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The Eclectic Pen - Sweet-Gum-Balls

By: Abby M. (smileyabby1800)   + 5 more  
Date Submitted: 5/9/2009
Last Updated: 5/10/2009
Genre: Outdoors & Nature
Words: 128

  This is a poem about sweet-gum-balls, which are those little spikey balls that fall from trees. (No, it's not a gumball.)It's written as if I am 5 years old. It's justa rough draft, so tell me what you think! Thanks!:D

It's a cool day in fall
As I walk down the hall,
I hear my father call me
"Abby come help!"
Sprinting out the back door
I stop dead in my tracks
Sweet-gum-balls are everywhere!

You know I'm not happy
Not at all!
There's nothin' sweet about 'em
No matter what you think
They're prickly and spikey
And hurt my little feet!

I had to rake those things
For more than an hour
12 I think!
Making things worse,
My brother wouldn't help
His stupid little back
Just had to hurt!

Finally I got done
"Yes!" I thought
Time for fun
Time to run
Time to play
So I walk away
Sweet-Gum-Balls: 1
Abby: None

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Sarah C. (Midwesterntool) - 5/9/2009 9:45 PM ET
It's whimsical.
Laurie S. (laurie-3) - 5/10/2009 6:04 AM ET
Cute. I like it.
Comments 1 to 2 of 2