never could fully recall. All she remembered was holding her squalling daughter in her arms.
“Please call her Silvia Christine. Give her whatever last name you wish, but at least let me give her her first and middle names.”
The other woman nodded, and took the babe from the girls arms.
She is no more than a child herself. She thought. I will take both girls in, though I'm not sure what the girls brother will think of it. My poor husband. I hope that he can live with his sister and child as well as me. I love both of them so dearly and this child too.
Cradling the girl in her arms, Rachel cooed at her to calm her then handed her back to Cecily for the fresh mothers milk that Rachel lacked.
“My baby, oh my baby.”
Cecily knew it was the last time that she would ever be able to call the little girl that, so she let it all pour out of her at once so that she could live her whole life without saying another word about it.
Hugging the child close, she fell back on her pillow and entered the land of dreams.
1: Silvia
“Silv, pay attention. It's polite to respond when you are spoken to you know.”
Startled out of my reverie, I stopped walking and glanced at Noah. Making a small grunt of a question, I realised that I hadn't been paying close attention to the one-sided conversation. I had been too preoccupied with watching where my feet landed on the pavement.
“Silvy, where does your mind wander?” Noah sighed then continued, “were you too busy watching the cracks again? Making sure you don't break your parents backs?”
Snapping his fingers in front of my face, Noah rolled his eyes and looked away.
“That's fine with me. Honestly if you don't want to listen to how I have to tickets to Warp Tour then tell me. You don't have to feel obligated to go. I'll just find someone else willing to attend with me.”
My jaw abruptly dropped. I knew Noah was just baiting me. Attempting to get me to leave my superstitious and obsessive compulsive shell, but I just couldn't resist biting. I had never been able to with him.
“Noah! Stop that saucy saunter of yours and get your skinny ass back here, NOW!”
Turning towards me, he smirked. I knew this smirk and his body language told it all. It was saying “I've got you now, Little Mousie, but don't think that you are getting off easily. I want to play with you.” I knew that the barrage of attacks were going to come, and I braced myself for the storm.
Noah walked back to me and stood before me. Pushing the stay wisps of hair from my face he forced me to look into his eyes.
“Listen Squirt, and keep it straight. I will only allow you to come if you can let go and be normal for a day. Tomorrow in fact. This includes the school day.”
“What do you mean by 'normal'?”
“No superstitions, no precautions, and no...” he looked at my and and gently put two fingers to it. “No braids.”
Closing my eyes, and counting to ten, I made a choice.
“Fine, but in return you have to promise that will be all it takes, otherwise the deal is off.”
Nodding once, Noah promised that he wouldn't press for more from me. I flashed him a quick smile then quickly turned on my heel and ran towards home.
“Last one to the sets is a rotten egg!” I called back to him.

2: Noah
I stood in one spot, stunned for a moment, remembering the details of the shy but carefree smile of Silvia's that was absolutely gorgeous. She rarely let it show unless we were alone, so it took a minute for her taunt to fully sink in.
Dammit! I thought, I was not ready for that... I wanted to... Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I realised that I wasn't going to be the one finding anyone on the way home. No, in fact, Silvia was going to be the one doing all of the finding.
The sets were what we called the various play sets in the combined yards of her family and mine. I knew that she was waiting to ambush me somewhere between here and the sets, but I wasn't sure where. I had known Silvia for twelve years of my life so far. We met one fateful day when she had moved to our city from a small town in Nebraska.
The empty house next to mine was up for sale until one morning I heard noises in the front yard. I was six and she was five and half, at that point in time an only child though her fourteen year old aunt lived with them too. My mother had gone to work at the soup kitchen and my father was in an at home phone conference in his 'office'.
As any six year old would, the moment I heard the noises, I looked out the window. The sight I saw in front of me filled me with awe. Many men were moving back and forth from a large moving van to the house. A couple stood to the side while directing the movers, and a girl was ignoring everyone and talking on her cellphone.
That was when I spotted the little girl. No one was paying the small platinum blonde any attention, all were bustling around with boxes and furniture. She had such a sad look in her pale green eyes, and the way she hugged her bear tight to her was a sign that I knew well at that age. It was a sign of loneliness and fear. Wanting to save her from that wretched feeling, but not realizing what I was doing I opened the window and crawled out of it. Once out on the ground I ran to meet her.
I was careful to avoid all of the big men moving things and also checking to make sure my father did not come into my room to check on me. I neared the girl and when she saw me, her whole face lit up and she smiled such a happy and innocent smile that I was instantly captivated.
She released her bear from one of her arms, letting him hang down on the ground only touching her by her grip on one of his paws. Raising her now free arm, she held out her hand to me and announced for all the world who she was.
“My name is Silvia Christine Waters, and I am five and a half years old. I am just moving in. What's your name?”
I grabbed her hand and gripped it tight, knowing even as a six year old that I would always be with her after this moment.
“I'm Noah Michael Thomson and I am six. Nice to meet you.”
After that we quickly became inseparable, but it was difficult reaching her now. Sighing I wandered on the walkway wondering when she would magically appear.

3: Silvia
I had run because I was giddy, for when Noah stood that close to me I felt the rise of something in my body. I didn't want to let anything slip, so I ran off. I felt like he knew already and that scared me, for I didn't want to ruin our relationship more than it already was.
I could hear his footsteps echoing on the empty pavement, slow and measured betraying no sense of urgency. It was times like these, hiding in the bushes with Noah waiting for me to pounce on him that I could almost let go and pretend nothing had happened and I was a child again.
No, I couldn't do that. Shaking my head I wiped all thoughts of that horrible incident from my mind refusing to believe that it was true and instead thought about when I had met Noah.
At five and a half years old, I was scared moving to a new place and I knew that I had to find something for myself to do to be out of the way, but I was all alone. My aunt was doing nothing but complaining to her friends on her phone and my parents were making sure that the stuff in our house was safe and went where it was supposed to go.
I felt like bursting into tears, but just then I saw a boy crouching across the way and my face lit up. I wanted to show him he was welcome so I smiled. When he was close enough to touch I reached out my arm as I used to be able to.
“My name is Silvia Christine Waters, and I am five and a half years old. I am just moving in. What's your name?”
I waited for him to respond and at first I was afraid that he wouldn't do a thing, but then he reached for my hand and held it tight in his fist. His wavy brown hair and chocolate eyes told me that he wanted to be my friend.
“I'm Noah Michael Thomson, and I am six. Nice to meet you.”
He was my best friend and I told him everything after that, and soon we were like conjoined twins, inseparable in almost everything. Then that thing happened and I just couldn't tell him. After that it felt like no matter what we did we just couldn't hold on to how it used to be. I knew that if I lost him now, I would never survive, and I also knew that I liked him. His carefree gestures may mean nothing to him, but to me they were precious memories and I couldn't let him go.
I never planned on telling him how I felt, because then I would break. I knew that I could never let him know how much he meant to me or I would have to tell him of the... No. Don't think of it.
Snapping back to the present I saw his red Converse drift by my hideout in the bushes. Stifling a giggle, I pushed back ever so slightly and the movement of the shoes stopped. He had heard me in the bushes and I knew that he was coming for me. Shrieking I launched myself out of the bush and towards my yard not caring whether I was scratched, covered in leaves and dirty or not.
I raced towards the sanctuary of the sets hoping that Noah wouldn't beat me there like he usually did. I ran towards the sets as fast as I could knowing without looking back that Noah was smirking and that he was racing me to the sets with all his speed against mine. My flannel shirt billowed out behind me, creating a large red chequered flag that would pinpoint me in the setting sun. Ignoring the cracks and lines on the ground, I darted towards the yellow slide and hid behind it peeking out to see if I could spy Noah. He was nowhere in my line of view.

4: Noah
I knew instinctively that it was Silvia when I heard the rustling in the bushes, and I stopped and turned towards her. As soon as I did, she leaped from the bushes and ran squealing like a little child. When I saw this, I got the urge to chase her down like prey as I always did when we played this 'game'. I knew from past experiences exactly where she would hide from me, so I doubled around the back and hide under the floor of the first set directly behind the yellow slide.
Once there I made sure that she could not see me hiding in the wooden beams. No sooner had I done this, than Silvia rounded the corner of her house and quickly hid behind the slide. When she peered out to find me, I softly jumped down from my perch and tapped her shoulder.
She jumped a little and I held her arms to her sides whit mine, slowly encircling her thin frame. Placing my head on her shoulder I inhaled the scent of her strawberry shampoo, which she always used without fail. What bothered me about it was not that she wore it and used it, but that she did it because of that infernal book of hers that she had found four years ago. That was around the time that she changed from a carefree child to one who couldn't tell me all her secrets any more and who spent her time filling her head with superstitions. According to her book strawberries brought good luck or some such nonsense.
“Noah! Let go of me this instant! I will not be held or treated this way!”
Hearing her protests, I was brought out of my thoughts. Smirking I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear.
“And what if I don't?”
I saw her face flush with colour, almost matching her flannel shirt. She seemed confused and she tried to speak but no words came forth, almost as if they couldn't reach her numbed brain. Without a second thought as to what I was doing I turned her around and kissed her. It was really only my lips brushing against hers, but it satisfied me for the moment. Her eyes grew wide, and her skin paled more than it already was. Shocked at my actions and her reaction, I pulled her close to me again.
“Silvia, please don't run away from me now. I don't know if I could bear it if you did... Not after...”
I let her go so that she could choose to stay or go if she wanted, and I looked at her face. She was quickly gaining colour back and seemed as if she wanted to say something. Just as she opened her mouth to announce whatever it was that was on her mind, her mother called out of the house.
“Silvia! Get in this house for dinner right now! You better be on time next time, or you won't get to be with Noah this late any more! Silvia!”
Pleading with her eyes for me to understand that she wanted to continue this conversation, but couldn't, she turned to her house and dashed inside. I knew that if I had held her here longer, she would be in worse trouble than she already was and I did not want that.
Sighing, I stood and stared after her, though she was no longer outside so I was looking at the white walls of her house. I stayed there until long after it was dark, then turned to head into my own house, knowing that I would see her tomorrow. I had long forgotten the promise that she had made to me for the next day, but would remember it soon. Running my fingers through my hair I trudged inside.

5: Silvia
I watched Noah from my bedroom window until I saw him walk into his house across the yards. I had lied to my mother and said that I had been a guest at Noah's for dinner and promised to call her next time it happened, so that the family was not waiting for me. I was not hungry, not after the few moments that had happened outside with Noah. I remembered his lips brushing mine, but wasn't too sure because it was such a short kiss. It could have all been in my imagination, and he might think that I was crazy. Either way, I knew that I had to check my book to be sure that it wouldn't do me any harm, though the superstitious shell that I had cloaked about me was breaking and I wasn't sure if anything in my book was real any more.
I opened the book The Dictionary of Superstitions by David Pickering. Turning to the 'k' section I flipped through the pages until I found what I was looking for.
“K pg. 147. kiss
The act of kissing someone or something has always been thought to signify something more than affection alone. Kissing HANDS and RINGS has long been a feature of civic and religious ceremonies, representing declarations of loyalty and humility as well as love and spiritual unity. A kiss is also thought to convey something magical and many people will kiss AMULETS and other luck giving objects to promote their own good fortune. It is thus far from unusual for gamblers to kiss betting slips or pills coupons in the hope that this will increase their chances of winning.
Sundry superstitions surround the kisses exchanged between lovers and friends. Contrary to what some politicians may think, it is unlucky to kiss BABIES, and young children should be discouraged from kissing one another until they are old enough to speak. If not they will grow up to bestow their favours to liberally and will be considered foolish, or may be struck deaf and dumb. Another ancient tradition has it that young virgin girls will become pregnant if kissed fully on the mouth.”
At this I stopped reading to brush my fingers across my lips. I knew that it was silly, scientifically proven that it couldn't happen but I couldn't deny the age old superstition could I?
Yes, I could, and I would.
“Now get back to reading Silvia.
It is unlucky to kiss anyone on the NOSE as this will lead to a quarrel, and also inadvisable to lean over someone's shoulder to kiss them on the CHEEK – such a kiss will be followed by a KNIFE in the back, according to one old superstition. Kissing a man with a moustache should not be lightly undertaken either, for if a hair becomes detached, and is affixed to the other party's lips, the latter will never get married. An unexpected kiss from a man who has a dark complexion, however, is certain to be followed by a proposal of marriage.
see also MISTLETOE.”
I looked at the mirror hanging from the back of my door, and realised that I was blushing. Did this mean that Noah really did like me, as I liked him? Well even if he didn't, I was going to keep my promise to him though I knew he would not go to the concert without me. I needed to find something nice to wear tomorrow, so I got off my bed and walked to the side of the room.
Opening my closet I wondered what I had to wear in it. I found only flannels and my childhood dresses. Knowing that I would never fit into those, I almost slammed my closet door shut. I headed to my dresser and opened the top drawer to look at my under shirts. I shook my head, knowing that I would feel too naked with just those on, so I closed my drawer. What could I wear if I had nothing? I knew that I would have to ask for my aunt Cecily's help.
6: Noah
Plopping down on my bed I looked around at my room. It was pretty simple considering that I had a sort of Heir's Suite with a bedroom, a bathroom, playroom, and library. Not that our house was all that big or anything, my parents only had their room, and a bathroom. We had a guest room (including a bathroom), a study, a family room, unused save for when we had guests, a kitchen and a dining room. The basement was my fathers office and I had the attic, refurbished so that I could live up there without really needing to come downstairs.
My room had moved since I was little, and what used to be my room was now the guest room, with all of the stuff in the attic now crowded in my fathers home office that went largely unused. And my apartment of sorts was very plain.
My bedroom was just that, a room for bed. It contained four furniture items: a bed, a dresser, a lamp and its table. The walls were covered in posters and pictures, but other than that there was nothing in the room that was truly mine.
The other 'rooms' that I had contained all of my other possessions which were small and needed little space. The 'library' held all of my entertainment items such as the few books I had, my CD's, DVD's, records and games. The 'playroom' was the biggest and most full room that I had with a desk and desk chair, a gaming chair, game systems and their controllers, a small TV and its table, a computer and my large speakers with their sub-woofer. It also had a small fridge so that I need not leave my attic area to get food or drink.
There was a small area to the back where my father had his personal contractor install a working bathroom with a sink and mirror that opened so that I could put any medicine I needed in it. It also had a small shower that I could use, all of this was there so that I could remain in my own area and stay out of my parents way because otherwise I was nothing but a 'nuisance'.
I leaned over to the lamp table and opened the small drawer that was concealed in the front of it revealing everything that Silvia had ever given me. I drew out the small piece of paper that had the drawing of us on it from when we were both six about half a year from the time that she moved here. It was very childish, but had us holding hands and had a small heart rising from between us with the word forever in it.
I heard a noise and realised that it was my phone going off, so I placed the paper back in its secret spot and closed the drawer. Digging the phone from my pocket I hoped that it was Silvia, but when I looked at the ID I knew it wasn't. I didn't recognise the number but that could mean it was just someone who didn't call me often calling.
“Hey, Noah. Are you doing anything this weekend?”
I knew the voice to be that of Alyssa, the girl who thought that we could get together. How she got my number I didn't know, but I had a feeling it was Fred who gave it to her.
“Yeah, I'm busy this weekend Alyssa. I'm going to a concert this weekend, sorry.”
I could tell Alyssa wasn't ready to give up yet, because her voice brightened as she asked me a question.
“Do you have an extra ticket?”
Sighing I confirmed that I did and she only used that to fuel her own strange fantasies.
“Then I'll go with you, you can tell whoever it was that you are going with a girl and they shouldn't care. It is Fred you are going with isn't it?”
I knew that this girl was weird. It never even occurred to her that I could already be going with a girl, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings too badly.
“Sorry, I can't . I am going with a childhood friend of mine and I don't want to let them down. I promised them that I would take them awhile ago and I just can't let her-”
“You're going with a girl!? Why isn't it me? Noah, I love you, you should tell your friend that you got a girlfriend and she should understand it!”
That was the last straw. I had to give it to her straight.
“Alyssa, I don't like you. I never have, I don't plan on going out with you ever, and I am in love with the friend that I am going with. No she wouldn't understand. Go away and don't ever call me again.”
With that I hung up my phone and stood up to go shower, so that I could get the anger out of me without breaking anything. I wondered what Silvia was doing, but only briefly before I turned the water on and the only thought in my head was that the rushing noise was the second most relaxing thing to me in the world.
7: Silvia
I had only been in Cecily's room for about fifteen minutes, and already she had three huge piles of clothes that were separated into possibles, uncomfortable s, and impossibles.
Most of what she was throwing at me I knew I would never be able to wear because it was just too revealing for me. I felt comfortable in flannels and under shirts because they revealed little skin.
She pulled out a pair of pants that caught my breath, they were black and appeared to be like a pair of jeans, but they were tight at the hip and flaired out fast once they reached the knee point. Cecily heard my small intake, and nodded approval at me.
“These pants will work perfectly for you, Vi. They will make you look much better than you usually do in your loose army pants.”
She tossed them to me and then began throwing all the bottoms back into her closet and separating shirts and other tops that would go with the pants to their best potential.
“You're hair is so light, we don't want to have that be ignored either by putting you in a light top. She pulled out a few tops for me to try on. There was a red sweater, a purple tank, a lilac tee, and a yellow tee. I looked at them all, but they didn't seem to go with what I was feeling. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver shimmering thing poking out of her closet, and I pointed to it.
“What's that Cecily? It looks nice.”
She turned to it and pulled it out of her closet. It was a sort of tank top, with only on thick strap, but it had black fishnet that made a whole other arm for it so that it was like a long sleeved shirt without one arm.
“This old thing? I've had this since we moved here, but I don't wear it any more. If you want it you can have it, but I don't know how well it will go with the pants you have.”
She held it up to me, and with the pants on me she looked at it. I reached out for it and she sighed.
“Silvia, I hope you know what you are doing. I mean you never know what you will get if you wear a shirt like this to school. I know you don't like to show off a whole lot of skin... And you've told me why. I just can't imagine-”
“Auntie Cecily, please don't talk about it. I am trying to forget that ever happened. I have a chance to forget it, but you have to trust me when I say that this shirt is perfect for me.”
I grabbed the shirt from her outstretched hands and held it to my chest.
“Well all right then, Vi. Just know that I want the best for you and if you ever need my help you have it. Go ahead and keep that shirt, by the way. I don't like it any more and I think it will suit you perfectly.”
I ran up to my room and locked the door as had been my fashion for four years. As soon as I was alone, I took off my shirt and put on the silver one. It fit me perfectly and I knew that it would enchant Noah the way that I always wanted to. Taking down my hair I combed it out and watched the ringlets curl around my face. Knowing that I would have to wear make-up tomorrow, but I needed to get to sleep if I was going to have time to get ready in the morning. Turning my light off, I took my clothes off and snuggled into my bed underneath the covers.
8: Noah
Drying off after my shower, I looked in my mirror, and saw my eyes in the mirror. They were almost black with anger, with the areas around them white as a piece of paper. My brown hair hung in strands from my face, as straight as it had ever been. I wondered if Silvia would care that I had bloodshot eyes or anything today. I hoped that she wouldn't because I really didn't want her to think that I was on drugs or anything.
I had stayed up all night the night before because I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning thinking about the kiss that I had given her and what she wanted to say about it, but I didn't dare think about the phone call from Alyssa. That would only have made me need to punch something again. Quickly dressing, I grabbed my school stuff and headed out the door to meet Silvia behind the sets.
When I got outside I stood stunned at the sight I saw. I had totally forgotten the promise that I had made Silvia swear to, and seeing her in something other than flannel and cargo pants was strange. Her hair was down just like it used to be with its perfect thick blond curls wrapping around her face, framing the beauty that lay there. I could tell, even from this distance that she was wearing make-up, because her lips were shining and pink, and her eyes were framed by thin black lines.
That was when I noticed the colours of her clothes. Her shirt was silver and had black fishnet sprouting from the collar and forming one whole sleeve, while the other arm was bare save for the thick strap of the shirt. It hugged tight to her chest and stomach showing just how skinny she was. The pants fit tightly on her hips and down her thighs, but flared out at her knees to form sort of bell bottom flares.
Seeing me she smiled and called me over to her with a wave of her hand. I stumbled forward, and tried to resist the urge to hug her as well as kiss her right there in the daylight.
“Noah, let's go. We better hurry because you are late this morning and if you're that slow all the way to school we'll miss breakfast. I don't want to miss it because it's shortcake this morning. Cecily says that I can go to your house after school, and she is planning on telling my parents later today.”
She grabbed my hand and pulled me forward with her. I noticed that she kept trying to resist the urge to look towards the ground so that she could keep her promise to me. Stopping where I stood, I let her pull my arm until she too was forced to stop, or to let go of me and continue on her own.
“Silvy... I don't know what to say... I love the way you left your hair down and your clothes are.... I mean... I just-”
“Shh.. It's all right Noah. This is weird for me too. I can't remember the last time I was this free with my clothes or anything. I threw them all away after- Never mind. It's not important. Let's just go to school.”
She turned around again and I felt lost. I wanted to know what was wrong with her, and I wanted her to be able to trust me with her secrets. I pulled my arm towards me, gripping her hand tight in mine. She came along with it and I crushed her in my embrace.
“Silvia, please stop hiding from me. Tell me what happened four years ago that changed you so much. I really can't stand it when you block me out of your life. I love you, and always have Silvia. Please just tell me what went wrong.”
I pulled away slightly and titled her chin up to my face. Her green eyes were watery and I couldn't help it. I wanted to kiss her. No, not wanted, needed. So I leaned in and did.
9: Silvia
Surprised by his actions, but wanting to give into him, I melted. Opening my mouth to his, I felt his tongue wrap with mine and I knew that this was what a kiss was supposed to be like. Not the slobbering things that I'd known before. Shocked that I would even think about something like that, I pulled away from Noah and shrank from the hurt in his eyes. I had to tell him or everything that was between us before would disappear.
“Noah, don't look at me like that. You want to know what happened, then we are going to need to go somewhere private. Not the backyard, but... I dunno just somewhere that no one will think to look for us.”
I could see that he was shocked that I had agreed to tell him what was going on in my head. Quickly working a place out in his head, he turned back towards our houses and pulled me with him.
“My attic. No one goes there, and my parents don't notice if I go to school or not. Hurry, before someone sees us.”
Hurrying after him, I realised that I hadn't been in Noah's house in over four years. I wondered what he meant by his attic. Last I knew he lived on the ground floor. Then I blushed, thinking about being in the room of an eighteen year old boy. I quickly pushed that thought out of my head.
When we reached his house, he pulled my upstairs into the attic area and I saw that he had made himself an apartment for himself. He closed the door behind us and locked it, which gave me a moment of fright remembering what happened. I shook my head and firmly told myself that it would be okay. It was only Noah after all.
“What happened Silvia? I don't know that I can understand why you have that scared and sad look on your face.”
He advanced towards me, but I backed away from him, twisting away from the hurt look he gave me.
“Noah.. Four years ago I.. I was...”
My throat was closing I could feel it, the thought of speaking the words out loud was causing me to panic. I willed my voice to work again and managed to croak out the single word that needed to come out.
I knew that I couldn't say any more at the moment and my arms wrapped tight around my chest, shivers erupting on my skin. I was back in my mind remembering the pain and fear that he had put me through. The cool touch of his hands on my thigh, the wet slobbery kisses on my mouth, and my mother just standing there watching it happen.
My legs gave out beneath me and I couldn't see Noah's room anymore, all I saw was the past reliving that horrible day over again. When I felt hands touching me I shrunk away from them and began whimpering. I heard someone talking to me, telling me it was all right, but I didn't believe them. I had blocked this memory from my mind with my superstitions, building a wall between me, and him.
I knew that I wasn't safe, and then the last thing I knew I was in his arms and the world was closing in around me, hiding the true me from sight.
1o: Noah
When I heard her whisper the word raped, I knew who had done it, and why she was so afraid to go back to her house. I could feel her pain, and rage shot through me that her own parent had done that to her. I knew why she felt like she couldn't tell me before, and I wondered if I had been there if I could have done anything to stop it.
Before I could do much else though I saw her eyes roll back in her head and her legs give out. Watching as she fell to the floor in slow motion, I rushed over to her and held her in my arms as she whimpered and moaned.
“It's all right Silvia, it's gonna be all right. I promise you. I will help you. It's going to be all right. Silvia, open your eyes. Please. Everything is fine, you're safe here.”
I felt her shaking in my arms and then she went still. Frightened for her life, I pushed her hair away from her face and leaned in to see if she was breathing. The air coming out of her open mouth was faint, but it was there, and relieved I picked her up.
After doing that I almost dropped her again, because I noticed for the first time how light she was and how frail her body truly was. Recovering myself, I carried her into my room and gently placed her on my bed. Kneeling by the side of it all I could do was wait for her to wake up, so I wrapped her hands in mine and held them there watching her closely so that I wouldn't miss it if she so much as twitched.
After what seemed to be an eternity, her eyelids fluttered and I almost jumped up for joy. Carefully I unwound my fingers from hers and ran to get a water bottle from my fridge. I heard her gasp of shock as she sat up and rushed back to be there for her.
“Silva, it's okay. You're safe now. I won't ever make you go back there again. Please. Don't be scared now. You don't have to worry about it. He can't hurt you here.”
Her eyes were wide and they darted around the room, but as soon as she had seen every corner she calmed down knowing that I was right, and we were alone.
“Noah.. This is your room? It's so... empty.. I thought that you would have more in here...”
Her eyes were so childlike that I wondered suddenly if she had reverted to a time before that dreadful day four years ago, but I knew that she was the same Silvia as she was over an hour ago.
“I spend most of my time in the other room now.. I don't use this for much else but sleeping.”
When I said that word, Silvia's face changed from pale to pink in a matter of seconds. She must have just come to the conclusion that she was in my bed and that we were locked in my apartment, but I really wasn't thinking about that at the moment. I handed her the bottle of water and watched her as she delicately opened and drank a little of what was in the plastic container.
“Noah, come here please. I realised that I haven't told you what I feel about you, when you were so forthcoming this morning.”
Reluctant to find out what her answer was to my confession, I slowly closed the distance that separated us. As soon as I reached her side, she pulled me closer and leaned in, kissing me gently. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her giving into the kiss wholeheartedly. We stayed like that for a few minutes, and when we broke the kiss off for air, she leaned back on my bed pulling me with her.
“Silvia, I don't know if-”
Placing a finger on my lips she shushed me. Suddenly, I knew why she was doing this, she wanted me to be the one to erase that creeps damage to her. She slowly drew my hand to her hip holding it there, and though she was younger, she led me through the steps that she wanted me to take to erase any memories that she had of her fathers hands on her body.
I didn't know if she was only using me or really loved me back, but I didn't care if I was being used. Just this one time would be enough to last me a lifetime if she didn't want me afterwards. I began to slide my hand up her shirt and the silky feel of her skin beneath my fingers made me shiver.
“Noah, I love you so much, but I couldn't tell you because I was afraid of what would happen if I did. I never wanted anyone but you, and so I blocked out all thoughts of what happened four years ago, using superstitions to pretend that it had never happened.”
I leaned back in to kiss her, my eyes watching her face for any sign of rejection. It didn't come, and her eyes sparkled with joy. A we were kissing I pulled her shirt up so that I could access her skin better. She broke the kiss off first and swiftly pulled her shirt over her head and off. Underneath was nothing but bare skin, and I realised that she was not wearing a bra. I sat up to look at her uncovered chest and knew that she was the only one I could ever love.
11: Silvia
Noah seemed awestruck seeing the top half of me naked and it was like a dream come true to me. I didn't know if this would last, but I hoped that we would never leave each other. I pulled him in and knew that in my heart this was my first. I could never consider what my father had done to me to be real, not after being with Noah.
When we were done, I stood up from his bed and stretched my body, the feel of his touch remaining on my skin. I could feel his eyes watching me as I padded across the room.
“Noah, you want to take a shower with me to wash off the sticky sweat we both have on us?”
I held his gaze with mine, daring him to say no and watched as he slowly got up and walked towards me. His naked body brought a rise in me that I didn't think I would feel if he stood up.
Holding my head up high I waited for him to respond to me, but all that I saw was a smirk from him.
“Silvia, sweet. If you want to shower with me you have to face the consequences. You're asking the wolf to play with sheep, dear.”
Leaning closer to me, he placed his arm on the door frame and nibbled on my ear. I almost melted right there, but willed my body to stay firm and standing. Turning from him, I headed to the shower, calling back to him that if the wolf wanted to play with the sheep all he had to do was follow it.
Turning on the hot water, I put my hand in to test if I could stand in it or if it needed to be changed. I felt Noah staring at my back, and smiled to myself wondering if he was going to actually join me or not. Stepping into the warm water, I felt a hand on my spine and knew that he was joining me.
Pretending that I did not notice him with me, I began to rinse off my face, when all of the sudden I was whirled around to face him. He grinned down at me and I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him on the nose, disregarding all my superstitions that I used to follow. He pulled me closer to him and I felt his urge as clearly as he could feel mine.
12: Noah
Once we were both toweled dry, I remembered that it had been a school day, and I looked at my clock. At four, we should have realised that hours had passed by, but neither of us had we were both so caught up in one another.
While Silvia looked around my rooms, I grabbed my phone and hit the speed dial number for Cecily.
“Cecily, it's Noah. Just calling to tell you that I don't think Silvia should go home ever again. I know what happened, and had a feeling that you knew the whole story.”
There was a pause on the line, and Cecily sighed.
“Noah, calm down. Are you trying to tell me that you think Silvia would be better off without me? Is she just gonna stay with you? What will people think? At least wait until she isn't a minor any more.”
Not knowing what to say, but feeling that I couldn't let Silvia go back to her own house, I nodded then remembered that we were on the phone.
“Silvia is going to stay with me, at least in the guest bedroom of my house, and I don't care what people think. She can't go back to that house. Bring over clothes if you want to, but I can't let her go back, you don't know how scared she was this morning before school. She passed out... We skipped school... God. I hope you can forgive me... But we.. I cleansed her...”
“Noah, I forgive you. In fact I don't think you need forgiveness, because that's what she always wanted. If you are going to keep her from her house, you need to take her away from this small town, and keep her wherever you go until she's eighteen. I can bring you guys some stuff, but.. Just keep in contact with me. And.. Let me speak to her please to make sure that she is okay with this. Please..”
Swiftly, I walked to the library area and called out softly to Silvia. Telling her that Cecily was on the phone, I handed it to her and watched as Cecily told her our plan. At first her face fell as she heard that she would not be seeing her little brother and sister for awhile, nor would she get the comfort she needed from her aunt. But knowing that she was not going to return to the house that her father was in relieved her, and I was glad I had thought of this.
“Okay aunt Cecily. I understand. We won't tell you where we are, but we will check in with you every few days to let you know that we are all right... No, we didn't... Oh! You're right. Can you bring me that? No... No... I love him with all my heart. Don't take him from me. Please.”
Nodding she handed the phone back to me, and I quickly brought it to my ear.
“Noah, remember that you must take full responsibility for anything and everything that happens... And just think about the consequences of rushing things.. You forgot to use protection, and now she might be pregnant. Will you be fine with that?”
Shocked I thought back to earlier today and realised that Cecily was right.
“Cecily, I can handle it if she is. I know that I would love to have a child with her, and I almost hope that we do have one. After all, I love Silvia and am willing to go to jail for her, if we get caught. Remember I'm over eighteen and can be caught for kidnapping if this is gone through. But I don't care, I want to be with her, and I cannot let her go back to that house.”
Satisfied with that answer Cecily said goodbye and promised to be over shortly. Smiling, I faced Silvia and opened my arms to her letting her rush into them. We stood there like that until the door bell rung and then we headed downstairs to meet our destiny.
The voices clamoured over each other on the answering machine. Smiling in private the woman listened as the two people she loved most were brought to life in her phone.
“Cecily! How are you doing? We're doing just great, sorry that we haven't contacted you recently, but we're just so happy. We are going to be parents and can't wait until our baby is born. We hope that you are having a blast even though we aren't there and just can't wait the next few months until we can come back and visit you. Once again you have no idea how much we miss you and thank you for helping us get away.”
“Guess what? Noah got a job working as a construction man, so we don't have to worry about money, and I got a waitress job. We will hopefully have things ready for our marriage when we get back, and were wondering if you could set up some things for the baby in Noah's attic so that we are ready for it when it comes. We decided we don't want to know what gender it is because we want it to be a surprise. Well we hope that you get this soon, and that you are doing just great. We love you Cecily. Bye!”
Sighing, the woman closed her cell phone and sat down in her comfy chair. She was happy that they were expecting, but didn't know whether or not they would be able to come back to their home because of what they did.
Well she, Cecily, would fight for them, and help her daughter through whatever came their way. Again she smiled a little secret smile for herself and whispered the six words that she was dying to say out loud, but didn't dare.
“I'm going to be a grandma.”

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 8/24/2009 12:59 AM ET
Modern domestic drama. I loved it. You're pretty good with dialogue, have you ever been interested in screenwriting? You can make alot more $
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I actually haven't done any writing for money before... Thank you for your compliment.
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I think that this could be re-worked/expanded into a really good piece. You've got some real issues to work with; teenage pregnancy, incest, etc. Some of the conversation is a little "dated" in that it sounds as though it's from an earlier era. And the story of Noah and Silvie begs for expansion; they are too "happily-ever-after" here, and I'm sure they're not. That being said, you drew me in--enough to where I have opinions about your characters! Compelling tale--and I loved the last line that ties in so well with the beginning of the story. Hope to see more for sure.
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