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The Eclectic Pen - Song for The Tuckahoe Trio

By: Nora F. (nora777)   + 58 more  
Date Submitted: 1/2/2015
Last Updated: 1/2/2015
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Humor & Satire
Words: 236

  I wrote this with my son. He and I, along with my husband, are The Tuckahoe Trio. No towns, hamlets, villages, or any other municipalities were harmed in the writing of this song parody :-)

Song for the Tuckahoe Trio
(with many interchangeable verses!)
tune: The Seven Dwarves Song
by Luis T. and Nora F.

Hi ho, hi ho
We’re off to Tuckahoe
Through wind and snow
We’ll boldly go
To Tuckahoe

From Buffalo
We went to Tuckahoe
But we don’t know
Which way to go
In Tuckahoe

Oh no, oh no
We’re stuck in Tuckahoe
We just don’t know
When we will go
From Tuckahoe

Oh no, oh no
Still stuck in Tuckahoe
We haven’t left
We are bereft
In Tuckahoe

Time goes so slow
In poky Tuckahoe
We’ll overthrow
The status quo
In Tuckahoe

We’ll blow some snow
Around in Tuckahoe
We’ll steal the show
From every bro
In Tuckahoe

Our tears do flow
To be in Tuckahoe
Like a yoyo
Around we go
In Tuckahoe

Our hearts are bro-
Ken here in Tuckahoe
We know a beau
Whose name is Moe
In Tuckahoe

A friend has Moe
The friend’s name it is Joe
And Joe and Moe
They run the show
In Tuckahoe

So Moe and Joe
Amassed a lot of dough
Big debts they owe
To every schmo
In Tuckahoe

We’ve sunk so low
With thugs like Joe and Moe
We dare not crow
Our shame does grow
In Tuckahoe

Escaped, ho ho
Farewell to Tuckahoe
Back we won’t go
Oh no oh no
To Tuckahoe!

Our joy’s not faux
Now we’ve left Tuckahoe
Hello hello
We did not glow
In Tuckahoe

We can’t, we know
Go back to Tuckahoe
Our name is mud
They’re out for blood
In Tuckahoe

Oh, us is woe
Returned to Tuckahoe
We left a toe
A tiny toe
In Tuckahoe!

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Debra G. (divadeb) - 2/1/2015 10:21 AM ET
I really enjoyed it. I could hear it as I was reading the lyrics and it is catchy. Great Job!!
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