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The Eclectic Pen - St. Mary's Home for the Mentally Disturbed -Part 7-

By: Sky S. (Misa-Misa)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 10/9/2009
Genre: Horror
Words: 523

  Oh, yes! I'm on a roll tonight! I am going to keep submitting parts in consistence to the rest of the story, though I may just be overeager...Anyway, Hope you like it. I have decided that this story is only one of the many that will take place in this strange world though it will not always follow the same people around.

Sweat pooled around Alex's neck and dripped down his spine. It gave him chills and he knew that the thing would be here soon. The first time he had encountered this shadow when he was only seven years old and was dying in a hospital bed. Somehow he fought the strong pull he felt to give in to it, and he survived. Now the thing that had told him to call him Sid whenever he needed his help, was arriving.
Suddenly a shape loomed out of the flickering darkness before him. It was grotesque in appearance, no more male than it was female with large sagging breasts and a shrivelled phallic object. Greasy hair reached down past its neck, with crawling things in its depths. Full lips protruded from the skeletal face, and the mouth was filled with cracked teeth. When it spoke a musty scent filled the entire room, almost causing Alex to gag.
"Well, I never thought that you would ever dare to call me. It comes as quite a surprise, though you know I watch you whenever I have the chance to, right? I follow you around through your pitiful life, preying on those you encounter who would fall at my touch."
It smirked at him, then gave a mocking bow. Trembling, Alex raised his hand to his forehead and wiped the hair from his eyes. Straightening his spine, he stood tall with the appearance of being calm, though he doubted that 'Sid' believed him.
"I need you to protect someone. You said that if I ever needed anything, I could call for you and tell you to do things for me. Now I use that power. I want you to let her go."
For a second the creature's eyes looked bewildered, then they filled with understanding. It laughed and made as if to wipe a tear from its eye, though it was impossible for it to have any.
"Who? I don't know any 'she'. Dear Alex, you seem to think I know everything about you."
"Ahh, but you do, don't you. You know because you watch me constantly, you are aware of every thing that happens to me in my life because you never leave me alone. You know exactly of whom I refer. And I want you to call them off. Leave her alone, she doesn't deserve this and she's been fighting for so long that it's pointless now. You couldn't take her if you tried your self."
The thing stopped laughing and looked right at Alex, and he knew that it was seeing into his soul. After what seemed an eternity, it nodded it's head and disappeared, presumably to fulfil his request. Right before it left completely, its low gravelly whisper filled the room.
"Ahhh, I see now. You love her. Your dear sweet... Maggie."

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