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The Eclectic Pen - The Son of the Enemy

By: Dahlia (bookworm222) -  
Date Submitted: 3/25/2010
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Words: 3,538

  The Son of the Enemy

Witches and Vampires

Derek was in danger.
He dodged the blow as fast as he could, and ran to the other side of the room. Looking around, he tried to scope out where he was, and where it was. He couldn’t see anything, but he knew it was there, in the darkness of the room. He could sense it.
There, he heard something, at the other end of the room. Something darker than the blackness itself, he could feel it.
“Ugh!” He crashed to the floor. Getting back up, he tried to find his opponent, but the darkness was overpowering.
If only I could find its weakness, he thought. He rattled his brain, trying to find the ghost’s weakness, thinking only of light. He had to find some, now. Making his way to the door of the big room, he tried to find the knob and let the light in, but he couldn’t find it. Derek was trapped, he couldn’t think of anything else to do. If only Jen were here, she’d know what to do.
Then he crashed against the door, feeling the ghost’s claws on the small of his back, and his head made a dent in the door.
That's it!

Jen Hawthorne was wondering where Derek was. He wasn’t usually on time, but this was his first meeting and he had to be here. She could try casting a locating spell, but she couldn’t do that here. It was forbidden to use spells out in public.
Maybe if I can get to a bathroom... she thought.
Leaving the waiting room to ask the receptionist about the restrooms, she glanced over at an odd old man that was in the seat across from her. He eyed her wearily, like she was different. But she was different.
Getting the directions to the restroom, she walked over to the door and left. Many people looked at her in the hallway, probably looking at her hair. It was long and blonde, flowing down all the way to her waist, and she would never dream of getting it cut. It was beautiful, and she knew it.
Pulling the door open to the bathroom, she crept into a stall and took out the things in her satchel. A vial of dragon blood, some vulture feathers, a little case of gnome dust, and a small crystal attached to a string.
Taking the string out with the crystal and pulling out a map of Montana, she knelt on the floor and prepared the spell. She laid the map down on the top of the toilet seat, and took the string with the crystal and held it up high above the map, just so the crystal was floating above it. Swinging it gently, she said the words:
“Derek Blackbird.”
The crystal stopped suddenly, hovering over the building next to West Wind High School, which was the abandoned house everyone was frightened of.
“Oh no...” Jen whispered.

There! I got it!
Derek finally busted the door down, and he opened it wide to reveal all the light inside the darkened room. A piercing shriek came from the ghost and it shriveled into the corner of darkness still inside the room, and disappeared.
Derek made his way to the door slowly and escaped the abandoned house, hurrying over to the hospital for the meeting. He promised Jen that he would come, and he didn’t want to be late to his first meeting.
Running across alleys and streets, he finally found the hospital, which wasn’t to far from the high school; he could run there. He ran at a speed that was extraordinary, any person that could see him run that fast would deem it unbelievable. But normal humans couldn’t see very well.
Walking through the hallways on his way to the waiting room, he bumped into someone who surprised him with a big hug.
“Why did you go there, Derek?? You knew it wasn’t safe and you went anyway! I was so worried when I found out where you were...” Jen gasped.
“Jen, calm down! There is no reason to look after me like a little dog; I can take care of myself. In fact, I took care of it, it’s gone.” Derek replied, trying to get Jen to step away from him just for a moment.
“It’s taken care of? The ghost? How did you get rid of it?? It’s resided there for about a decade now and you were the one who got rid of it?”
“It’s very simple actually, light. Light casted it away. Who knew humans actually knew something we didn’t? I think that’s pretty unbelievable myself.”
“Light? That was all? Well, that is impressive, but I was still worried about you. Next time please follow our instructions, and stay away from places like that! Come on, we’re going to be late for the meeting,” Jen said.
“Fine, let’s go.”
And they made their way to the office.

“Back again?” the receptionist asked. “Did you find it? You were gone a while. It was only down the hall—“
Go sit down, Derek. I’ve got to take care of this...people have already been looking at me weird. It’s not good.
As Derek went to sit down, Jen stared straight into the lady’s eyes and recounted a spell in her mind, having the receptionist forget everything from when she left for the bathroom. Her eyes had a glazed look, and Jen knew it had worked, and went to sit down with Derek.

Derek had been looking at the man across from him; he was old, had shifty eyes and some unkempt hair to go along with the dirty look. The man wouldn’t stop staring at Derek either. They were both studying each other intensely, trying to figure out the other’s secret.
Derek knew there was something odd about the man, but he couldn’t place it. He probed his mind with his own, but the man obviously practiced in shielding it from intruders.
So that meant he was here for the same reason, Derek thought. He is here for the meeting too.
Jen sat down next to him, and she looked at him, trying to figure out why he was staring.
What are you doing?
I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with that man over there. He seems odd.
I already tried. I can’t find out anything.
But you aren’t a vampire.
What does that have to do with anything??
I have better senses than you. All you can do is a spell, which is illegal to even try unless you can do it in your mind.
Stop it. You know being a witch is even rarer than being a vampire. We are raised witches, vampires are turned. Anyway, what do you think is up with him?
I think he is going to the meeting also. He shielded his mind from mine. He knows that I am not normal.
Well let’s see if he follows us. In the mean time—
“Mrs. Brown, Dr. Reynolds will see you now,” the receptionist called.
That’s the code word. Come on Jen, let’s go.
They each rose from their seats and left the waiting room to get to a door labeled: “Security. Do not enter.” Jen looked back at the waiting room, and saw the old man smile.
They opened it and went inside.
Wait...those teeth...
And before the receptionist could even open the door again, they were gone.

The Son of the Enemy

The Meeting

They appeared in a big clearing, surrounded by big trees and bushes. In the center was what looked like a fairy ring, and already there were other people there, talking amongst themselves. They glanced at Derek and Jen as the materialized out of the edge of the forest, and some came forward and greeted them.
“Hello Jen. Hello Derek,” said a man with a dark shock of hair on the top of his head and shocking green eyes; he had a serious look on his face.
“Hey, Mr. Hunter Redlock,” Derek said. “Sorry we’re late, I was detained.”
“It won’t happen again, Hunter,” Jen agreed.
“It better not. For your first meeting, Derek, this is a bad appearance. Jen spoke very highly of you; I want you to prove it.” Hunter scolded. “We have a lot of things to cover today.” Hunter walked behind them to other witches and some werewolves who’ve just arrived.
Derek and Jen moved forward to the fairy ring, and they met Rachelle and Andrew Grayberd. They were almost as old as the ancients, and knew many things and seen many things. They went through everything together, and were very close, being brother and sister. They were both vampires.
“Rachelle, Andrew, how nice to see you. It’s been such a long time,” Jen said.
“It has, it has. Much too long,” Rachelle replied, “How have you been? I see you brought someone new...”
“Is he trustworthy?” asked Andrew. “You’ve talked to Hunter about this?”
“I assure you he—“Jen was cut off.
“Of course I am! I’m not evil, if that's what you mean,” scoffed Derek.
“We can never be sure.” Andrew replied fiercely.
Rachelle and Jen began to walk away from the boys, trying to talk without being heard. Andrew and Derek were still going at it.
“Frankly, being related to Andrew can be very...stressful. He doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.” Rachelle started.
“I know what you mean...Derek is the same way. And seeing two men who look like teenagers fight like this...”
“Yes, I know. But I have to talk to you on an important matter.”
“Alright, I’m listening,” Jen said tersely.
“You know how strict Hunter is. If he finds out—no, he will find out—that Derek is a Blackbird, he will surely kill you both.”
“I know, I know...I’m giving Derek a chance to prove that he isn’t like his family.”
“His family is the very one that Hunter would want to kill most. They are born enemies, Jen, and you know you must be very careful with what Derek says and does. Has he learned to shield his mind?”
“Yes, he has. He does it very well; you never know what he’s thinking at the moment.”
“Well good, that will give him a chance to prove himself. In the meantime, be very careful, Jen. Something tells me that by the slightest misinterpretation between Hunter and Derek will prove to be enough to set things off.”
“Yes, I know Rachelle, and thank you for caring.” Jen walked away to Derek again.

Derek and Andrew were still fighting. He couldn’t understand what Andrew was so angry about, he only just arrived.
“You behave yourself, meat. Hunter likes those who obey his rules and more,” Andrew said menacingly,” Prove yourself soon, or you’re gone. I’d like to see that happen.”
“I’m capable of proving myself and so much more. Hunter will be pleased,” Derek retorted.
“Derek calm down! We only just got here and you’re already starting a fight,” Jen said when she returned from Rachelle,” Come on, some werewolves just arrived. Let’s go.”
“Fine,” Derek said, while giving Andrew a hard glare. He turned on his heel and went over to the edge of the clearing.
You’re making such great friends already.
I’m not the one who started it.
It doesn’t matter, Derek. Watch yourself; you don’t want to get banned, do you? I don’t. So just be careful. Especially when Hunter talks about your family. Don’t reveal anything alright?
Fine, fine Jen, I’ll be careful.
They reached the edge of the clearing, where they met two young men, both about in their younger twenties. But obviously, they were much, much older.
“Hey Barrock, hey Leo. Nice to see you again,” Jen greeted them.
“Hey Jen, it’s been a long time! I see you have a friend with you?” the taller one asked.
“This is Derek, he’s new here, Leo,” Jen explained.
“Hey, guys,” Derek said.
“Hunter is alright with this?”
“Yes he is. Now let’s all just—“
Everyone turned to the center of the fairy ring, where Hunter was standing. As soon as everyone gathered near the edge of the ring, he cleared his throat and spoke.
“Everyone knows why they are here, except for a few,” Hunter glared at Derek.
“There have been a couple of odd things happening for the past few of weeks. A darkness has covered some parts of the world, especially here in the United States. We need to find out what is causing it, and why.”
Derek looked around to see if anyone was as lost as he was. They were all listening intently.
“We know that there are some vampires and witches that are evil. We also know one specific vampire that is against everything we do: William Blackbird. I just know he is up to this. We must find him under any circumstances. He has done horrible things before. We must stop him.”
Jen shifted uneasily and looked at Derek. He wasn’t taking it very well, she could tell. But nobody else could. He was doing a great job at hiding it.
She looked back at Hunter.
“My friends, we have to work together in order to fight this off!”
An explosion of cheers erupted from the audience.
“We will do whatever it takes to bring William Blackbird DOWN!!”
Derek was doing his best to make his cheering look real.

“Well, that was interesting,” Derek mumbled after the meeting.
“Derek, you knew this was going to happen. What else did you expect?” Jen pleaded.
They were now sitting on a park bench near the library. The meeting was dismissed a half hour ago, and they both left immediately to be alone.
“I expected warning that he would be criticizing my father!”
A deep silence fell. Jen looked at him with big eyes, almost overflowing with tears. He stared at her dead on, trying to get her to say something else.
“Jen, listen. I knew that I was going to have to endure his criticisms. I just didn’t know he would blame everything on my father. My father isn’t evil. If everyone just knew why he had to do those things...” Derek’s throat closed up.
“I know, Derek. I’m sorry I didn’t warn you enough, but don’t you see? All you have to do now is prove that you are better than your father and—“
“It’s not about that! It’s about how everyone thinks my father is some evil being who doesn’t deserve to live. It’s about how if anyone knew I was his son, they would think I was the same way. As much as I shouldn’t, I respect my father. Not out of fear, but out of love. I want to prove that he isn’t evil!”
Jen was speechless after this little rant. She didn’t know what to say.
“Even you think that’s impossible don’t you? I should have known. I am going to prove my father isn’t the evil person everyone is scared of. I am going to prove that he is a good person!”
He turned and walked away.

The Son of the Enemy


Derek didn’t know who to trust now. Everyone seemed to hate him, and they didn’t even know who he was. He just wanted to go away. Maybe even consider going back to his father.
I don’t need Jen. Who needs a witch that only follows you around? But even as Derek was thinking these words, he knew they weren’t true. He knew he would miss Jen very much.
She was his everything. Without her, he was lost; alone. As much as he yelled at her a couple minutes before, he loved her deeply.
He felt betrayed. He thought Jen felt the same way about him.
He thought that she was his only love. He thought that as long as they had each other, everything would work. They were both fighters, and they fought for what they loved.
They fought for each other.
Derek knelt on the ground and cried.

Jen was alone. She didn’t like being alone. Especially when the one that left her was Derek. She didn’t know what to do now that he was gone.
Ugh! I should’ve warned him. None of this would have happened if I just told him.
She trudged along the sidewalk and tried to think of something to do. She went over the meeting in her mind, trying to see if there were any faults in how Derek was acting. If anyone could tell that he was the son of the enemy.
Then she realized something...
The old man.
He didn’t go to the meeting. He stayed in the office and watched them leave. But Derek said that he shielded his mind...
He knows what we are.
No humans should know about vampires and werewolves and witches.
Maybe he isn’t human.
The thought scared her. He could have been a spy. He was watching them to figure out where the meeting was. She remembered him smile as she left...
Those horrible teeth...
Only an elder werewolf would have those teeth...
She had to find Derek quick.

Derek was walking along the pier, looking out into the sunset. He was thinking about what to do next, when he realized he wasn’t alone.
He turned swiftly and saw nothing. His eyes searched everywhere around him, but he saw nothing.
Well it’s not Jen. His hopes crashed.
He turned to the water again to breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Then he heard the faintest sigh and a crack and everything went black.

When Derek woke up, he was in a dark, low ceilinged room. It looked oddly familiar, but he couldn’t place where he was. He lifted his head to find out that his neck was in pain. He couldn’t turn it at all, but he could lift his body up off the table he was lying on.
He looked around, or rather turned around, and he didn’t see anyone else. He couldn’t hear anything either. Obviously, whoever had captured him was trained in holding vampires. They were extremely quiet and knew that if they made any sound at all, it would give them away.
This captor was very trained in this field.
Derek walked around the room, and soon enough, his neck started to heal. He could turn it now and it wouldn’t hurt him much.
There wasn’t much in the room. It was practically empty except for the big table placed in the middle where he was lying before. There were no windows at all, and the door was barred.
Another obvious fact was that this room was meant just for vampires.
Then he heard steps. He heard them just outside the door, and he knew that whoever it was, it was his captor. He braced himself as the door opened.

Jen knew something was wrong. She could feel it; through her witch powers and through Derek. He was in trouble.
She rummaged through her bag and found the string and crystal and the vulture feathers, and the map.
She lay the map down on the concrete and she tied the vulture feathers to the string with the crystal on it. She then positioned the crystal like before, and she said the words:
“Derek Blackbird.”
The only difference between this spell and the last one was that this spell took her straight to where Derek was. And she was determined to find him and be with him throughout whatever was going on.
She appeared in a low ceilinged room, and at the edge of her eye she saw Derek, backing away from someone else whom she couldn’t see.
She didn’t speak so she wouldn’t give herself away, but she was so terrified that it was the old man, that she almost called out to Derek. But just in time, he caught her and gave her a look.
Derek would know if it was the old man. He doesn’t have any recognition on his face...
She didn’t know what to do. She looked at Derek again and he was slowly moving to the side of the table in the middle. She didn’t know what he was doing until he did it.
He lifted the table and threw it at the figure, who stumbled from the force of it. Then Derek ran over to Jen to see if she was alright, and they both turned to see who the figure was.

The Son of the Enemy

A Helper

The figure lifted the table off of him and revealed his face. He was a young man, maybe twenty two or so. He had white blonde hair, and two of the most serious brown eyes anyone could even have. He was average height, and he stared at Derek and Jen until one finally spoke up.
“Who are you and what were you going to do with Derek?” Jen queried.
“I am Ash Redlock, and I was going to save him,” he replied.
“Ash? Ash, Ash... You are Hunter’s son!” Jen exclaimed.
“Hunter’s son? Well. Do you know who I am, Ash?” Derek inquired.
“Of course. No one else knows; they are daft enough to believe that you are Derek Landler. But of course, I’m cleverer than anyone else; I know that you are the well known Derek Blackbird. You are lucky that ‘Derek’ is a common name.”
“Why did you take him?!? I swear I’ll give you so much—“Jen started.
“Jen, calm down. I’m grateful that you have come to save me, Ash. But I doubt that that is what you wanted me for. Explain now.”
“I need you for a very important mission. What I need you to do is find someone for me.”
“That’s it?” Jen and Derek both said.
“Yes. And that someone is your father.”
A dead silence fell for so long that it seemed like an eternity until Derek spoke again.

To be continued...


Okay that's it so far :) Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think :)

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