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The Eclectic Pen - Test

By: Charles A. (txturkey)   + 9 more  
Date Submitted: 9/8/2008
Last Updated: 9/8/2008
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Short Stories & Anthologies
Words: 762

  It was a great day for golf. The air was crisp and the forcast was for mid 80's and a light breeze. Fred and I had a 8 a.m. Tee time , but I always tried to get there a little early to stretch and hit a few practice balls. I got to the club around 7:30 , signed in, got my cart and a bucket of balls and was on the driving range in 10 minutes.
I've always had trouble with my short irons, so i wanted a little extra time to be ready for Fred because he was the natural athlete. He was the type person that could show up ,grab his driver and put one 250 yards down the middle, then put his shoes on. The only reason I kept letting him kill me on the course is that he had the same attitude about the game that I did.
According to Fred "As long as i can get out in the outdoors and enjoy good weather and good company, drink a few "brews", and see who can tell the biggest yarn, the day is perfect.
Well, anyway, here I am sitting in the cart waiting, when the cell phone starts with Garth Brooks "Beer Run" and I knew it wes Fred with another " I,m on my way Bro-- just running a few minutes late".
But this time it's "Sorry Chuck, but I've busted a hose on my radaitor and it will be a couple of hours before i can get there."
"You want to wait, play the front 9, or just call it off for the day"?
As good as i had done on the driving range and putting green, I didn't want him to get off that easy, so I just told him I would start playing the front 9 and he could call me when he got to the parking lot and i would turn around and come back and get him.

The First hole is a par 5 that dogleggs to the right with a creek that runs down the left about 50 yards into the treeline and crosses to the right side about 300 yards from the tee box. The creek has pretty steep banks , but only runs 3 to 4 feet deep in the summer and I have been know to search it's banks for erant balls on ocassion.
Since it was only 8 a.m. on a Monday morning, and no one else ready to Tee off, I decided I would play and look for balls too.
The tee shot was a thing of beauty, a light cut that made the dogleg and rolled 40 yards from the creek.
Oh, was Fred going to have problems today (HEHEHE)
Well, with no one behind me, I thought I would search the creek back up a ways,because in the summer and in the south, not a lot of golfers look for balls because of snakes.
Grabbing my ball retriever, I eased down the bank of the creek and started working my way up the creek when i spotted a "nest" of balls . The way the creek twist and turns , after any heavy rain , golf balls will usually gather in certain spots.
Grinning with my good fortune, i gathered them all up and decided I would only go as far as the next curve .
Rounding the curve, I spotted something half in and half out of the water.
Not knowing what it was, I started easing up the bank(always looking for those wiggling things)when i saw that it was a body!!!!!
Oh, My God!! What the heck has happeded here.
I dropped my ball grabber and splashed up the edge of the creek, no longer paying attention whether i got my shoes wet or not.
The man was more than likely over 40 ( I can't tell age )and when i turned him over, the bullet hole in his forhead left no doubt as to his condition.
A cold chill went down my spine, and I loked all around wondering if anyone was still there.
I decided i would see if he had a wallet so I could tell the police who it was, so I reached for the wallet that was on a chain and laying beside him instead of in his pocket.
Thats when i got my next surprise.
Opening it up to see if there was any identification, I was greated with a stack of $1000 dollar bills that must have been a inch thick.
Jeasus!!!! What to do????

Thats when i woke up.

What did I do???
What would you have done??

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ericjasongastelum - 9/9/2008 12:46 AM ET
I never would have touched the wallet.
Joyce M. (j3m) - 9/10/2008 1:09 PM ET
I would never have touched the wallet and would have called the police and if I did touch the wallet and found that money, I would not have taken it. Of course what would you do in a dream, eh, where you have no control over what you would have done?
Lynette B. (frioriverlover) - 9/14/2008 9:50 AM ET
I think he should have spell check installed. I found several words that were not spelled correctly. The story wasn't that bad, just the spelling.
Joyce M. (j3m) - 9/15/2008 7:47 PM ET
I agree with the spell check comment; I thought, this guy could do well if he learned to use spell check. Of course the problem with commenting on someone else's spelling is that in the end you are sure to have spelling issues of your own. LOL LOL So, Charles please spell better and please overlook our spelling mistakes when you find them. :D
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 9/16/2008 11:57 AM ET
I liked it.
Comments 1 to 5 of 5