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The Eclectic Pen - Survival, What a Joke

By: Doaty S. (doatylucky)   + 5 more  
Date Submitted: 8/22/2009
Words: 139

  Survival - What a Joke

One day, a long time ago
I was alive.
I woke in the morning
I fed the children
I breathed in air and I felt it
I laughed
I felt pain
I cried
I felt the good nothing of exhaustion at times.
I'd meet friends for lunch.

Today, I exist.
I see pain through a microscope
Choices are made, do they really matter?
One child rejects me.
One child sleeps.
One child is angry.
Fingers are pointed at me.
What did I do?
I grew an amorphous mass in my brain
meant to destroy them, they think.

Through pain I drive to work.
Through pain I take them to school.
Through pain I watch their ball games.
Through pain I wash clothes.
Through pain I pay bills.

Today was a seizure.
World through a waterfall.
I wet my pants.
I can't find the lights on my dashboard.
Did someone move them?
What are the words I keep trying to say?

When does existence end?
Life already has.

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 8/24/2009 12:35 AM ET
To me, this was my favorite of the poems you posted. It's very dark, even morbid.
Laura B. (Lbrownblack) - - 10/10/2009 2:06 PM ET
touching and sad.
Comments 1 to 2 of 2