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The Eclectic Pen - This Stone is the Only One I Know

By: Eva L. (wearetrees)   + 37 more  
Date Submitted: 1/9/2009
Last Updated: 1/12/2009
Words: 300

  I know you feel a thief
to expend my energies,
push against me with your erratic temper
and beggar’s eyes
so I want to admit:
I gave willingly all you think you took
gave you what I can instantly restore
return to order inside me

I live in my own wellspring
despite the spontaneous dust storm
the decreased visibility
the pressures from this leaden belly
and your hands upon it
Your calloused knuckles
remind me of beautiful old ruins
returning to the earth,
supine and reverent

You see me in your bed
when you close your eyes
without even the slightest provocation,
I know –
despite my physical absence from it
the cold pleats in the sheets
inside your watchful heart,
that concave mirror
I may show up
perched below the resinous lip
of your mourning
when you least expect
and your legendary mouth,
curled in my lap
like a song,
threw stones as well as flowers

There are no strangers in my life
just words that possess the throat,
and small miracles
in the suite of night
Bodies break the surf
interfere with the ordinary tides of
loneliness –
lonely even in the swollen second of laughter
It comes so easy sometimes
to cease
to exist

Oh, I promise you I promise you
we are invoking the gods in gourds
I speak to you this way,
mumble and hiss
your extinct caresses
a balm on my skin
a pollen

Does it hurt to be tossed around like
a leaf over
bitter ground
discontented sky?
One side of your life so rough and brave,
sewn through with the blueprint of time
Its unforgeable beauty
crisp and
hungry for the safety in decomposition -
the other side
discrete in its drought,
hammering pain into an equal peace,
into life as we know it
A sense of the finite,
the indolent,
Like a dedication to words
that become mere emblems of endurance
and affection

My body promises heat
my love promises remedy
and mud insinuates itself into our pores
our only source of solvency
well, then
I must admit another thing:
my meager frame cannot resist
the prowess of your kisses –
This stone is the only one I know

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