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The Eclectic Pen - Sometimes

By: Gen F. (Gen)   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 9/27/2008
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Relationships
Words: 422

Sometimes, you hate yourself so much that it no longer matters. When the people around you make it worse you have nothing. Nor do you have anyone. When you’re left with nothing, what are you holding on to exactly? NOTHING. Sometimes, the only reason you are still here is because you still have hope. Even the little bit that you have keeps you holding on.. Just that chance that you’re here for something, anything at all helps you stay strong. Not many people truly understand pain. You don’t even have to be beaten physically; the emotional beating is what kills. Just that one “You’re stupid” or “You’re so fat” can totally kill a person inside. That small comment can affect their whole lives.
There are so many families that seem happy, but some are not. That girl that laughs constantly and smiles all of the time? She goes home to a family that can’t stand her. She goes home to a place that she can’t even call home anymore.. Because honestly, she cannot remember a night where there hasn’t been an argument or a night that she can remember that she was actually happy with them. She hears a “you’re so stupid” and a “shut up” every night. Yes, she has thought about killing herself.. Never attempted.. But she’s done her thinking. You would never see it through that luminous smile, but she’s had it rough. Without those friends that pick her up after each and every fall, she wouldn’t be here. And that boy that her family can’t stand.. Is the one that keeps her hanging on. And if that boy were to leave her even for a second she would be dead. Her life depends on him.. Even though he doesn’t know it. That call every night from him is the only thing keeping her alive; losing him would kill her. She’s hiding; he doesn’t even know it, but she is. He’s the only one that can keep her here. She hasn’t told him that she would die without him or that she’s thought about death period. The truth is, she knows he doesn’t need her. She tries anyways, and makes the best of each passing day. Knowing that there will come a day without him.. She stays in his arms where she finally feels safe for the first time in her life.

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