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The Eclectic Pen - A story to tell

By: Tally R.   + 15 more  
Date Submitted: 12/18/2009
Words: 769

  Readers note: Kami is a 15 year old girl with a younger sister. Enjoy-

I sat in the room crying, and a nurse comes up and touches my shoulder. I'm still holding his hand. I turn and see all these people. Nurses and doctors, some sniffing and some wiping thier eyes. My entire world is a daze, and I somehow remember what is going on.

Bram was the first person I ever became friends with in the hospital. When Kaylee would make her trips I would always go to see him. He was two years older than me, and my exact pinky length taller than me. Before he lost it, he had brown strips of hair that covered his eyes, and two earrings in his right ear. A month into his chemo was when we actually could call ourselves friends.
The nurses at Childrens Hospital are like angels. They are the people who know the name of your stuffed bear, and help the little girls make tissue flowers that curl up your I.V. pole. One day, Bram and I sat in the confer room, watching people come and go.
"How many days have you gone without tossing your cookies?" I asked jokingly.
"Two days," he answered with a smile.
''Get out!" I yelled louder than I should have. The nurse came up with his pills,
"I'm a witness," she said, "Two entire days." Bram took the pills and swallowed, "What a trooper." Bram stood, and I watched him leave for his pro shot. The nurse turned and eyed me. Smiling she said, "Oh honey, if I was 20 years younger." It took me a long time to figure this out.
Bram always stayed in the hospital. Whenever he was there, no one was there with him, no one ever visited.
"My mom never did believe in western medecine." he said, "Look where she's ended up. In a box in the ground."
"I'm sorry," I whispered. He looked up, with a slant smile across his face.
"Hey," he said patting my back, "We all end up in the same place in the end, right?"
Bram really came out the day nurse Jackie brought a guitar in. Bram sat for hours playing every song he ever knew. Most of the other kids flocked around making requests. His eyes where distant. Distant and happy. He sang along with the kids in a cracked joyful tone, but what got me most, is that no one was ever in to see him.
One one paticular day, walking behind Kaylee, holding her hand, because she was coming in for her M.R.I, the nurse came trotting down. She talked to my mom for a moment, and my mom allowed me to down to see Bram.
"He was asking for you," said the nurse in a hurringly tone. I was so confused and dazed I had no idea what was going on. The moment it hit me was when the nurse lead me down the hall. Down the hall was where the private rooms where. You where put in a private room only for sugeries and...
I am going to say now that Bram is dead. I don't know why God would take away two of my best friends, but I have a feeling it's for some higher reason that I'll never understand here in this place, but I do know, where Bram is.
I walked into the room, the ugly pale walls taking me in. The bed next to him was empty, and made up. A tall I.V. pole standing next to Bram, who was laying uncomfortable looking on the bed.
"Hi," he said through coughs. I quickly walked up and took his hands in mine. He took a deep breath and added, "I want to go where you go, when I die."
I nodded, somehow, while trembling.
"You're so happy," he added, "Something I never really had," he wheezed, then continued, "I couldn't leave without some of it." I nodded again, salty tears spilling down my face. So, then and there, we both prayed, and then and there, believe Bram excepted Christ into his heart. After, his pale face stared at me.
"Say 'hi' to him for me." I managed.
"I'm glad I'm going where you're going. I'll send you a postcard."
Then I was full on crying, I couldn't help it.
"I- I have to go now." He mumbled through breaths. I nodded and held his hand tighter. Somehow through all this Bram was still smiling is boyish slanted smile.
"Okay," I said, crying and nodding, "Okay." Then at the same time, we both drew in a deep breath. His hand went cold. I knew it was his last.

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Tonya M. (ups) - 1/10/2010 12:50 AM ET
Wow! How can one pg. have me crying like that. You did it! You hit a home run by getting the readers emotion. I hope you continue your story in a book. I want it if you do.
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