Book Reviews of Stargirl (Stargirl, Bk 1)

Stargirl (Stargirl, Bk 1)
Stargirl - Stargirl, Bk 1
Author: Jerry Spinelli
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ISBN-13: 9780375822339
ISBN-10: 037582233X
Publication Date: 5/14/2002
Pages: 208
Reading Level: Young Adult
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 260 ratings
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Book Type: Paperback
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At Mica High School in Mica, Arizona, things are quiet and uneventful. Everyone dresses alike. Everyone thinks alike. No one does anything that their neighbor wouldn't do.

Until Stargirl comes along.

Homeschooled for years, Stargirl defies categorization. She wears long, flowing pioneer dresses daily, intermingled with outrageous costumes. She serenades people with her ukulele at lunch on their birthdays. She brings her pet rat Cinnamon to school. She looks strangers in the eye. She dances to no music and seems to understand something about life that her classmates do not. Mica students aren't sure what to do with her, and she goes from being interesting to admired to shunned and finally ostracized.

Leo Borlock was perfectly happy with his generic Mica life. Then, against his will, he finds himself falling for Stargirl. The two share an incredible, eye-opening romance. In their own little world, everything is perfect and magical. But when they have to face their critical classmates, what will happen to their relationship?

This is by far Jerry Spinelli's best novel. It is a beautifully written story about nonconformity and the seeds of magic and quirkiness that we all possess, though we may not realize it. Readers will wish that they were friends with Stargirl. I was unsatisfied with the ending, but I understand why Spinelli would have ended the novel in that way. There is nothing I would change about this extremely touching and timeless story. I recommend this to everyone, regardless of their age.
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This is a great book that any teen can relate to. It is funny in the great Spinelli style with the humor more geared towards teens. Every student that I recommend this book to loves it and asks if I will loan it to one of their friends. (Even if the friend is not in my class!)
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This book is amazing! Its a MUST read for any junior high or even High school aged girl. It makes you think, yet its heart warming, charming and inspirational! (You may end up reading it multiple times!)
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Jerry Spinelli is one of my favorite authors even well into adulthood. He still teaches the simple lessons I missed in childhood. Stargirl is a sweet,funny, at time heartbreaking story about being brave and the beauty of first love. I look forward to reading the sequel to this "Love, Stargirl".
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This book was amazing (: I read it a few years ago and fell in love with. I've read it every year since then! It makes you cry, smile, and laugh. Some of the things Stargirl does just makes you wish you could've thought of those genius ideas first! Wonderfully written. One of my all time favorites! HIGHLY SUGGESTED!
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This was a REALLY good book. It is all about a girl who is different from everybody else at her highschool. Then Leo, an average guy at the highschool, falls in love with her. I stayed up till 1:30am finishing it up!
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A great young adult book that adults will enjoy as well.
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I don't like giving books 5 out of 5, but when a book has a positive message that isn't delivered in a stickingly sweet way, it deverses some major accolades.

Spinelli points to the Stargirl in all of us. To that force inside that stops dead in their tracks to smell the air, cries at a sad story on the news, or beams a huge smile at a stranger. But we restrained our Stargirl to accept the norms of society, to use her when we please, versus letting her run free. Stargirl is about one person who lets her star out, who embodies a reality beyond the restraints of society. Spinelli explores what would happen to that person when facing the harshest critics on earth, High School students. Stargirl borders on the mystical, at moments I did not believe she was human. Spinelli's world is thrown in huge extremes, in an extreme climate-the Arizona desert. Stargirl feels real and impossible at the same time. The new world will enchant you.

I recommend this book to the YA crowd naturally, but also to anyone with a child in high school or has faced school bullying.
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This book makes you realize how important it is to think before you speak.
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I really enjoyed this book. I found myself really liking Stargirl for all that she was. She is the girl that I sometimes wished I could be in high school but I was too much like Leo at times. There were many times that I found myself feeling like Leo did but wishing that he would go after her and embrace her differences. Don't we all want to be like her, self actualized enough that we are comfortable with our own skin? At the end of the book it was clear that she was the most remembered. Those that were "normal" fell off into obscurity. I felt so bad for Leo for missing out taking Stargirl to the dance and I was ashamed of him when he was proud of her for being normal. Although, I did not want her to pass him by. Stargirl was at times so insightful and Leo just needed to grow into her.
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Vivid, and beautiful story. I read it in one sitting!
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I am a homeschooled 11 year old girl. This book stood out for me because I guess you could say that I have trouble absorbing most books, and when my mother asks me what happened in a story, I have nothing to say, because my mind was on other things. This book caught my attention. It kept me reading even when I had the option to play games online. It's just that kind of book that activates a certain special part of your mind so that you feel as the characters feel, and are involved with the story as though you were a part of it. This book affected me emotionally.
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It was an OK read, probably won't recommend it.
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Easy to read, but hard to describe. The main character is different from her classmates but she doesn't know the social code so she is not hurt by the laughter. Reading this books makes you stop and think about how you treat others.
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Absolutely LOVED this book! It's geared toward teens, but is well written and anyone can enjoy. This girl comes into town and stirs it up. Everyone thinks she is so weird and has the strangest name, but once she starts making friends EVERYONE loves her! I can not wait to read the second one, "Love, Stargirl".
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I was really looking forward to reading this book, but sadly, I didn't like it much. Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl is a book about a strange girl who comes to school and the boy who falls in love with her. Part of the problem is that I recently read Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell and it was such a fabulous book, dealing with basically the same subject. So, I'd hoped I'd love Stargirl just as much. Nope. Not even close. My recommendations? If you're looking for a sweet teen romance between a strange, misunderstood girl and the boy who dares to love her, read Eleanor and Park and skip this one. Sorry. Only 2 stars.
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Another Spinelli classic! Stargirl is a wonderful story about being yourself and coming to appreciate someone for who they are. Love it!
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this is an incredible book. it's not just another light, chick-lit kind of read. despite the fact that you can read it in a day, it really makes you think about life and people.
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I loved it 100%.
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A beautiful story about a girl that doesn't quite fit in.
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a quirky tale of young teenagers at school. overall, simply a good story.
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Amazing book, honestly. About the girl everybody wish they knew.
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My daughter read this over the summer and loved it as it reminded her of being homeschooled and transitioning to the public school arena.
From editorial reviews . . . "She was homeschooling gone amok." "She was an alien." "Her parents were circus acrobats." These are only a few of the theories concocted to explain Stargirl Caraway, a new 10th grader at Arizona's Mica Area High School who wears pioneer dresses and kimonos to school, strums a ukulele in the cafeteria, laughs when there are no jokes, and dances when there is no music. The whole school, not exactly a "hotbed of nonconformity," is stunned by her, including our 16-year-old narrator Leo Borlock: "She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl."
In time, incredulity gives way to out-and-out adoration as the student body finds itself helpless to resist Stargirl's wide-eyed charm, pure-spirited friendliness, and penchant for celebrating the achievements of others. In the ultimate high school symbol of acceptance, she is even recruited as a cheerleader. Popularity, of course, is a fragile and fleeting state, and bit by bit, Mica sours on their new idol. Why is Stargirl showing up at the funerals of strangers? Worse, why does she cheer for the opposing basketball teams? The growing hostility comes to a head when she is verbally flogged by resentful students on Leo's televised Hot Seat show in an episode that is too terrible to air.
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A lot of people seemed to like this book, but I found it overly sentimental and hard to connect to the main characters. I think I didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like the movie Patch Adams. Sometimes misfits trying to change the world come off as creepy.
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This is one of my favorite YA novels. I simply adore it.
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My 14 year daughter read for an English Honors class assignmentin 8th grade and truly enjoyed it.
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Great for any age! The words the author uses paints wonderful story of honoring individuality.
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Great book for adolescents by Newbury Medal winner
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mint condition...not sure if it has even been read before
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This book has a few highlights, but otherwise is in very good condition.