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Book Reviews of THE GODFATHER

ISBN: 5768

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Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2
One of the only times I've preferred the movie to the book. I love the extra information this book gives you on the family, but the screenplay was MUCH better written. I was shocked at Puzo's amateurish writing style. Still, a must have for some special insights to the characters.
mokie avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 10 more book reviews
A classic that draws you in
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 183 more book reviews
Classic, better than the movie and the movie was really good!
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 7 more book reviews
The original book behind the movie. Printed in 1970, by Fawcett World Library.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 9 more book reviews
I can hardly believe I am writing a review for this book other than the fact it is a book that a movie is based upon it is so far removed from my usual scope of interest. I loved it! I bought my paperback copy at my local library for 50 cent for future reading you know one of those days. Well I finished The Caine Mutiny and decided to leaf through it and I couldn't put it down. It's just masterful storytelling amid murder, mayhem, violence, love, sex, politics, Hollywood, crime and what binds us all together family. It is an excellent book. I have not seen the movie. I avoid it like the plague you know not for me. I am not sure if I would like to see it fleshed out. I honestly don't know if the story translates well to the screen and I know only watching it would tell me but already what little I've seen -like the daughter's wedding there's no cat on the Don's lap while he is granting people audience and it doesn't describe the Don as played by Marlon Brando with those puffy cheeks. If you don't think the movie is for you read this book it is a fine story. I highly recommend it.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 170 more book reviews
A classic! The aging leader of a Mafia family is nearing the end of his rule and now his son must take up his mantle...dealing with enemies on the outside...and in the family itself. This is a great book. It's well-written and the story is epic. If you're into crime novels and family sagas, you can't miss this one.
love-red avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 9 more book reviews
An excellent book and most exceptional about this audio book is the full cast that reads the different character discussions. Love it!
Ericabearb avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 6 more book reviews
I picked this book up from borders marked down just something to read well waiting for credits then i loved, loved, loved, this book.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 16 more book reviews
Excellent book, one of my favorites of all time.
shanna71 avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 145 more book reviews
very good book. The Godfather sheds some truth of the mob , secrets that were never before posted , Puzo wrote in The Godfather.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 16 more book reviews
Even if you haven't read it, you must have seen the movie. And even if you didn't see that - you must know the drift of the story. A classic if there ever was one
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 8 more book reviews
I really liked this. so much more information and details.
i liked the way Kay ended up in the book much better than the movies.
meg45 avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on
This is one of my favorite books. I adore Mario Puzo's writing, his story telling. I can't even watch the movies after reading this for as long as I have. I reread this about once a year. Best Mobster book by far!!
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 146 more book reviews
After seeing the movie so many times, I had forgotton how good the book is. I really got into the story. I felt like I was reading a part of history. Yes, I know the characters are fictional, but Mr. Puzo writes so that you really think you are following a real family. There is a lot more insight to the characters and now the book has spoiled me. I will not look at the movie the same way again.
scrapbooklady avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 472 more book reviews
The strength of this book is Puzo's expertise and knowledge of the mafia. It makes the plot, events and the characters in the book seem extremely real.

This is definitely a book that will fly by and one that you will have a hard time putting down. It is definitely a classic. It is a book that when you finish you will close it and say, "Now that was a good book!"
Mamaof3 avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 25 more book reviews
I LOVED this book. While I am generally facinated with the Mob and organized crime anyway, I found this book fantastic. The insight to each character was fantastic and there is a lot of background information provided. A must read for any fans of the movie or oragnized crime books or movies.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 11 more book reviews
What more can be said about this classic story? A must read for any fan of the films (1 & 2) and most everyone else and gives rich detail of the characters.
CraftyTJ avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 381 more book reviews
Definitive novel of the Mafia underworld.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 34 more book reviews
Neat book, a classic.
eadieburke avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 1327 more book reviews
This is a definite classic and shows the workings of the mafia. I never read the book before but I have seen the movie. Who could forget the dead horse's head in the bed? I enjoyed the book for all the extra information that was not in the movie. I listened to the audio and enjoyed it very much. If you haven't read this book, what are you waiting for?
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 36 more book reviews
Plus 32 Pages of Exciting Pictures From The Most Talked About Movie Of Our Time
fog avatar reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 121 more book reviews
One of the all time classic novels.
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 36 more book reviews
One of my all-time favorites
reviewed THE GODFATHER on + 9 more book reviews
An excellent read.. The Godfather is a classic novel that is as riveting today as the day it was written.. The insight into the criminal underworld will change the way you think about history and the mob forever. A hard book to put down.. it may be a novel, but you will always wonder about the truth that lies between the lines.
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