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The Eclectic Pen - Strange Beings

By: Alison L. (diehardtwilightfan)  
Date Submitted: 12/21/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Books & Reading
Words: 228

  Imagine that you're a bird, floating above the clouds, wing tips grazing the heavenly clouds, eyes so keen and sparkling...Yep, that's me, I live in the year 3021 and everyone is born with a power. Most people can see through walls, change the weather, cause a fire to start, and other things like that. Not me, I'm the odd one. I was born as a bird and my parents wanted to kill me from the embarassment but if they had then they would have been killed as well so they left me in the street one night, wrapped in a small, tight bundle. An elderly lady came and picked me up and carried me into her house. I stayed with her for a few years before I ran away after a man almost killed me while I was in my bird form. I think she forgot about me as soon as I left because I went back that night and found her dancing in her house and laughing. I decided to never go back but I did decide something that night. I was goiong to do something impossible.
I was going to find my parents in a world with a population of 8,964,847,847,060 people.

Want to hear the rest of my story? Let me know and I'll continue!

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Gabriela O. (greywolf) - 2/15/2013 9:14 PM ET
That's an interesting story. I defenatly would very much enjoy reading more, but I think that you should add more detail to your story. It's great now, just a little more detial and it will be perfect.
Comments 1 to 1 of 1