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The Eclectic Pen - Story

By: Rose W. (Doveappeal)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 3/20/2007
Genre: Children's Books » Ages 9-12
Words: 648

  Larry was a quaint old man with a slight gray haired beard and small punch of a stomach gracing his body.
He could pull off the old look with class and smell like the fresh scent of the ocean.
Standing on his sidewalk, leaning over to the children he tries to expound on his story. The story of the day he called it and what a day it was with the sun bursting through the white soft puffy clouds. Birds chirping as if spring had finally arrived and the soft scent of morning glories everywhere.
He loved to tell stories to the children. Tell them about how he caught a big huge monster of a shark and then proceeded to eat him all by himself.
The children all around him at this feet could see from their point of view brown shoes and socks that needed repair. Glancing upward Larry's stomach in the way of the view of his face. Only they didnt care about all that at this time.
All they cared about was his stories and they always seemed to teach them something about the appreciation of life and love.
As children the magic and the power he weaved as he spoke mesmerized them while teaching them the art of getting along and loving each other.
Today's story began like this; there once was a little boy at the age of 10 that thought himself a bully.
He looked like one too with huge angry eyes and tossed up hair that hadn't seen a brush in ages. All of the little children was afraid of him. Thinking maybe he had a mysterious power or something. Perhaps that is why he is so strong and angry all the time.
Johnny though not quite eight realized something different. Johnny short and cute with adorable puppy dog eyes was very perceptive for his age.
Hey everyone he said my mother says that sometimes when people act angry all the time what they need is love or someone to care about them.
Everyone booed, but he kept believing in this bully maybe changing someday.
One day he and this bully saw each other on the side walk riding their bikes.
Hey do you like to ride bikes too? Johnny said a little nervously but with all the courage he could muster.
No kid, go home before I beat you up.
You wouldn't do that to your best friend would you and drfinately not to an orphan?
You an orphan kid?
Johnny was lying but he had to do something to help this bully. Yea no one wants me or anything. Will you play with me?
Me kid? You really want me to play? I'm the all powerful bully here in this town.
Don't you know that?
I know but everyone needs someone don't you think that is true?
You wouldn't need to be a bully if you had a friend.
With all the children in rapt attention wondering what was going to happen he continued.
It just turned out that this bully as strong as he was started welling up with tears on his face.
Sure kid, I do need a friend. Your right being a bully doesnt help anyone but loving does help all the time.
Off they went together riding their bikes and playing.
Cars screeched, horns honked and neighbors pointed at the sight. They couldn't believe what they was seeing.
A bully being a friend.
Well kids, Larry said, it's about my nap time so you get and scatter to your homes. Don't forget to love one another.
They all leave fulfilled in their souls by that nice old man Larry and satisfied in their spirits that mean people can change.

The End

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IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 3/20/2007 9:42 PM ET
nice story
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