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The Eclectic Pen - Sitting Here

By: Crystal S. (LiveLife)   + 35 more  
Date Submitted: 2/24/2008
Words: 131

  Sitting here I think
I close my eyes and see nothing
My world has gone black again
When you took your love away

I look out this window
I see happy couples
I see the love they have
Why did you not love me enough

Sitting here I close my eyes
I think back to the happy times
The way things use to be
No longer am I happy n care free

Life just goes on
Day by day
Night by night
I let my tears fall like rain

Sitting here I listen to this song
It makes me think of us
What we were like
How we use to talk

Never again will I allow
Myself to love someone
Never again will I let
My heart be broken

Sitting here I wonder
How things could
Spin out of control
So fast and furious

Never again will I love
Never again will I cry
Losing you was enough
I cant take anymore

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